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Andy was shopping in the “Gear Berlin”. Tell me, how could I leave this super cute Frisky Rubber Pup hoodie in the shop?! I just put it on, looked into the mirror and said “You are such a cute boy, I’m gonna take you home! Come boy!”… So I have a new look and I’m going to show up at Folsom in few hours in it. Awrr woof! ^_^

anonymous asked:

Can you write a fic where Sherwin tickles Jonathan to tears this time? @u@ I wonder what their tickle spots would be?

SORRy fic prompts are closed but I’ll give you a quick headcanon which is prolly better than nothing right ? I only have five minutes to write it though so here we go 3- 2- 1:

JONATHANnnn<33 aww I’m sure he has his very bad tickle spots too, I’m actually thinking he would be a lot more sensitive around his thighs, knees and feet, like sensitive lower half > sensitive upper half. 

Omfg like in the morning when Sherwin wakes up first and notices bae is still sleeping he often sees this as an opportunity, so he crawls under the blankets and starts to lightly trail his fingers all over Jonathan’s soles and arches and ankles and Jonathan first makes a weird strangled snorting noise but soon starts to wake up slowly as Sherwin tickles him more and more. Eventually he’s awake and giggling and laughing hard and flailing and trying to kick - but he’s also being careful not to kick Sherwin in the face awrr the cutie - and damn Sherwin isn’t. stopping!!! He just hold his feet down with one hand and uses the other to scribble his fingers all over his twitching feet.

So Sherwin finally after tickling Jonathan’s sensitive soles for a while starts to crawl up to tickle behind his knees and thighs and Jonathan who’s still lying face down crying and squealing in his pillow starts to jerk heavily and tries to squirm out of his way, but his body is still tired and sleepy and he stands no chance to a sneaky morning-Sher with a mission. Once Sherwin finally gets to the top and also pops his head out of the blankets while he gently tickles and caresses Jonas’ heaving sides, he leans in and kisses his teary cheek and tells him good morning. 

There, that’s Jonathan tickled to tears for you. I’m sure his pillow will be very wet huehue poor thing. Also this was written in three minutes, new record. bye:D we’re celebrating mom’s bday today.