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Susie, following this grammys hype, I was thinking about our boys never getting even a nomination. I don't like it but I have to admit 1d haven't deserved it yet. looking at all these well thought albums like formation or pimp the butterfly or even 1989 (I know you hate taylor sorry) I think 1d is out of the game. but on the other side boys never claimed this award right? they are best at what they do. and i'm sure if they wanted this damn awrad they would nail it!

MITAM was good enough to have deserved one.  And so was FOUR.  These are not your typical boy band sounding albums.  Which is what set Millennium apart at the time it was released.  

They just have a really bad habit of not releasing the best songs off their albums.  Which is probably more the fault of their record company then it is their’s.  

I’m pretty sure they want it.  The problem is they have to win over the music snobbery and the Grammy’s are chock full of it.  The Grammy’s giving a boy band an award would, in their minds, be a detriment to their brand.

But I mean…y’all gave an award to people who didn’t actually sing shit…so…get off the high horse.

When we first heard to Taylor new album called to “1989” everyone understood somethings changed. And did like that. Now, Taylor life her carier’s best times and I belive Taylor can do mores. Now, she has gıt 10 Grammys, lots of Billboard, American Music Awrads, CMA,ACM, MTV, VMA and I couldn’t tell. Taylor is our idol and we supoort she for she what do. We love she everytime.