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Are We Gonna Lose Torbjorn
Edwyn Tiong
Are We Gonna Lose Torbjorn

Reading of @skarchomp​‘s text post!

Gabriel Reyes: First they put Reinhardt in a retirement home
Gabriel Reyes: Then Ana dies on YOUR mission under YOUR command
Gabriel Reyes: What next, Jack? Are we gonna lose Torbjorn too?
Gabriel Reyes: Is Torbjorn gonna leave us?
Torbjorn: Gäbrïël! Cömë bäck! Ï häve twëntÿ nëw bäbÿ phötös öf lïttlë Güstävä tö shöw ÿöü!
Gabriel Reyes: Can we please lose Torbjorn


“Women should not be built with the confidence of being the most beautiful girls in the world for their partners, at least not physically. Confidence has more to do with the ability to say "Fuck it, I’m awesome” than “Fuck it, I’m pretty”. Beauty is in the way you speak, the way you walk. The way you act. Pat slowly begins to realize that and Tiffany also begins to realize that she don’t need to have sex with everyone to feel appreciated. She already is and not like a piece of meat. This is how men should compliment women because in the end physical beauty will be gone but their essence will last a lifetime.“ David O. Russell on character development throughout the film


Comic dub of a VG Cats strip by @vgcats! This is pretty much @mactheactor’s fault. Also, his birthday! Belated.

So! Who would have thought that over 10 years later I’d be reprising one of my first big starring roles from back in my Newgrounds days: Black Mage from the 8-Bit Theater Flash animations? Not only that, but alongside my co-stars of this series, who I honestly never kept up with until now? Weird, right? And here we are. Ahhh, nostalgia trips.

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Hikari : Why do u keep following me?
Takeru : It’s dangerous to let a girl wondering alone like this in the digital world.
Hikari : I am strong enough to be by myself and I don’t trust a guy who keeps smiling all the time.
Takeru : Awnn… come on Hikari chan. Please let me accompany you.
Hikari : Wh…Wha…Who are u calling “Chan” to!!?