These kittens have known no hunger,

They haven’t felt thirst or fear or cold,

They have never been lonely or shunned,

They will not be abandoned or sold.


They play with a carefree joy,

They sleep and they drink and they eat,

And take it for granted that all will be well,

And that life will forever be sweet.


And so it should be for all creatures,

A life free of sorrow and stress,

Love is not a duty, it’s a gift,

Give it freely and you will be blessed.

By, E.J. Geras


I Have A Name!

We have a winner! After going through close to 1,000 entries the staff here at CATB has decided on the new name for our kitty and  lucky winner of a CATB staff T-shirt.
The name is, MILLE-FEUILLE by Deborah C. of England (we can call her Mille for short). If you read a description of what a Mille-Feuille is, you will understand that it fits, trust me. :)

Thank you all for participating and better luck in our next event, coming soon.

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Kittens Eat Free

Yes Mom, kittens eat for free on Caturday here at CATB’s! Plus a free rubber mouse for each of them when you order the Catnip Surprise dessert platter!

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