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  • Edwyn Tiong
  • Overwatch AWNN - Hacks Are An Open Door

So far the common consensus is that this one particular line is the best thing out of my latest Overwatch fancomic dub Hacks Are An Open Door. It’s said that if you play it three times on a dark and cold winter night, a door will unexpectedly close in your face and you’ll, like, bang your nose pretty bad.


Haikyu Click & Drag special Shiratorizawa

My results

  • Best Friend: Ushijima (why Ushijima? Why? T^T)
  • Childhood Friend: Tendou (okai if you want x’D)
  • Classmate: Kawanishi (its good)
  • Confidant: Tendou (if you want again…)
  • Crush on you: Shirabu (awnn its cute >/////
  • Lover: Semi (My god!! *o* I love you Semi!! ♥♥)
  • First Kiss: Yamagata (My beautiful libero)
  • First Time: Shirabu (I love you too Shirabu >//////
  • Enemy: Goshiki (Hum… Just why?)

I wrote Yamataga instead of Yamagata, I’m sorry T^T