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This was a request from @meliss-cake for some librarian/avid reader kakasaku, so I hope I’ve done it right.
(And I am so sorry I took so long. It seems even weekends aren’t free with the amount of homework and projects I receive every week.)

Summary: Kakashi reads a new book, Sakura is not amused. KakaSaku.

As a librarian Sakura was used to many different individuals coming into the large establishment. She was even more used to all the different types of reading materials those different individuals brought over to the counter to borrow. And being a librarian wasn’t the most interesting job in the world (it was fulfilling, though, mind you. Being surrounded by books and having first pick of anything new was a dream for any bibliophile) so Sakura and her colleagues had created somewhat of a game to pass the time.

“See that lady over there? The one in the red coat,” Sakura whispered to Hinata over her cup of coffee. The dark-haired woman moved closer and nodded once her lavender eyes had found the woman. “She’s in the classics section. The B-E,” Hinata whispered back.

Sakura made a humming noise. “Ten on one of the Bronte Sister’s novels.”
Hinata pursed her lips and her brows furrowed for a moment. “I say she’s just browsing. She’s probably looking for a light read for a middle aged woman or going over blurbs to recommend to her book club.”

Sakura squashed the urge to roll her eyes. Trust a psychology major to be thorough even in a simple game. “How much?” she asked instead.

“Ten,” Hinata replied.

“Ten? Come on Hinata, don’t be so stingy with your high profile money.”

“We receive the same salary, Sakura,” Hinata said simply.

“Pfft, you still have more money than any of us here. Bet a little more, will ya?”

“I say she’s coming over here to make a library card so y’all better hush,” interrupted another colleague, a brown haired twenty-six-year-old by the name of Misumi.

Sure enough Red Coat Lady was making her way to the front desk. “Excuse me, but could I please make a library card?” she turned her smile toward Hinata since Sakura appeared to be occupied with her coffee (for which the pinkette was grateful; she hated paperwork). Hinata went to help the lady but not before quickly passing Misumi a ten dollar note under the counter.

Sakura saw this and tried to make a hasty retreat but an arm stopped. “Not so fast, Haruno, pay up,” Misumi said with a cheeky smile. Sakura groaned and went to retrieve her purse from one of the lockers set under the table. “You’re lucky I found some change this morning. Otherwise I would’ve had to bring the book out.”

Misumi pocketed the coins and snorted. “Sakura, dear, the reason no one lets you write them an IOU is because you never end up paying them.”

Sakura gasped. “I do, too,” she defended hotly.

Misumi rolled her blue eyes. “Yes yes, eventually. But you also grumble a lot when you do it,” she informed with an exaggerated wave of her hand.

Sakura folded her arms over her chest. “It’s hard-earned money, that’s why.”

“Uh-huh, because shelving books and sipping coffee is back breaking work. I’m going to go do some back breaking work now and shelve these books,” she gestured towards a trolley of books that had come in that morning. “Would you like to help?”

“Of course not, I haven’t even finished sipping my coffee,” Sakura replied with a smile and lifted her cup to her lips. Misumi pushed the trolley away with a laugh.

Sakura leaned back and enjoyed the coffee while it lasted. Less than two minutes later her cup was empty and sitting in the break room sink. Sakura came back just as Hinata was finishing up with Red Coat Lady. Her friend bid the woman goodbye and a customary “come again soon” before her eyes focused on something.

She looked behind her and her pale eyes locked onto Sakura’s green ones.

“Care for another round?” she asked.

Sakura smiled and walked over to stand beside her. “Depends on how much you’re betting.”

Sakura saw what Hinata was looking at. There was only one person in that direction and he seemed to be very immersed in what he held in his hands.

From what she could see he wore a black suit with a white shirt and a large overcoat. A dark navy scarf was loosely wound around his nose and mouth. On his head he had a shock of silver but he seemed too young to have gone grey. Genetics, then. What an odd colour to be born with. But then again Sakura had pink hair so she shouldn’t be one to judge unusual hair colours.

“Bets?” she asked Hinata under her breath while pretending to be looking at the computer screen in front of her.

“Fifty that he’s looking for material on historical figures. He looks like a teacher, doesn’t he? Or maybe a lawyer…”

“Whoa, fifty? Atta girl. I say he’s going to skip right over to the romance section and pick out something about kings and queens and wars.” It was a wild bet but Sakura was feeling adventurous now that Hinata had upped her game.

Hinata grabbed a magazine and lifted it to cover her face, her brows were furrowed but only Sakura could see. “I don’t think he seems like a romance type. His posture’s quite good, he’s slouching, yes, but maybe it’s a habit. He’s tall so maybe he has to slouch when talking to others. His shirt is crisp; his shoes are polished; he looks very proper to me. Like a teacher would after work. I think…I think he doesn’t have time for romance.”

Sakura blinked and slowly dragged her gaze to the thoughtful-looking woman.

“Hinata, are you alright?” Sakura asked concernedly. Hinata’s cheeks immediately coloured a dark red. “Wh-why wouldn’t I be?” she asked with a stutter. Sakura’s eyes narrowed. Nowadays Hinata only stuttered when she was nervous, lying or in the same two-meter radius as Naruto. Since her blonde friend wasn’t anywhere in the vicinity there were only two options left.

Before Sakura could open her mouth Hinata had put the magazine down and grabbed some stray books into her arms. She hurried away in the most non-hurried way possible. Sakura turned to go after her but silver and black in her periphery made her pause.

“Oh hello sir, how may I help you?” she plastered a smile on her face she hoped he wouldn’t notice as fake. He must’ve smiled back because she saw his eyes crease, one steel grey and one russet brown. Interesting. Heterochromia? Or a transplant? Sakura thought.

“I would like to take some books out, please.” He had a nice voice, Sakura noted. It washed over her pleasantly and there was a charming lilt to it. Hinata was right, he was very proper.

“Of course! Do you have a library card?” The smile on her face now was more genuine and Hinata’s odd behavior was slowly ebbing away to the back of her mind. She waited as he brandished a laminated white rectangle. It was in pristine condition, not like the many bent and creased cards she had seen.

She took it from his hands and turned it over to scan his barcode onto the computer. His name popped out on the screen with other details she would peruse after he left. Hatake Kakashi. It was a nice name.

He had laid out his chosen book onto the counter. Sakura took the it into her hands to scan and froze. Oh good god. Did their library really have this?

“Is there something wrong, miss?” Kakashi asked.

Sakura blinked and looked between his eyes and the racy cover glaring up at her. “Um…are you sure you want to take this out?”

One silver brow rose. “Is there something wrong with it?”

“Yes! No, what I mean is…um it’s-it’s…”

“Yes?” he prompted.

“It’s porn!” she said quickly.

“Adult literature,” he corrected with a laugh.

“But still!” she insisted.

“Miss, are you a minor by any chance?” he asked seriously, looking directly into her eyes and making her throat close up with disbelief. Did she look like a minor?

“No-no, of course not!”

“Then I see no reason for a mature woman to be so flustered if a man wants to read some adult literature.” He looked at her with an expectant look.

Sakura bit her lip. How embarrassing. He was right, she was an adult. There was no reason to be flustered over – she glanced down – a man kneeling in between a voluptuous naked woman’s thighs. Sakura gulped. Nope, nothing to be flustered over up here. (Nor down there, either.)

She sped through the scanning and stamping process and then she was shoving the book into his hands. “Enjoy!” she said out of reflex. As soon as the word left her mouth she clamped a hand over her mouth and refused to meet his gaze. She suddenly wished she too had a scarf, if only to hide her raging blush from this stranger in front of her.

She heard him chuckle and then footsteps. She glanced up from beneath long eyelashes to see if he had gone only to meet amused, dual-coloured orbs. “I will,” he said with a crease of his eyes.

Sakura’s face burned.

Misumi found her in that exact moment. “Hey Sakura, what’s wrong with your face?”

“Nothing,” she squeaked. “Man the counter for me, will ya? I’ll be right back.” Without waiting for a reply she sped off towards a random aisle.

As soon as she was sure no one could see her, Sakura put her thankfully cool hands on her still hot face. She just wanted to die. No that was too extreme. She wished she would never have to see Hatake Kakashi ever again.

She breathed out slowly and composed herself. A book on its side caught her attention and she went to right it, needing something productive to do with her hands lest her mind wonder to bare skin, muscled shoulders and sinful expressions of pleasure.

The title of the book next to it had her blushing again. It was another copy of the book she had scanned for Kakashi. She didn’t know what possessed her but she took the book from the shelf and opened it up on a random page. With a shaky breath she started reading somewhere in the middle.

– his lover gasped and arched, her spine curving beautifully. ‘Oh yes, hmm, more,’ she moaned between pants and gasps that made his skin prickle and his length twitch with need. Her hands in his hair turned insistent, dragging his face closer, deeper. He obliged and flicked his tongue over her cl –

The book closed with a thud that echoed in her head for moments. Sakura was sure that if she had looked into a mirror at that precise moment, she would have discovered a new shade of inferno red on her face. And she would never need sauna days again because the amount of heat her body was emitting was enough to make her palms sweat.

That was it. She was an adult and it was time to act like it. She would take this book out and was determined to get through at least three chapters (with the air conditioner on full blast) without becoming a blundering mess of hormones and ridiculous amounts of blushing.


The next morning proved to be much slower than the previous. It was a working and school day so that was to be expected. Misumi, Hinata and another older librarian, Kani, were crammed in the storeroom, trying to get some admin done.

They had tried to get Sakura’s pair of hands to help but the pinkette had quickly (and wisely) stated that someone needed to be in the actual library in case anyone came in. Misumi had grumbled some choice words, Hinata had sighed and Kani had just shooed Sakura off to the front desk.

With a pen clutched between her fingers and a random doodle taking place on the back of a bookmark, Sakura thought back to yesterday’s events. She wondered what she would do, if, perhaps by some weird karma, she encountered Kakashi again soon.

She wasn’t paying much attention to her surroundings because the pen in her hands jerked and made a jagged line when the clearing of a throat startled her.

She looked up and surprise surprise, there stood Kakashi Hatake. He had that amused look in his eyes again, the one that did things to her insides and today it was coupled by a small smile that she could see. His face was bare and Sakura almost wished it wasn’t. Because walking around with a face like that would have females walking into hard objects and tripping over their own feet.

If only Hinata could see him now. Proper wasn’t an effective word anymore. He was the very definition of an English gentleman. His face was perfectly aristocratic: high cheekbones, straight nose, kissable lips and the cutest mole near his chin that looked more like a beauty spot.

“Hello, again,” he greeted her politely. Sakura blinked and quickly composed herself. “Good morning. Back again so soon?” That was a perfectly professional question, right? He wouldn’t think she was waiting for his return, right? She sounded like she had been thinking about him. Well, she had, but he didn’t need to know that.

“Ah, yes. I’d like to return this.” He nodded to the single book on the counter.

Sakura took it and started scanning it onto the system without letting her eyes stray to the offending cover. “Finished already?”

He let out a chuckle that made Sakura pause for the slightest of seconds. “I was engrossed.”

“Quite an avid reader, aren’t you?” she asked lightly with a laugh and put the returned book on a trolley to shelve later.

“It was very addictive. Maybe you should try it sometime. It was not as pornographic as the cover would have you believe. There was a plot in there somewhere.” Kakashi bore his eyes into hers meaningfully while saying this, seeming to relay a message Sakura refused to receive.

“I kind of did,” she replied instead, sounding just a tad bit embarrassed.

“Oh. How did it go?” There was a new expression on his face. Almost like excitement.

“It went okay,” Sakura said weakly. Actually it had probably gone more than okay. Sakura had read way past her determined three chapters and would’ve finished the whole thing if her exhausted body hadn’t forced sleep upon her. She had woken up with the book pressed to her face and felt an inexplicable longing. For the first time in her entire career Sakura had had a discussion with herself of whether she should go to her bookkeeper job or keep herself occupied with a book.

“You don’t sound very convincing. Perhaps you didn’t fully understand what was happening. I could explain it to you over a relaxing cup of coffee,” he said, like he was making a casual offer that she shouldn’t really have to think over.

“Are you asking me out?” Sakura asked bewilderedly.

Kakashi shrugged. “You are welcome to refuse but I don’t see why you would. I explain things to people for a living,” – ah, so he was a teacher, she’d have to file that away to tell Hinata later – “and we could always take a hands on approach if words don’t work.”

Sakura stood silent. Kakashi waited for her response. An awkward moment ensued.  

“I-uh…um. What?” Sakura finally settled on. Kakashi smiled and the pink-haired librarian was positively dazzled. “That’s okay, you think about it. If you make up your mind, call me.” He pressed a piece of paper into her still hands and left with another dazzling smile and a wink.

She didn’t know how long she stood staring at nothing but at one moment someone was shaking her shoulder. “Hey, Sakura you okay?”

The sound of Misumi’s voice had her turning to look at the brunette.

“I think a man just offered me sex,” she said in a daze, not really thinking about the words as much as his gorgeous smile.

Misumi did a double take then grinned. “I hope he takes you out for coffee first.” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. We’re having coffee first.”

“So you’re really going?” she asked, surprised.

Sakura leaned her body around the counter and looked out the front glass doors. She could still see his figure walking through the parking lot. A small smile curled her lips as she pocketed the paper with his number on it. “I don’t see why not.”

This is officially the longest thing I have ever posted.

I apparently don’t know the definition of ‘limit.’ Like seriously I see authors writing 200-300 word prompts and having people satisfied with them and then here I come along with my 2000-3000 nonsense blabbing and I still feel like I left some stuff out. I am a genius, I tell you! (Please correct me if you think I’m wrong)

But no seriously, I finally get why some of my fave authors apologize for writing long-ass chapters. I love them (Hell knows I do!) but does everyone else?

Anyway, sorry for that catastrophe (nah, not really). As long as @meliss-cake is happy, I’m chill.


The probably most important stuff for me from that vid:

1. I mean just look at their L and that shot. Awsome.
2. MY QUEEN IS THERE AND SHE EVEN HAS HER OWN SONG! Honestly, i didnt expect any sayu and this is more than I would have ever asked for (also look how much done Light looks. Have more respect for your sister).
3. Rem is wonderful, Misa is wonderful, they are just great.
4. Ryuk spinning Light around. Nothing more to add.