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Are We Gonna Lose Torbjorn
Edwyn Tiong
Are We Gonna Lose Torbjorn

Reading of @skarchomp​‘s text post!

Gabriel Reyes: First they put Reinhardt in a retirement home
Gabriel Reyes: Then Ana dies on YOUR mission under YOUR command
Gabriel Reyes: What next, Jack? Are we gonna lose Torbjorn too?
Gabriel Reyes: Is Torbjorn gonna leave us?
Torbjorn: Gäbrïël! Cömë bäck! Ï häve twëntÿ nëw bäbÿ phötös öf lïttlë Güstävä tö shöw ÿöü!
Gabriel Reyes: Can we please lose Torbjorn


“Women should not be built with the confidence of being the most beautiful girls in the world for their partners, at least not physically. Confidence has more to do with the ability to say "Fuck it, I’m awesome” than “Fuck it, I’m pretty”. Beauty is in the way you speak, the way you walk. The way you act. Pat slowly begins to realize that and Tiffany also begins to realize that she don’t need to have sex with everyone to feel appreciated. She already is and not like a piece of meat. This is how men should compliment women because in the end physical beauty will be gone but their essence will last a lifetime.“ David O. Russell on character development throughout the film


Comic dub of an Overwatch fancomic by @robohero - featuring the voices of Tiana Camacho as Mercy, @totalspiffage as Tracer, and myself as Soldier 76! Sorry for the delay on this one, haven’t been feeling well lately. The schedule for the Overwatch AWNN may be wonky for a little bit.

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Play Of The Game
Love Bite
Fly On The Wall

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Hikari : Why do u keep following me?
Takeru : It’s dangerous to let a girl wondering alone like this in the digital world.
Hikari : I am strong enough to be by myself and I don’t trust a guy who keeps smiling all the time.
Takeru : Awnn… come on Hikari chan. Please let me accompany you.
Hikari : Wh…Wha…Who are u calling “Chan” to!!?


Comic dub of an Overwatch fancomic by @disteal - featuring the voices of @hnilmik as Sombra, @totalspiffage as Widowmaker, and myself as meaningless whispers (interrupted)! Sombra has no time for your sexy swimsuit montage shenanigans. The ocean. It calls to her. There are squishies to be squished and they shall indeed be squishified!

ALSO! This is the first of a couple of Overwatch AWNN videos that are going to be played while I’m off galavanting around Los Angeles with friends and eating all the unhealthy foods! EXCITING! I think I may have forgotten something terribly important though. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll come to me later!

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É nessas horas que dá um aperto no peito e aquela vontade louca de te ligar e dizer tudo o que realmente sinto. Aquela vontade de falar que é você. É você que me faz sorrir, é você que me faz feliz. É você. A pessoa mais doce, pura e linda que conheci. Te admiro. Como se não bastasse ser lindo, ainda é bom, limpo, transparente, puro. Um anjo. E afirmo, anjo, porque eu sei que é na forma mais real possível. Foi Deus quem te colocou aqui, Ele te escolheu para que pudesse passar essa alegria, essa bondade ao mundo, Ele te escolheu. Você me tem de uma forma incrível. Você entrou na minha vida com esse jeito lindo, fofo e manso. Um jeito encantador, com um sorriso lindo e uma voz doce. Que mesmo quando não está num dia bom, consegue manter seu sorriso e arranca sorrisos de muitos. Isso é lindo. Você é lindo. Mas não posso e não devo, tenho que me controlar. Me controlo (e muito), mas morro de vontade de te dizer tantas coisas, aquelas coisas que a gente quase nunca diz, sabe? A gente guarda pra dizer pra alguém especial? Esse alguém é você, é, eu sei que é. Você é a aquela pessoa pra quem eu olho e penso: será que se eu pedir com jeitinho, Deus te deixa ficar comigo pra sempre?

— Bárbara Almeida (1museudegrandesnovidades)


Comic dub of Overwatch fancomics by @c-reampeach - featuring the voices of Tiana Camacho as Pharah and Mercy, @hnilmik as Sombra, @totalspiffage as Widowmaker, and myself as Reaper and Meaningless Whispers from the Heart! Oh wow. So here we are. 100 Overwatch AWNN comic dubs. Woof.

I’d like to thank all the comic artists who kindly granted me permission to dub their comics! @kpfightmaster, @luoiae and @realinternetwizard were the first three I asked and doing the dubs on their comics was pretty much what kickstarted the whole Overwatch AWNN series! @dogtit, @disteal, @dilfosaur and @robohero are my frequent collaborators and I’m sure I can probably start an entire playlist dedicated to comic dubs I’ve made of their fantastic work! There are even more artists to name who helped me reached 100 Overwatch AWNN comic dub videos!: @tiki-punch, @electricbunnycomics, @ghostpeppermint, aatkaw, izra (on Deviantart), @artbytesslyn, @overblotch, nedmd, @gunnslaughter (my first dramatic, onion-cutting ninja’d Overwatch AWNN!), @chloerozo, @superrisu (through whose work I first discovered the wider Overwatch fancomic artists’ community in the first place!), @badpearl (“Bonjour from the Other Side” was not the first songdub for Overwatch AWNN but it was definitely the most involved to do!), @trixdraws, @scatterarrow, @macdobleve, @burpingstars, @lunapocalypse, @singultus, @tsundernova, @grapeykins (whose comic I dubbed for the 50th Overwatch AWNN for the SADFACE TIMES), @m-u-n-c-h-y, @ruby-universe-artblog (first time an artist actually asked me to dub a comic of theirs!), @thesweetreaper, @impastanoodle, @legmageddon, @dinochoobs, @nikanono, @trin0dinz, @thepigeongazette, @samsationals, @pirikko, @lifewhatisthat, @karniz, @yahoberries, @dasixthmonth, @akapost and finally @c-reampeach, whose comic dubs made the 100th Overwatch AWNN! Thank you to all the artists I have worked with thus far, here’s to working with you again, and also to working with new artists in the future!

I’d also like to thank my voice actors for sticking with me on this journey! Tamara was with me from the very beginning, and if she hadn’t said yes to playing Tracer and Widowmaker in those very first dubs, there wouldn’t have been even ONE Overwatch AWNN, much less the 99 that came after that first one! Kimlinh (D.Va and Sombra) and Tiana (Mercy, Pharah and Ana) came aboard not long after and these wonderful actresses acted as my longest term collaborators, without whom some of the best, most unexpected sources of joy in the Overwatch AWNN series would not exist (ie the mating call of the Sombra, and the murder cry of the Mercy amongst other vocal utterances)! From there we just kept picking up great voice actor after great voice actor to fill the roster of wonderful characters in the Overwatch AWNN world: @mikeveedub (Junkrat and Roadhog), @dreamwalkertara (Emily), @lightgetsout (McCree), James Brown Jr (Lucio, who unfortunately was not able to send a recording in for the 100th Overwatch AWNN), Elsie Lovelock (Efi and Orisa), @missrinachan (Mei) and Kamran Nikhad (Doomfist)! Thank you all for coming along with me on this here ride, and here’s to many more dubs!

And finally, I’d like to thank YOU, dearest viewer whom I may on occasion refer to as Omahbuddy or Omahdarlin’ or Bromahdon (choose one, if you will)! Seriously, I don’t think I would have gotten this far without you; this was supposed to be a fun little diversion from depression and ennui (and continues to be so!), but look at what’s happened in just a year! A hundred of these videos! My subscriber count has blown up to 70k+! AND I’ve had two of my videos hit over a million views! That’s mad crazy, yo. Thank you so much. You’re my Omahbuddy/Omahdarlin’/Bromahdon, you magnificent specimen of a man/woman/non-binary being of pure awesome!

Anyway. Here’s to a hundred more…? We’ll see! Mayhaps other projects are in the works, hon hon hon~!

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