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  • Can i request a prompt? Suigetsu asks Sasuke what Sakura is to him and Karin and Sakura overhear.

Darling, you don’t need to ask c: I’m open to everyone’s prompts and I am more then happy to take yours’! I love your prompts and I hope you will like this one, since you came up with the idea xD Stay beautiful, okay?

“Oi, Sasuke,” Suigetsu’s chippy voice caught Sasuke’s attention from his break on training, resting against a tree after three hours of harsh training with Naruto and Kakashi. The last Uchiha looked at the white-haired man with pointy teeth plop down infront of him, water bottle at hand. “What’s up, man? Haven’t seen ya in a while!”


“How’re you likin’ Konoha? It’s pretty nice here, you know.”


Suigetsu and Sasuke sat there for a while, looking at each other with blank faces. The shark-like man sipped from his water, making bubbles here and there, before he grumbled out and poked the resting - yet blank - Uchiha on his knee.

“So what’s with you and that Sakura chick, huh? I’ve noticed you have been hanging around with her a lot lately.” Suigetsu leaned back when Sasuke’s eyes narrowed daringly at him, letting him know it was not to tease him. “I’m just curious, that’s all, man. What is she to you? I mean, I know she was your old teammate and all…”

Sasuke rolled his eyes and leaned his head against the trees, closing his eyes. “She means something to me.”

“Something special?”

“Aa. Very special,” Sasuke smirked a little bit, knowing the two chakra bubbles a short distance away and behind the thick bushes.

“Ohh, see Sakura-sama, I told you that Sasuke liked you,” Karin snickered in her whispers as she nudged the red-faced pink-haired teen. Sakura squirmed silently and hid her blushing face into her hands. “Now all he needs to do is ask you out one of these days!”

“I thought Sasuke-kun was…becoming more close to me lately,” Sakura gushed quietly as she laid down on the soft grass.

“And what about Karin,” Sasuke mused in to the shark-man. “You’ve been hanging out with her for a while…”

Karin’s face perked up with curiosity as she peeked over the bush to watch the two shinobis talk about the redheaded spying on them. Suigetsu made a thinking face for a couple of long minutes before shrugging.

“She’s alright,” he said.


Just gotta add in SuiKarin for you guys xD They’re such a funny couple to play around with, you know? Hope you guys like it and prompts are open!

Okay, Sakura’s fake smile is to hide the fact that she’s going to do something, I don’t know what, but she will do something.
Why? Because remember when she faked smiled at Sai the first time, and then she knocked him out? Yeah, she hid her real motive, she’s doing that now.
Her words are sincere, and we’ll find out what she’s going to do.
The smile didn’t mean that her feelings changed, if anything they’re going to cause her to confront Sasuke.

That’s what I think atleast.