Love the Actor-not just the character.

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I agree!!!!!! Dom is an amazing actor, no matter what character he plays :)

I post stuff from his other movies and they get like NO notes. They are hard to find in the US and since people havent seen them, i like to think thats why. But the only things that really get reblogged of his are his photoshoots, LOTR, or charlie. but if anyone is looking into watching his other stuff:

Flashforward was FUCKING AMAZING and should have never been cancelled. 

Shooting Livien was a GREAT movie–but really dark so if youre not into that, you may not like it. His character plays a very “Charlie-esque” role. (He was even a bass player (it was before lost lol).) That movie changed my view on Jason Behr’s acting (it was coz of this movie i gave roswell a shot) . 7/10 at least. 

Spivs his character was hilarious he was a pot head and not in the movie enough. The movie itself, id give it maybe a 5/10? Its not bad, just not really my type?

The Purifiers he was a dick who did martial arts, interesting to watch for sure but Im not into martial arts so Id give it maybe a 3.5-4/10? 

I Sell The Dead a dark, black, comedy set in 1800’s. I thought Id hate it. Id give it easily a 7/10. It was hilarious and TOTALLY worth a watch. 

Of course after that there is Lord of the Rings- I refused to watch it til this year–and only coz he was in it. I LOATHE fantasy with a burning passion. But the story is more then fantasy, the character relationships are real, and it definetely made me a fan of the movies. 8.5/10 The fight scenes (and im not even a fight scene kinda person) are EPIC. 

LOST- There are no words for LOST. Originally I refused to watch it. Again, too “crazy” over my head. Accidently watched 1x8 Con Man where Sawyer is chasing a boar and im like, this is retarded. I decided to give it another shot, and Im glad I did. That show is more then a show. I cant quite explain what it did for me, but for anyone that hasnt saw it–or started watching and gave up–I suggest you do it. All the way. I wont like I was confused as fuck and ready to give up alot. But I finished. And it was worth it.  9-9.5/10 

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I heard she did it to kill the last of Harry’s father figures…it broke my heart almost as much as Snape, Sirius and Fred’s deaths :(

Close, it was because in war children lose parents and she felt that she needed to really show that with someone we knew, and someone that would really hit us. In the first war it was Harry who was left without parents and now it’s Teddy, which is why she featured him in the epilogue to show that he was as okay as he could be without parents. In the first draft of the epilogue he was alive but she changed it. Yeah, it killed me too.