awn véi

Process to Elimination

Present at the procession are (in alphabetical order):

Ace, Acorn, Adelaide, Aerial Aim, Applejack (Bounty Hunter), Applejack (Ronin), Archibald T. Manaford, Ash (in Equestria), Autumn Blue, Batpony/Bruce Mane, Belgian Waffle, Blood Sugar, Bo Diddly and Wallace, Bumble Buzz, Bunny and Bear, Burning Stream

Cabernet, Cam, Captain Flintlock, Carmen Pondiego, Chain Rattle, Cherry Okapi, Chiptune, Cloepty, Cold Front, Connie and Subbie, Cross Stitch, De Writer, DEath GAme MAster, Derpy (Out of Work), Derpy (Science), Dewdusts, Dexter Dush, DJ Color, Doctor Pater and Time Twister, Dr. Radical, Draxxor

Electro Beats, the Eleventh Doctor and Amelia Pond, Elora May Apple, Falsafa, Filmcut, Flutterpsycho, Fullforce

Gamer, Gargle, Ghost Rose, GoldDrop, Golden Pen, Gurumone and Rosemary, Guyra, Hallo and Elder, Humble Pie, Ickie Vickie Mod, Ineeda, Inkheart, Input, John Sinclair and Bonnie Green, Johnny Lightem

Lola Cloudmaker, Lovely Pages, Lovey Dovey, Lucky Star, Mashu Maro and Nevermore Pendulum, Miel, Misfit

Nerdy, Nigel Hugsworthy, NocturnaledFlight, Nombre, Occult, Okalani Creations, Opalescent Pearl, Pandora, Peachy Pit, Peachy Pop, Pembroke W. Korgi, Pinkie Pyro, PiX, Pure Hue, Random “ALOS” Idea, Ren, Ride Roughshod, Rosa Lanzar, Rotten Grave

Sally, Sarsaparilla Hoofer, Scifresh, Scootaloo (Adult), Scorching Opal, Scribbles Styal, Sea Swirl (the Attention Horse), Secret Tale, Sera, Shaula, Sir Lint-A lot, Snew Pea, Snow Skies, Sockz Sowing, Sonata Dusk, Starlight Gear, Steel Strings, Stormy Skies, Straight Razor, Sugar High, Sugar Kisses, Sunny Starlight, Sweet Disaster, Sweet Treat, Sweetgrass, Sweety Peach

Tequila Shots, the Tinkerer, Toola Roola, Tryp, Twilight Sparkle (Psychotic), Twisted Gravekeeper, the Unnamed Pony, Valerine Piper, Viola, Winter Graphite, Winter Snow, Wist, Wuta, Xana, Zap Point

In the space of about a chapter, I’ve gone from being mildly annoyed with Seivarden to finding her an incredibly endearing little butthead. Making uncivilized tea, accidentally ruining Breq’s shirts, trying to use her Good Breeding to make Breq impressive but ruining it with her out of date accent–and then immediately getting into a fight on the station. She feels real to me now.
And on an unrelated note, the descriptions of clothes and jewelry are wonderful. Simple enough not to distracting, but clearly grounded in the worldbuilding in a way that complements the mood of the story.

Ancillary Justice fancast

Naomie Harris as Breq
Chiwetel Ejiofor as Seivarden Vendaai
Lupita Nyong’o as Lt. Awn
Kerry Washington as Lt. Awer
Giancarlo Esposito as Anaander Mianaai
Alfre Woodard as Anaander Mianaai


Scully & Mulder in every episode :                                                                                                                                               ↳ 1x08 Ice

I reached the part where One Esk shoots the seditionists in the temple.
I had to sit back and take a break. This is going to be one of Those Books that completely encompasses me, apparently.
Awn deserves so much better. Someone transplant her to a happier series. She’s too good for the Radch. The implication is that she killed an Esk segment afterwards, right? I’m not misreading that?
I knew this was gonna spiral into darker territory.


Cas: “Y/N why isn’t it playing? It’s already 9h.”

You: “Looks like it’s been canceled.”

Cas: “What?”

You: “It won’t play anymore.”

Cas: “Its wrong!”

You: “I know. I’m sorry buddy.”