awr graffiti


June 30, 2017


by Saber and Zes

Washington Post called Ryan Weston Shook, aka Saber, one of the most respected artists in his field. After making a name for himself painting the world’s largest graffiti installation on the bank of the LA River (think 97 gallons of paint and 35 nights spread over a year) he continued to dedicate himself to bringing attention to graffiti as an artform. Complex has called Zes the “most original, daredevil graffiti bad-ass” who doesn’t look at other people’s work and who’s style is “pure genuine sincerity.” Both are members of the AWR/MSK Crew which, Saber told LA Weekly, has “been testing the modern environment for years,” saying he would like to see graffiti considered a planned part of the urban landscape. In recent years Saber and Zes have both enjoyed success applying their skills to the indoor world of the gallery, and this 2015 piece at American Tea Room, at Santa Fe and Violet Streets on the edge of the LA Arts District, is a wonderful demonstration of graffiti as fine art. Definitely worth taking a look at.  @saberawr  @zesmsk  @americantearoom​  


….fuck…that’s all that comes to mind right now…This year has not been good to not only me but countless other folks whom were blessed to meet and befriend the same People I’ve met..tonight the Los Angeles Graffiti family has lost a partner, a brother and a soldier…🙏RIP TRIGZ.🙏😔 my condolences to the Wife and his 5 kids…you’ll be missed was a pleasure and blessing to have met, painted and conversed with you. Ima miss talking to you, and I won’t forget all the advice you’ve given me ..Rest well…Angels Will Rise..