Click here to support 20 Stray Cats Spay/Neuter Fund by Ashley Vorne
Hello, My name is Ashley & I'm trying SO hard to raise the funds to spay/neuter, vaccinate & adopt out 20 stray cats! I just moved to the neighborhood that's overrun with strays (cats/kittens)! These are some of the sweetest animals I've ever met & all they want is love & a belly rub. After I fed...

Hi there! I normally don’t do these type of things, but I’m overcoming that tonight. I asked @toxixpumpkin to help me with this as well. My friend Ashley is trying to raise five grand to help neuter and spay the cats that live in her neighborhood. You can find out more information by clicking the link, but I can assure you that this is a good cause. Our city’s Humane Society has so many cats and dogs that it’s just simply overrunned. I occasionally volunteer and it does break my heart. My friend just wants to help lessen the intake of cats that they get and stop the overpopulation of these cats. Many are kittens in need of homes and with this fundraiser, she hopes to get them into shape with their spay/neuter and shots. If you live in the Imperial County or nearby and would like to adopt one of these kittens, feel free to message me or my friend for pictures and such! Thank you so much for giving this post your time, should you read this, and I hope we can make the difference that these cats/kittens need.

What is Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart, though. I mean, everyone who reads it freaks out. It’s the best. It’s the one utterly perfect fanfic out there. Everyone I have seen who’s read or reading it is crying. They are destroyed. There is a Life Before AWS, and there is Life After AWS. It’s a mystery.

How, George.

George, do you hear me.


And, more importantly, why.