A bird may love a fish but where would they build a home together?

This is a quote from Fiddler on the Roof. The father of the Jewish family is talking to his daughter who has fallen in love with a Christian. She wants to break tradition and marry outside of her faith. 

When Rowena called Cas a fish that wants to fly, all I could think about was this old proverb. It has such… romantic connotations. Castiel has always been the fish out of water. And this is another reference to him being not quite angel and not quite human and needing to make a decision as to which of those he wants to be. Everyone this season has been telling Cas that he isn’t a regular angel and can never be happy with that life. He is a fish who wants to fly. It feels to me like this is yet more foreshadowing that he will choose humanity [a-hem Dean] and choose to give up his grace to do so.

Well, guys, I think I’ve officially got one of the best photo ops ever out of these guys. A little background…

I am a ballroom dancer and I wrote a Destiel fic about ballroom. So I thought it would be great to do a ballroom style pose. When I told them I wanted to combine my favorite things, ballroom and Supernatural, Jared smiled and said that sounds great. As soon as I said I would pose with Jared, Jensen immediately grabbed Misha and said they would do the same. 

They were all so sweet and enthusiastic about my request and Misha even remembered me from my Cas naked covered in bees cosplay from Saturday. 

I just love everything about how the picture came out. Jared is smoking hot as usual. My Rowena cosplay dress ended up making this look like some kind of romance novel cover. Jensen is taking this pose very seriously. And Misha just looks a little shocked by the whole thing. 

So, Tumblr, this is my gift to you… you’re welcome.

We all know that Jared and Jensen are best friends who are so close their children refer to each other as uncles. And we all know that Jensen and Misha are adorable together and that “Misha is the funniest thing that has ever happened to [Jensen].”

But I think we too often overlook how great Jared and Misha’s friendship is. They are both silly goofballs who absolutely love to tease one another, so much so that they have even gone overboard a few times. They are both outgoing and big-hearted and quick to joke and laugh together. And they just light up a room when they are together. 

I mean look at these guys:

They make each other laugh so hard they are literally in tears:

They are silly:

And sweet:

And supportive:

And inspiring:

From the ALWAYS KEEP FIGHTING campaign page: “ We have a close friend (though much older than we) that “Randomly” performs certain “Acts” that change the world, and people’s lives, for the better. It’s been an inspiration, and we thought, we should do that too!”

Their prank war has entertained us:

And their affection for one another is obvious:

I just love when we get to see Jared and Misha interact. We are so lucky to have a cast of people who all genuinely love one another so much.

(X X X X X X)

The fish who wants to fly

This conversation between Rowena and Cas was short but powerful! I was going to put my thoughts on it into my main episode post but I had so much I felt it deserved it’s own post.  

RowenaYou’re just fascinating. An angel that rejected heaven. That’s like a fish that that wants to fly or a dog that thinks he’s people.

Castiel: Well, I’m a lot like people.

Rowena: Keep tellin’ yourself that, Dear.

I think we can meta for days about Rowena’s view of Cas and what her words foreshadow. Seriously, how many times now have we seen Cas associated with fish, which are BTW, one of the oldest symbols of Christianity, rooted in Jesus calling his followers “fishers of men” because it would be their job to spread the word of God.

Some of the most prominent references between Castiel and fish are in The Man Who Would Be King. First, Castiel remembers seeing the first fish crawl out of the ocean, which would go on to evolve into every species on land, including humans. And then Castiel says that teaching free will to angels is like teaching poetry to fish.

Castiel is so different. Most angels see humans as mud-monkeys, just extensions of that dirty little fish that crawled out of the ocean. But Castiel sees the poetry in humanity, the beauty in every genetic change that brought humans to where they are now. Cas gets that each human is a one of his father’s creations, each a unique work of art. Cas is a poet and the other angels are just fish following the current. No wonder he was so insulted by Rowena calling him a fish!

Not only did she call him a fish, but a fish that wants to fly. I already wrote a post about that being a callback to the famous line from Fiddler on the Roof, “A fish may fall in love with a bird, but where would they make their home?” This line is said to a girl who breaks age old tradition and falls in love with someone outside of her faith. Her father is telling her that, although she may be in love, the couple won’t be accepted by either her community or his. 

This can be so easily paralleled to an angel loving a human, falling in love with someone of a different species. And we are back to the same problem, an angel can fall in love with a human, but where would they make their home? In this analogy, Cas is again, the fish that wants to do more than swim downstream - he wants to fly, something that should be impossible. But what does Cas know of impossible? We have seen Cas defy impossible so many times, my money is on the angel. I can wait to see where this goes.

And someone pointed out to me another fish reference that I completely forgot about from 10x01 between Daniel and Castiel:

Castiel: What are you fishing for?

Daniel: Trout mostly, the trick is to find that special spot, just outside the run. The big ones, the smart ones are holding low.

Castiel: Do they put up much of a fight?

Daniel: The ones who truly want to be free?  They do.

For Castiel, this whole season has been about who he is an who he wants to be - angel or human. Fish or bird. Dog or people. Following orders or living free. Right now, he is kind of on the fence.

Metatron pointed out, correctly, that he isn’t a regular angel and could never go back to being one. Cas argues to Metatron that he doesn’t miss things about being human - food, digestion, goosebumps. Yet, when talking to Rowena, Cas tells her, “I’m a lot like people.” But Rowena rebuffs him with, “Keep telling yourself that, Dear.”

It feels to me like Cas is being told that he can’t really be both angel and human. He is sitting on the fence. Sometimes he misses PB&J and other times he wants to believe himself “a lot like people.”

I think there are big things in store for our little fish called Castiel. Whether he gives up his grace or not, he is redefining what it means to be an angel and a human. He is some new species that nobody should step on because I am hoping that they have big plans for that fish.

Supernatural is listening

I’ve been thinking about some of the great things that we have gotten from SPN recently and even more that are promised in season 10.  To me, it seems like TPTB are listening to the fans (somewhat - they certainly can’t please everyone).  Here is just a partial list of SPN positivity to keep us encouraged as we head into season 10.

1. SPN LADIES!!!  We have had more interesting, autonomous ladies in S9 and more to come in S10.  They aren’t just there as set decoration or one nighters for the Winchesters. They have their own ideas and agendas and I can’t wait to see more of them.  We even had a few episodes in S9 that passed the Bechtel test (not enough, but it’s a step)

2. A musical(ish) episode that is being promoted as a love letter to the fans.  How long have we been clamoring for a musical episode?  I’m excited to see what they do with this. 

3. More Sam and Dean back story - I don’t know about you, but I can never get enough of the episodes that give us a glimpse into the Winchester’s childhood.  And Bad Boys was a beautiful tribute to Dean and his big heart and sacrifice he was willing to make for Sam. 

4. Story arc for Dean - we asked for it and boy did we get it!  Dean was central in season 9, carrying the entire story on his shoulders as Sam was, once again, not himself.  Dean took on the Mark of Cain and the First Blade and killed the season’s big bad.  And S10 is the season of the Deanmon.

5. More Castiel - Cas has his own story and is driving one of the more important story arcs of S9 & S10. He is a regular again along with Crowley and, with him depowered, they may be trying to address the issue of him being too powerful to be with the Winchesters too often.

6. Claire Novak - the SPN fandom has been intrigued by this girl and asking for more of her story for years. In S10 she is returning to (hopefully) answer our questions and become an interesting part of the story herself. 

7. Jensen on Twitter - ‘nuff said

8. Destiel? OK, so this one is definitely up in the air, but S8 & S9 were so filled with romantic tropes and parallels, canon or not, they are sure giving us plenty of content to use for discussions, fanfics, art etc. We had the purgatory hug and “not leaving here without you.” We had Dean asking Cas to stay multiple times, even asking him out for beer and bacon happy hour. We had Cas’ mind control of killing Deans (no Sams, just Deans) and the “I need you” in the crypt. Season 9 gave us Metatron writing a story of love and… love matching Dean’s proclamation that he doesn’t do love and… love.  Episode 9x06, Cas’ jilted lover act, and the infamous fanfiction gap, need I say more? Castiel being “in love… with humanity” and in the next episode giving up a whole army for one man.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Destiel has never looked so positive.

The last few seasons have been absolutely rife with bi-Dean and Destiel subtext and lately we have had lots of stuff happen outside of the show that has warmed our little shipper hearts. From the sunset picture to Jared confirming that Cas is Dean’s Collette and saying “you’ve got Cas” in response to Jensen talking about how season 4 Sam got to make out with the hot chick.

However, I’m afraid everyone is getting their hopes up a little too high for canon Destiel in the episode Angel Heart or even by the end of this season. As much as I’m down for canon Destiel any time, I don’t think that is going to happen this season for two reasons. First, it’s too soon for where Dean and Cas are in their lives. And second, the general audience hasn’t caught on enough.

When I say it’s too soon I can hear the groan of “what are you talking about? It’s been 7 years!” While this is absolutely true, what I mean is that Dean is about to go all nuclear with the Mark of Cain flaring up and we haven’t even talked about Cas’ fading grace (or Cas AT ALL) in a while. It just would be out of the blue for Destiel to suddenly happen with those two stories and the whole Crowley/Rowena thing being the primary concerns and little to no interaction between these two lately. Hell, even when he is in an episode, he hangs out with Sam now and rarely Dean. 

And the other thing is that while the accepting, diverse, shipping community of Tumblr sees all of the Destiel subtext as pretty damn obvious, the subtext has still been too subtle for a large portion of the general audience. Most viewers have to be hit over the head with a hammer to see romantic potential for any two people of the same gender unless they were specifically introduced as gay because bi almost never exists on TV. Those viewers would need something really explicit and undeniable to really get behind the story.

Yes, we all see the “casual viewer” stories that pop up, but those are still a small portion of the few million weekly viewers. The casual viewers still don’t see Dean and Cas as potentially romantic because that is what our society trains us to see when two guys are on a TV show together. I think we would need something as explicit as Metatron saying, “Ohhhhhh, now I get it. You have feelings for Castiel” for the general audiences to really start getting behind the ship.

Because even with 7 years of subtext, right now it is still such subtle subtext that the general audiences would feel blindsided if Dean and Cas suddenly kissed. After each episode I always fangirl with a couple of casual viewers and when I point out the (to me) obvious subtext, they always tell me that they would never have picked that stuff up on their own. 

We are close and it wouldn’t take much to push audiences over that edge. I have spoken with casual viewers who didn’t see Destiel at all until I mentioned it then they were like, “hmmmm you know what? Maybe there is something there. But Dean is straight??” But with a few bolder hints - maybe a brother conversation where Dean hints that he might have feelings for Cas - we are there. 

But I just don’t want to get my hopes up high for season 10. And I really don’t want to see a lot of disappointed fans if Destiel doesn’t go canon by the end of this season.  So, if you are thinking it’s happening during the episode named Angel Heart or the season finale, please don’t get too sad if it doesn’t. Remember, season finales are always tributes to the brothers and I can’t imagine they would ever use one to make Destiel the focus. 


Sure. Here are some of my favorite pics of me in the Cas-naked-and-covered-in-bees cosplay. With Baby, Misha, another Cas cosplayer and the star of the whole con - Baby Cas. This little boy was the most adorable thing ever. He kept coming up to me, wanting to touch the bees on the costume. So I just yanked one off and gave it to him. Such a cutie!

Seeing is Believing - How Sam’s Perception is Different than Dean’s reality

I feel like one of the reasons that Sam’s lie this season feels different than Dean’s lie last season is that SPN did a better job of showing us Sam getting worse. 

When Sam was going through the trials and that red glow first happened to his arm and he started spitting up blood, he lied to Dean because he knew that the trials were important not to saving each other, but to the world.  And as the season went on, SPN showed him getting worse and worse. His coloring changed, he was sleeping more, coughing up blood, and passing out with a fever so high he had to be thrown into an ice bath. 

We could all feel Dean’s concern for Sam because we were all concerned about Sam. We was visibly sick and near death. And Dean saved him in that church because the options were to let Sam die and close the gates of hell or keep Sam alive and keep the status quo. Nothing would be worse for saving Sam. And once Dean did the worst thing and let an angel possess Sam, we as the audience saw Sam dying and talking to Death himself, and we knew that it was the only way to save his life.

Plus, Dean had to continue to lie to Sam and Cas because Gadreel was holding his brother’s body hostage. We all knew that Sam would die if Dean didn’t go along with Gadreel’s demands. Heck, Dean even tried a couple of times but Gadreel was too in control to let him.

But this year, they haven’t done a good job of showing us Dean getting worse. Sam says he is getting worse. But all we have seen is nightmares, which he’s had since hell, and “dark thoughts, creepy visions, violent urges.” Also, Cas said he ‘snapped’ but seriously, I, too, wanted to bash that guy’s head into the table for calling a teenage girl he had given a concussion to a bitch. That didn’t feel like ‘snapping’ to me. Also, almost every episode, Dean tells someone that he is going to keep fighting, go down swinging, etc. But Sam keeps saying he has given up.

And we as the audience, have seen Dean actually making very rational decisions. He rejected the call of the most powerful evil book ever, played mini-golf with the girl who tried to have him killed, apologized to Sam for going off on his own, planned a beach vacation, and resisted Hulking out every time his life has been threatened. He even tried to save those guys in the pool bar and didn’t kill Rowena or Crowley. Instead, he sat down with the King of Hell for a drink and gave him advice about family and growing up. 

Sam’s perception doesn’t match what the audience is being shown. I’m not sure I understand the reason for this. If SPN wanted us to believe Sam, that Dean is getting much worse and is giving up, why did they show him constantly talking about not giving up and making very rational decisions? I’m confused. And sadly, the result is that Sam comes off worse because of this contradiction. Hopefully, the next couple episodes will explain why they are showing us one thing and telling us another

Both brother’s secrets and lies led to the death of a beloved family member. Dean’s lies contributed to Kevin’s death. Sam’s lies contributed to Charlie’s death. The difference is that the audience can clearly relate to Dean’s motivations but Charlie’s death feels frivolous because they haven’t shown Sam’s lies as being as necessary as Dean’s. 

I don’t like the way this is making Sam come across as more culpable than Dean.

I am guessing that this is the whole point - to show that, left alone, Dean may have managed the Mark for a long time and everyone lived. But but the chain of events caused by Sam putting Dean above all else will cause Dean to lose what control he still had and the Mark will take over. It’s the self-fulfilling prophecy we have seen used as a story-telling trope over and over again. My hope is that this will show both brothers that working together and honesty between them is the way to prevent further harm.