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Age Of Ultron (Bonus Clip)

So in traditional marvel cinematic fashion a special bonus scene plays after the credits roll.

And when I saw Thanos pick up the infinity gauntlet and say “fine I’ll do it myself” I lost my shit in the theater and started clapping loudly and the rest of the theater joined in and I didn’t realize until my friend leaned over and whispered “you started a slow clap, cross that off your bucket list” the impact of what I’d done, I fucking loved this movie

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How would u describe ur diet ??? Like low fat/low carb or whatever. Like what would u consider a good meal

My diet is like…. Half the time Awrsome half the time I’m bingeing. I love vegetables and fruit and like all the good stuff I know how to eat I do drink a lot of coffee and I try avoid anything that’s sugary or processed and only have those things occasionally buy half the time I binge on Nutella and bread so idk I wouldn’t listen to me.

If you’re waking uo next to someone awrsome? Treat them to a healthy hardy breakfast.

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Have you ever been told how incredibly awesome you are? Because if you haven't, this is your alert to how friggin awrsome yew are

not been told it and had it be true (wow my grammar is so good)