Theo Raeken Imagine
Warning: Death

Theo couldn’t understand why and how she could be dying. He thought for sure his bite was enough to save her. It worked for everyone else why not for her.
“No no no no. This wasn’t supposed to happen!” Theo cried out.
She laid in his arms trying her best to stay alive. But the blood was coming up to quickly. She was loosing alot of and fast.
Theo held her close to his chest, rethinking everything he had done to her. He kept trying and trying but couldn’t come up wih a solution to stop her from bleeding out.
She screamed in pain as the bite began to spread quickly throughout her body.
“Its okay. Everything is going to be fine I’m going to find a way to stop this.” Theo reasured her.
But he was running out of time. It was only a matter of time before she will die in his arms.
Theo reached for his phone desperately calling the only person he could trust, Scott.
“Come on pick up the phone!”
The phone rang three more times before a tired Scott answered.
“Scott I need your help.”
Scott groaned, “After everything you puy my pack through-” Theo quickly cut him off.
Scott stayed quiet for a moment before answering, “what do you mean? Theo what did you do?”
Theo hesitated, “I bit her. I gave her the bite thinking it would save her and now she is coughing up a lot of blood. Please just help me.”

“Theo you need to…” Scott was gone. Theo’s phone died leaving him with no options.
He knew she was in horrible pain, but he couldn’t let her see him crying. He held her closer to him, rocking back and fourth. The only thing he could do for was take awsy her pain and wait. He winced in pain as he was felling what she had been feeling. She slowly closed her eyes, her hand falling from his chest and onto the floor.
Theo stop moving, listening as her heart took one last beat. He screamed in anger, crying as he kissed the top of her head. She was gone, and it was all because of him.

Irwin the Incubus

IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE DADDY KINK DON’T READ. ~Your POV~ He was my creepy co-worker. A creepy guy with glasses and an obsession with thick, knit sweaters. He has the potential to be attractive but he’d sneak up on you while making your coffee, it’s like one minute he’d be somewhere, but when you go to look again he’s not there. When he’d walk by and I’d feel nothing but cold air. I was a History teacher for middle school kids, our current unit being Mythology and the history of demons and such. He was a Foreign Language teacher, he spoke two out of the three languages, Latin and French. Latin was his best suite so he taught that. His room was right beside mine, he spoke loud to his class of 30, this time of the day, sixth period, is the only time of day he’s loud. Any other time of the day, he’ll be quiet and it’s hard to tell there’s a class. Surprisingly, for middle school students, they were really quietly. Despite his awkwardness, and creepyness, I feel like he has the potential to be good looking. Like now, he’s just oddly adorable. But take that sweater off, take away the glasses, add a sun-kissed tan and we’re good. Though his creepy stare haunts me when I’m alone. I never say anything to him about it because he’s nice and I don’t wanna assume that he’s being a pervert. I once accidently touched him and my skin got overwhelmingly hot but I ignored it, as it was a summer day and our AC was out in the entire school. I heard him in the other room speaking the language I clearly didn’t understand. I was teaching my kids about stuff like the Greek Gods, and the powers they had. “Ms. Y/L/N ?” One of my few pure students raises her hand. “Yes, Stella ?” “What’s an incubus ?” She asks. It seemed as if on cue, Mr. Irwin stopped talking and the other commotion had stopped. “W-well Stella,” I paused. They were an eigth grade, ready to be high-schoolers. They can handle this. “An incubus is a male demon that has sexual relations with women in their asleep” I answer. “Is there a female version ?” She politely asks. “Yes, the female verson is called a succubus” I nod. “Is there a way you can tell if you’re being used by one ?” Darien, one of my nice male students asked. “Usually it feels as if you are being climbed upon. It mostly happens while you’re in sleep paralysis. It feeds off ofsexual energy. Specific female claims have been recorded when they feel it happens during masturbation. Due to the amount of sexual-energy, and since you lose yourself in what you’re doing, you’re making yourself vulnerable to the incubus” I explain. This was awkward but they were mature enough. They’ve proved it to me. “Do you believe in them ?” Stella asked. “No. But I feel that if they really existed, some would be nice and only do such a thing after the recieve constent from their prey. Though they are demons, I feel as if there are certain demons that somehow have good in them. Same with Succubi” I nod about to continue with my lesson until Mr. Irwin comes in and asks to speak with me outside. “Class, continue you’re reading, answer the questions, I’ll be back in a bit” I smile at them as I follow Mr. Irwin outside. “Ms. Y/L/N, considering out rooms do not have doors, my class and me csn hear your conversation. They are only sixth graders so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t talk about demons that rape people in their sleep and if you are, please keep it down. It’s freaking them out” I saw red flash in his eyes. Or maybe it was my own as I wasn’t completely appreciative of him telling me what to talk about with my class. “Excuse me but this is what is in the unit. A student saw something in her very complex, history book and she didn’t know what it was so I explained. A few more questions were asked which sparked a conversation. This is MY class and this is a part of what they’re learning.” I opposed of his reasoning. “Oh, Ms. Y/L/N, I don’t think you wanna talk to me that way” he chuckled. I told you this asshole was creepy. “I mean after all. I AM creepy” he winked and walked back into his room. I rolled my eyes and went back into my class to continue the lesson.

I was fueled up by what he said to me until it was time to go. But I had to stay and grade the small, easy essays and a few other papers. As I was grading, I saw a shadow in my doorway but when I looked up nobody was there. Then it allof a sudden got chilly. But I ignored the weird temperature drop. I finished all the papers about an hour and forty-five minutes later and I left. Heading out to my small, pearl white volkswagan. Mr. Irwin, who usually parks beside me, was sitting in his car, doing nothing but scrolling away on his phone, so he didn’t really pay enough attention to look up. He removed his glasses and removed the sweater he wore right there, and switched into just a black short-sleeved shirt. It hugged against his biceps which turned out to be quite ripped. He automatically seemed more attractive than his usual look. He looked up and over at me and hus eyes seemed darker, and I couldn’t tell due to the fact that it was getting darker. But it looked like he had no white to his eyes. But he drove awsy to fast before I had a chance to double check. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I close the door to my small apartment. I need a glass of wine. I take a bottle of the cupboard and take a big glass outnof the cabinet, filling it up halfway. It’s been a long day. It getting stuffy in here so I took my peacoat off, but then I because unbareably cold. I then got this tickling sensation on my arms, like someone was trailing their fingertips on them. “Hello Ms. Y/L/N” I look up to see Mr. Irwin in my kitchen with me. “You skin is as soft as I imagined it to be” My instict was to scream but his stare kept me from screaming and I felt stuck. Like I couldn’t move. “I bet you’re wondering how I got in. So I’m gonna narrow it down. You, and your sweet little class, were talking about a specific creature today during sixth period” He nodded his head and my body became relaxed again, so I took this as my chance to run to my phone, but he somehow beat me there and waved his finger in my face. “You’re an unwanted visitor in my house. I have a right to privacy. I AM a history teacher after all” “Talk to me first” he winked and his eyes went black, starting in the middle then shooting towards the sides. “C'mon baby, looks like you were already expecting me. That’s quite an expensive bottle of wine” This was scaring me. His eyes, his presence here. The cold radiating from his body to mine. “Us, the good breed of Incubi only have sexual relations with their prey only by consent. I didn’t wanna have to show up and tell you this way but it turns out you knew about us anyway” he shrugged. Touching a candle and the wax melting on the counter. “WHAT ? NO. THIS IS A JOKE !” I screamed. I’m supersticious about this stuff. “You’re a lonely, sex-craving teacher who pleasures herself an hour and a half out of the night, everyday of the weak. She goes out to clubs on weekends to try and meet guys instead of grading her student’s tests. You run a sex blog about how you wished to be fucked hard, hair-pulling, neck biting. Some of us Incubi are called upon hungry souls like yourself” he explained. He was right. I always craved sex, I was twenty-two and constantly horny, but I never got any time to do anything like that. I could only pleasure myself. “It’s now my job to fulfill your wildest dreams. But if you say yes. I will forever be attached. That’s what happens. Once we mate, we’re attached forever. And the prey just keeps comimg back. But knowing you Ms. Y/L/N. I would love to finally fuck you for once… Don’t you ever feel my eyes on you while you’re teasing that sweet pussy of yours ?” He stepped closer and laid his hand on my hip, it first being extremely cold but growing hot through my think long-sleeved shirt. “You seem so innocent; I don’t understand” I shake in fear that was beginning to ebb away. His eyes returned to normal and he smiled. “That’s so I seem more professional. I’d rather not let my students know what I really am” I shrug. I thought about what he said. I was suoerstitious abiut stuff until it was proven to me. Now this was proven to me. “Yes. The answer is yes. I’m a twenty-two year old woman who really just needs a nice fuck. You have an animal inside you and that’s what I want for me” I grab his collar and begin grinding my pelvis against his. “I’ve been waiting six years to be fucked again” I moaned against his lips. He laughs at me and steps away. “No turning back now Y/N. For in the next few hours reference. My name is Ashton sweetheart”. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Naked and waiting he was teasing me, my stomach was tightening in anticipation. “Such a pretty pussy you have. Damn baby, I’m gonna be at you all night” he growled. “Oh please do !” I nearly yell once his tongue glides against my clit. Swirling around and around, I wasn’t used to oral pleasure though I always wanted to experience it. “I know all you nastiest, naughtiest fantisies and I plan to make them come true” he smile and pulled me up kiss him hard and I kissed him so fucking hard I felt the blood vessels in my lips pop, which will create bruises but god damn, I’ll admit. I’m thirsty. When your fantisies are presented and promised to you. You take them and allow them to come true. “Let yourself drown in the pleasure. Feel the unbareable ecstasy submerge your lungs making you scream” Feeling my wetness build up, he began to finger me, slowly at first and damn did my head start whirling. “Oh fuck” i shut my eyes and let the waves of pleasure course through my body. He pushed down on my pelvic bone and I screamed as I felt an unfamiliar feeling. “I noticed tou were never able to find your g-spot. Well I found it for you” “Oh god. Oh my fucking- fuck !” I cry out. I was clenching onto the sheets so tight it was ridiculous. “Use your mouth ! Please” i begged. He smiled up at me and did as I pleased. Sucking on my clit like some crazed animal, my back was arching. “Im about to cum, Ashton !” “YES ! YES ! YES OH MY GOD” I screamed. Releasing everywhere. Feeling myself release differently than ever before. It came out in spurts and it felt greater than anything ever. “Please get in me already, goddammit Ashton” I sigh. “Considering I’m a demon; you use God’s name a lot.” He chuckled. “Would you rather me use ‘Satan’ ?” I ask. “I’d rather you use Daddy. As I picked up you like to use that term” He smiled. “Oh yeah” I moan, nodding quickly. He removed all his clothes and damn was his body the most beautiful thing ever. His cock was so fucking big and thick. supernatural benefits. He was running the tip of his glorious cock up and down my slit. My body was ready for him. I was ready for him to just fuck me senseless. I knew I would never muss having sex again thanks to him. “Want daddy to fuck you good, baby ?” He kissed his way around boobs. Sucking my erect nipple. Tugging on the steel rings that pierced them both. “Damn, that’s so hot” he grunted. I whimpered as he teasingly tugged on my secret piercings. “Daddy, fuck me please. I want you so fucking bad !” Doing junior jump, I’ve been working with this masterpiece for three years. His room was always by mine. I’d always feel his stares. “I’ve been obsessed with you for so long, now I have you” He thrusted into me slowly, as my ticght walls had to adjest to his thickness and it felt as if my moan got lodged into my throat. “Daddy, fuck !” I shout. I never pictured myself doing this with the creepily cute Latin teacher who actually turned out to be a sexy demon, sent to me to fulfill my deepest, darkest desires. He was thrusting earth-shatteringly hard and my entire room was shaking with each thrust but so was my body because he was doing this so amazing, I did’t know what to do. “You’re a poor, thirsty little slut. But you’re glad to be called that by the man who’s give it to you so good you’ll be crying once you cum” he hissed as I clenched tight around his cock. Grabbing my breast in his hand he was tweaking the nipple as he drove in and out of me, grunting as he felt my tight pussy walls convulse around him. “Fuck, you’re unbelievably hot, baby” he left marks around my neck, that I would have to put layers worth of make up on tomorrow. My hios began bucking up and I was so close and he could tell. He pulled out and flipped me over on my stomach and fucked me from the back. I bit my comforter to keep from screaming until the windows broke. He was squeezing my ass in his large hands and my eyes rolled in the back of my head as he brushed against my sweet spot. “Daddy” I whimpered. I was about to cum, my legs shook ans I felt myself clench uncontrollably. “Cum for me, baby” he hummed and I was done. I was screaming out daddy and my orgasm came outnin spurts again, damn this was a new sensation. “You’re gonna make me cum so fucking hard, Y/N” he groaned, thrusting faster and harder. “Oh, fuck” he grunted through clenched teeth before moaning long as he spilled his hot load in me. It was hot and I loved it. He pulled out and pulled me up on my hands and knees and I felt his hot seed spilling from my pulsating pussy. I dipped my fingers in it and tasted it, moaning at the tasted of him. He flipped me over and immediatly began fingering me again. I was over-stimulated so it wouldn’t take me oong before cumming again. “Daddy, holy shit !” I moaned. Constantly rolling my hips back and forth against his long ass fingers. “Oh yeah. Oh yeah !” I was losing it. I was going insane with pleasure because I never felt something this could. He removed his fingers and started eating me out. Moaning at the taste of him mixed with the taste of me. “Shit. I’m about to cum again” I let out. He sucked on my clit harder and used his tonguento plunge in and outnof my tight, greedy hole. “Such a greedy little pussy. I love it” he sucked and licked. Began kissing around my lips. Oh how I loved this feeling. He played with my swollen clit, it being swollen from so much attention- my hims kept moving against his fingers. He was adding pressure and my body shook. He grazed his teeth softly against my little bud before sucking on it hard again, causing me to throw my head back. “I’M CUMMING, OH FUCK !” I scream. Squirting hard everywhere until I couldn’t feel my legs or my little heat. “Such a messy little kitten” Ashton smirked. I was breathing heavily and I was so happy I could experience that. It felt so fucking good. “So much more to come for you. I won’t keep you waiting” he kissed my lips and brushed my hair down. “I’m sure glad I was assigned to you” And with that, his eyes turned black again. ~~~~~~~~~ THERE YA GO ! I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKED THIS ONE. I MIGHT MAKE A SERIES !! ~Snow xx