awn this movie is so good!

What I said: “Logan takes place in an alternate universe”

What I MEANT: “that was a good movie but im gonna pretend half of it didnt happen and imagine that everyone made it to Canada and Logan lives in a lake house with his dad, his sweet albino husband, and their gaggle of beautiful mutant kids. Also they have special windows that block UV rays and a huge awning in the back yard so Caliban can enjoy outside”

Grey Skies

Liam didn’t mean to be in such a funk.  He didn’t know how to break himself from it because he didn’t care enough to do so.  He sat on the back porch.  Thankfully there was an awning because it was raining.  Were Liam more aware of what he looked like, he probably would have laughed and say it looked like a scene from a sad movie.  Unfortunately, Liam couldn’t see that.  All he could see was the fact that it was raining.  He sat on on the porch swing, Bailey at his feet.  The dog was so good and patient with Liam, rarely leaving his side.  The time traveler didn’t even look over when the back door closed.