Girl’s school photo becomes super-viral sensation
ROCKLIN, Ca. - A single school picture can make a big impact. A 3-year-old from California decided to wear a Superman costume for her picture instead of an outfit her dad picked for her. Kaylieann's picture with her Superman doll has now gone viral, but there's more to this little girl than just her love for superheroes.

Preemie Inspires Parents With Dazzling Smile 5 Days After Birth

A toddler named Freya is giving hope to preemie parents through a photo that was captured when she was just 5 days old.

Lauren Vinje, Freya’s mother, shared the smiling picture with a childbirth blog. Within days, the photo received thousands of shares on social media.

“It made me feel really good,” mom of two Vinje, of Minnesota, told ABC News. “Under the comments, I read through a lot of the stories and it’s [for] moms to know, especially mom who are going through it now … they don’t have to go through it alone.”

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