This is my deathbed now

Written and submitted by:  a-writer-without-a-pen

This is my deathbed now, each day - 

say seven in a row for the next months to come. I am injected with serum containing  everything besides the things  known to me. Vaccine. Probably, antidote for
being panic-stricken. Numbness.
I felt  that, most of the time. In any case, this was a sinister
agony I suffer long
and early. Bizarre thoughts. Grandiose beliefs.
Once, I was firm.

A quantum leap of the intellect. A sudden awakening of the soul.
But they, experts, diagnosed

this on medical conditions. The terms i tried hard
to grasp and instill in mind. This is my deathbed now, white
blankets and ward

Windows covered with curtains -
patches of green tortoise and seashells.
Here i slept decades way back