Alan Ashby smut

Hello everybody! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while:/ This was written by my friend placid-ash-sea if you want to go follow her[: remember to send me requests whenever!

You and Alan have a 5 year old daughter named Azalea and you and Alan try and have sex while shes home and she walks in on you guys.

Warning: smut and fluff


“Mommmmyyy, where is daddyyy?” Azalea whines as you prepare dinner. “He went to go get some cheese so mommy can finish dinner, sweety.” You said sweetly. She grumbled and walked off into the living room to watch TV again. About 15 minutes later you hear a car horn go off and Azalea shout “DADDY!” Alan walked into the kitchen from the garage with Az flying at him with her arms open. Alan picks her up and kisses her on the cheek and walks over to me and says “heres the cheese, babe” and smiles at you. “Daddy can we go to the pawk!!!” Az asks loudly. “Its late and mommys almost done with dinner, I’ll take you tomorrow after lunch. Sorry Lea.” Alan cuddles her in his arms while she pouts. “How about you go set the table Az?” You ask cheerfully. She agrees excitedly and sets the table.

While you finish off the food Alan comes behind you and wraps his arms around you and whispers “I have a surprise for you.” “What is it?” You ask. Your breathing hitched as he starts trailing his hands lower and lower down your stomach. “Alan stop..” Your growl lowly. “Stop what?” He smiles at you and kisses your cheek and takes the food to the table. ‘Little shit..’ You think as he walks away.

-Near the end of dinner-

“And he made me a valewentine!” Az says excitedly. “WHO?!” Alan slams his hand on the table and you and Az giggle. “Deryck! And he wanted me to ask if I can come over to visit him and Uncle Awstin!” She says. “Lea, boys are disgusting. I mean look at me!” Alan gestures to himself. “You don’t want to talk, touch, play, or even associate with a boy.” He says slightly sarcastically. “But daddddddddddyyy-” “You can go Lea, don’t listen to daddy” you giggle at Alan glaring at you. Az shouts “Yaaaaay!!!” And sticks her tounge out at Alan standing on her chair at this point making a “plllllhhh” sound with her tounge. “This dinner is officially over.” Alan announces dramatically.

After you clean everything up and Alan put Lea to bed, you went in your room to get changed. You heard the door close as you slipped your top off. Alan comes up behind you once again and says “So i guess were all gonna be anti-daddy tonight.” He chuckles. You laugh and slip one of his t-shirts on and slip your pants off leaving you in underwear. You straddle his lap on the bed. “Well daddy is funny when he acts dramatic.” You say. “But holy shit y/n what if they grow up and wanna date!” “Well… Theyre gonna date?” “NO Y/N NO NO NO! Youre missing the point!!!! Its AUSTINS child!” Alan says laughing. “Al, Austin isn’t THAT bad. He’s a gentleman and atleast if Deryck would fuck up Austin would let you beat his ass!” You laugh. Alan huffs and strips to his boxers and lays down. “HEY!” You yell at Alan. “Whaaaat y/n” “you’ve gotta finish what you started.” You say and you
Lay on top of him and kiss him. Alan holds your arms and slowly pushes you two up not breaking the kiss. He pulls your shirt off and starts kissing and biting your neck. When he finds your sweet spot you mumble his name and he works it for a minute or two before you push him off and do a repeat on him.“Fuck were done teasing” he says as he pulls his boxers off. You lay back on the bed as he hoovers you and skips down to your thighs and places a kiss on each one as he pulls your underwear down. Your breathing becomes erratic as he kisses your wet core. “Fuck Alan…” You look down at him and he looks up at you ask he licks along your slit and sticks his tongue in your tunnel. You start moaning loudly and Alan reaches up and covers your mouth and works on you even harder while you moan even louder into his hand. Right as you were about to reach your peak he pulls away and stands up. “On your fucking knees” you smirk and take your time getting down there and he gets really impatient and forces you down. You take his hard meat by the shaft and spit on it a few times before you take him in the mouth. After bobbing your head awhile he groans he reaches his peak and you pull away just as he did. He lifted you up on the bed and lined him self up and kisses you and mumbled an “I love you” before mercilessly slamming into you “GODDMAN FUCK ALAN SHIT.” He also let out a groan occasionally as he pounded into you. Then he flipped you on your front and got on the bed and started pounding into you again. And just as he was about to slap your ass- “DADDY NOOOOOOO!!!!!!” Az comes running up and hitting him as you both try covering yourselves up. “WHY WERE YOU HURTING MOMMY?!??” Az says slapping his arms as hard as her little arms could. Alan grabs her arms and holds her back. “Azalea Marie Ashby. Please stop.” Alan says calmly. You put your underwear and t-shirt on as fast as you could and picked her up taking her to her room so you could give Alan time to put some clothes on. You set Az in bed as she was crying into your side. “Azzy, its okay. Daddy didn’t hurt mommy.” You said soothingly while rubbing her back. “Then what were you doing?” She looks up to you and wipes her eyes. You blush at Az’s question. “Mommy and me were playing an adult game that you will learn about when you’re older.” Alan, dressed, pipes in walking in the room.Azalea looks at him unsurely and Alan offers her a hug. She looks skeptic but finally hugs him and says “I’m sorry I hit you daddy.” She whipers. “Its okay sweety, I love you, but now its bed time. So go to sleep. He tucks her in and kisses her fore head and stands in the door way. "Goodnight sweetheart, love you.” You kiss her head. “Goodnight mommy, I love you too.” You and alan walk back to your room and bust out laughing. “Never again! Next time were just taking her to Austins!” Alan laughs. “Oooohhh so she can be with Deryck?” You wink at him suggestively. “Shut up.” He says and glares at you as he drapes an arm over you. “Goodnight Alan, I love you.” “Night, love you too baby.”