J2 NolaCon 2017 Gold Panel
  • Jared tried to pronounce some street names and Jensen is mocking his “N’awlins” accent. “Please don’t do that next to me.”
  • J2 thanks the fans for the Entertainment Weekly covers. Says that’s because of us. Last year’s cover was best selling. 
  • Jensen: I saw a shirt that said, “Trust me you’re hilarious - Whiskey.” Jared: I like, “That’s what - She.” 
  • Jensen re: Halloween EW cover: “By the way… I killed that cat. What can I say, I’m a posse magnet…” Jared: Ba dum dum. 
  • Jensen: I will say, Misha had best line about those covers. Jared: That was my line! Jensen: I’m not gonna repeat yours!
  • Jared does not enjoy voice acting. He thinks his voice changes a lot daily, whereas Jensen has a mastery over his voice. 
  • Jared calls voice acting “shadowboxing” and prefers face-to-face acting. Jensen agrees, says, “There’s no give and take.” It’s hard because you don’t get to play off the other person. 
  • Jared prefers to have someone to respond to. Jensen jokes: I can just stand there with cup of coffee in my underwear. 
  • Jared and Jensen speak very highly of Alex Calvert and hope we get to meet him soon. 
  • Alex asked J2: What are cons like? They were like, oh, come here… Jared: He’s great. 
  • Jared keeps touching Jensen’s shoulder, the usual :)
  • Fan: How do you make holy water? Jensen: Is this a pun joke? Because I already like it. 
  • Jared makes an interrupting sloth joke lol. 
  • “Would Sam go see the new It movie?” Jared: “NO!”
  • Jared did the Hamilton pose. 
  • Middle names: Jensen: I think it’s Dean Boom Boom Winchester. Jared doesn’t think Sam and Dean have middle names. 
  • How do you divvy up the chores? Jensen: When I’m not home, she handles everything. When I get back, she hands me keys and walks away. 
  • Jared: I try to help, but Gen’s like, “Baby, I love you, but you’re ruining it.” Jensen: She says it’s like having a fourth kid lol. 
  • Feature film? Jensen says there’s been talk after the show is retired. You can always come out of retirement. 
  • Jensen: Wishes Dean would curse. Jared is torn on what the movie rating would be because he enjoys artistry of avoiding certain words to keep message universal so all ages could watch and see the themes of loyalty, dedication, etc, that are in the show. 
  • Jared said “potty language” and Jensen won’t let it go lol. 
  • Jared: Potty words. Jensen: Potty words???
  • Jensen has been out of the game too long. His pick up line would be “let’s get this out of the way or I’m not going to concentrate.” 
  • Jared’s: Does this rag smell like chloroform to you? Same line Jensen used in Houscon lol. Jensen: No, Mr. Cosby. 
  • Jared whispered another pick up line in Jensen’s ear. Jensen vetoed it for being too dirty. “He would have to use potty language.” 
  • Hiatus beard question. They miss them. 
  • Jared: We’ve been pleading to have a whole show of gag reels. They both want a full episode-length gag reel.
  • Jared says they’re putting together a whole thing of Alex Calvert’s initiation lol. 
  • Jensen: I have a question for you, Jared. Are you excited for today? Jared: Hell yeah!
  • Boys are in great spirits today, laughing, joking, and looking handsome as always ;) 

Info via: Fangasm, Cherie, Eileen, Sil’s livetweet list

The Drake-Fisher Residence, New Awlins Edition

There are lot of cool photos and meta regarding the house that Nate and Elena live in at the end of the game, but what about unnecessary information about their residence in New Orleans?

We don’t know much about the way that Nate and Elena interact with the environment in which they live, in the sense that we’re not getting flashbacks to walking down Bourbon Street and immediately regretting walking down Bourbon Street, no one should ever walk down Bourbon Street or anything, but we do have context both in the environment of Nate’s workplace at Jameson Marine down by the Mississippi River warehouses, and in the buildings surrounding the Drake-Fisher residence in New Orleans proper.  I return from my last architectural analysis of the orphanage/Boston setting to talk to you about bridges, preservation ordinance, and THE SHOTGUN HOUSE.

(This is about to get really image-heavy.)

I’ll preface all this by saying that nowhere in New Orleans is there a truss bridge that looks like something between a Parker truss, a Pratt truss, and a Camelback truss, but fine, Naughty Dog, I’ll accept your bridge discrepancies. (I have outlined the truss shape in little red lines so it’s easier to discern. For you bridge-lovers. I KNOW YOU’RE OUT THERE.)

The layout of Nate and Elena’s house is pretty simple: a rectangle, with smaller rectangles inside of it. It’s small but comfortable, with an insulated attic space originally intended for storage and relatively tall ceilings. The latter is a hallmark of many Southern houses built before the advent of air conditioning, because heat rises and you can’t sit around sweating all damn day. Seriously. These ceilings are tall.

For convenience I’ve provided a basic plan layout I mocked up in AutoCAD, aka Satan’s Architecture Program, of the first, second, and attic floors, respectively. For those unfamiliar with reading floor plans, thinner lines at the border walls represent window openings, of which there are very few. This is not uncommon for shotgun houses, which I will talk about…now.

The shotgun house is awesome. It’s a piece of Southern vernacular architecture that has become synonymous with Creole culture the closer you get to the Equator while wandering away from the Mason-Dixon line, and was the most popular style of housing from the end of the American Civil War through the 1920s. Traditionally, the shotgun house is a narrow residence that is basically one long, skinny rectangle, with rooms arranged one after the other in a line. The only hallway, which provides access to each room, starts at the front door and runs all the way out the back door.

Here are a couple great examples!

There are some academic arguments about the origins of the name: I always heard it was called a “shotgun” because you could feasibly shoot through one door and out the other without hitting anything because there are no doors between the other rooms. Other scholars have suggested that “shotgun” is actually an Anglicized interpretation of “to-gun,” a Dahomey Fon term meaning “place of assembly,” thereby tying its roots to the housing of Afro-Haitian peoples. Blacks have historically outnumbered whites in New Orleans and it is entirely possible that they brought their housing arrangement traditions with them.

Shotgun houses can also come in two-story versions, or “camelback” versions, the latter of which basically adds a second story to the rear of the house, thus giving it a “hump.”

Anyway. ONTO THE ACTUAL GAME SCREENCAPS. Let’s start at the top, and work our way down!

The A-Frame gable (that triangle shape) of the attic space is pretty typical of two-story shotguns, as well as the window set into the gable, an element which can be seen in every shotgun gable photograph prior to this section. The window in their house is an oculus, or “eye” window, pretty popular during the Victorian period of building. The window is partly decoration, because a flat facade is incredibly boring visually, and partly for ventilation, though less so with air conditioning. Based on the insulation tacked between the ceiling joists and around the oculus (but the lack of visible ventilation duct work), this space is at least mildly cooler than the outside, which honestly isn’t saying much if you’ve ever been to New Orleans in the summer. I don’t know how Nate is wearing long sleeves up here and not sweating bullets.

Down on the official second floor, we get a good look at the fenestration arrangements (window shapes, sizes) and also the outside! Which gives us really great environmental context.

Behold! A classic New Orleans gallery house, complete with side-door, flanking lanterns, narrow columns and chimney, and those tall-ass windows. But how do you access the second-floor porch? The tall-ass window is your door! It’s also used to circulate air by pushing the lower sash up to the middle, and the upper sash down to the middle, letting the hot air out and the cool air in.

You’ll notice that the difference between the two-story shotgun and the gallery house is that even if the two-story shotgun has a second floor porch - which they often do not - columns do not run from floor to ceiling on the second level.

Outside the Drake-Fisher master bedroom window, you can pick up elements of New Orleans vernacular styles on the other buildings in the neighborhood.

The windows in their house on the second floor on the front and rear of the house are probably not original to the building, probably replaced before or during the rehab process, because they are of a style not indicative of the area: a wide central pane of glass flanked by two smaller, movable sashes. This style looks a lot like the windows of the Chicago style school of architecture, popularized in the early 1900s (below).

Based on the views available from every conceivable angle in both the master bedroom at the rear of the house, and Elena’s office at the front of the house, they live at the corner of two streets in a historic neighborhood.

Now to the first floor door! A great Central Door Look ™ is the kind that incorporates sidelights (those little stacked windows flanking either side of the door) with a strong Classical lintel over the door itself. Crown molding on the ceiling. Hardwood floors. Nice. Doors in most shotguns typically do not have sidelights (as they take up space) unless the door itself is centered.

Also literally no one but me cares about this but they have an antique door knob fixture and that’s cute! Older knobs were much smaller with slim, narrow plates. 

Based on the central placement of their door and its door surround/sidelights, as well as the placement of the stair on one side of the house, it’s a pretty safe assumption to make that they live in a shotgun. BUT ALEX, you cry, WHERE’S THAT ONE LONG HALLWAY AND THOSE SUBSEQUENT ROOMS? I’m super glad you asked, because it’s also not at all uncommon for shotgun houses to have their interiors gutted and rehabilitated to better suit modern needs! This is especially prevalent in New Orleans, where the majority of their historic preservation ordinances apply to the exterior of a building, rather than the interior!

This ordinance is most heavily used in the French Quarter, where you can subdivide and alter the interior of historic building to your hearts content, provided you maintain the exterior’s character-defining features (trim, paint color, cast-iron balconies, et cetera), but is also often applied to the houses in New Orleans’ other historic neighborhoods.

I hope this was edifying and/or interesting for anyone who is not historic preservation-inclined, but as a preservation specialist I was really delighted to see the amount of detail put into a space so small!!!

Stranger in a Crowd

Prompt: Imagine Remy LeBeau (Gambit) seeing you in a crowded street and he just has to meet you.

Word Count: 1782

Warnings: Maybe language? A non gorey fight scene? Other than that it’s pure unadulterated fluff, y’all.

Note: Beta’d by the great @like-a-bag-of-potatoes. Also, this is my first Gambit fic and I REALLY wanted a southern fic lately.

Tags: @munlis @amarvelouswritings


Remy’s POV

Tonight wasn’t as humid as it usually was around Mardi Gras, but my lord, it was warm. The sea of bodies didn’t help a thing, either. My eyes scanned the crowd as I walked, checking for any threats. I hadn’t been bothered in a few weeks, which was nice, so tonight, in celebration of Fat Tuesday, why not have a little game of cards with some poor unsuspecting fellow at a nice watering hole? Of course, the French Quarter was crawling with tourists as beads flew, the smell of alcohol sweeping the streets, the perfume of seafood hitting my nostrils as I walked along, the warm air clinging to my skin like a blanket.

I had to find a good bar, and soon. The sun was setting, casting a handsome pinkish blue into the sky above us, but when the sun sets in New Awlins, lord, you better hold onto your hat here in the French Quarter.

Just as I looked up, I saw her. Her face was…it was like lookin’ into the face of an angel. My word…Her lips, her eyes, her mere presence was piercing. The way her hair swirled as a cool wind whipped through the streets and alleys. I don’t know what it was about her but she was completely captivatin’. Like a siren in the night, I was drawn to this girl.

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Rouler Away

He called me “puddin’” and “dahlin’”
Wanted to whisk me to New Awlins
Said I’d really like it there
Fresh beignets and jazz in the air
Uptempo downtown, uptown slow
And I would have liked to go
Only not as his plus-one
That would have been no fun
To become his Big Easy squeeze
The man reeked of macho man sleaze
His massive sense of entitlement
Said it would’ve been a trip ill-spent
By all means, laissez les bons temps rouler
Only with someone else, I must say

I don’t watch every con panel, not even J2 even though I’m a Jensen!girl.

After the huge shitstorm on twitter and even in some media about J2 after SPNNOLA, I had to watch the panels myself though. I recommend that to everyone btw, who only builds their opinion on just a small video snippet of a panel or even just a single tweet.

And I genuinely recommend everyone to watch the panels anyway, because they were FUN!

Gold panel:

The boys joking about Jared’s “n’awlins” accent is so cute. Them doing accents is always great entertainment!

J2 thanking the fans for the EW covers. They are so thankful and appreciative of our support. No matter what they accomplish, they always credit us fans and take time to thank us for our devotion. That they’re still so humble about their success is amazing.

Jared: “I don’t know how subscribing a magazine works anymore.” – Jensen: “You sign up and they send you one.”  I just love Jensen’s deadpan humor! Jared talking about how his mom is so happy for him being on the cover - awww <3

Ahhhhh noooooo don’t kill the kitty, Jensen!! Bad Jensen. LOL.

“Jensen is a master of his voice.” – of course he is. What the hell isn’t he good at?!

Really interesting hearing them talk about voice acting. And I must say, I do enjoy the image of Jensen doing it with just his coffee in his hand and in underwear ^^

J2 being like “come here” to Alex, when he asked about cons. YES!! Bring him to one!

Jensen saying he already likes the holy water joke, because there’s a pun in there. And Jared doing the interrupting sloth. Gotta love those dorks!

The way Jensen immediately perks up and is really attentive when the fan mentions Danneel!

Dean “Boom Boom” Winchester. YES!!!

Jensen talking about home is the cutest!!! Danneel handing him the keys to “EVERYTHING” once Jensen gets home and then driving off… the way Jensen fondly jokes about it and then says that sometimes it does feel like it (wahhh they must miss home and their families so much and the little time they get together must feel too short all the time) and then he gets serious and says it’s actually him asking Danneel “what do you need me to do?”… such a good husband and dad <3


“Potty words.” Oh Jared. LOL.

The pirate joke is always cute.

And now to that moment: now that I’ve seen it, my thoughts on it: First of all, Jensen genuinely tried to shut Jared down, his “no” was definitely serious. Jared then warned everyone that his joke is “really offensive”. People still kept cheering him on and asking him to tell it. He did. And yes, it was offensive. But yes, it was also a joke. Nothing more. Just to get some perspective on this: How many of you who are now dragging them over the coils for that joke, have played Cards against Humanity for example? How many of you have laughed at all those horrible, inappropriate things that came from that game? Knowing exactly how offensive it is? Just think about that for a second. Also Jensen’s “Mr. Cosby” … how many of you are still making jokes about Trump and retweet memes and stuff about Trump? In all seriousness, there’s nothing to joke about what Trump is doing. But sometimes people have to laugh. That’s it. SO WHERE THE HELL IS THE DIFFERENCE? The double standards of some people are astonishing and it always gets me.

Jared talking about how Odette likes to play with his beard. CUTENESS ALERT!

“Alex has plenty of stories to tell already.” – Then let’s get him to a con ASAP!!!

J2 are always so thoughtful answering the acting advice question. No matter how many times it gets asked, they don’t look bored by it and they always take it serious. They want other people to succeed and give them the best advice they can. Every single time. It amazes me sometimes that they don’t get fed up with questions like this that get asked so often, but they’re always gracious and genuine in their response and I think it’s really sweet and a testament to their characters.

We as a fandom could learn from that, in my humble opinion.

Main panel:

Jensen’s chant. DAMN!! Great mood from the beginning. Love him!

Jared’s story about getting lost in New Orleans and meeting that person who thought he’s only dressed up as Sam Winchester had me laughing.

I know prank questions are getting old, but this time there was actually a good prompt to ask it with Alex being new on set. I giggled at Jensen describing it as “welcome package”. Also let’s hope we get that extra long gag reel!!!!

J2 teasing Misha. I know some people don’t like it. But the thing is, I see most people who say they’re done with it blaming J2 for giving fuel to the Misha haters and that being the reason they don’t like it. Two things that go through my mind at that every time: You shouldn’t blame friends joking about each other for the actions of other people! And the haters will ALWAYS find something to use for their agenda. Everyone with two eyes can see that J2M are true friends. Just watch the jibcon panels and their live streams and stuff – these guys love each other. No matter WHAT J2 might say about Misha, it won’t change a hater’s mind. Nothing will. So let the boys joke about each other. Like Jensen once said: “We prank you as maliciously as we do, because we like you the best.” 

Also here we go with the double standards again: Everyone getting so offended over the offensive joke in the gold panel, but laughing about Jared calling Jensen Misha’s toy? Sexualizing and dehumanizing him? So to those who get angry about the first one and start laughing and squeeing about the second one: Please explain to me why that’s okay? I guess when it fits shipping purposes everything’s fine? Idk… but that’s what I get from it. Jensen’s initial reaction was a double take and a “you did not just say that”-look. But of course Jensen went with the joke and that’s what I love about all of them: They can take a joke, they laugh about each other and even more about themselves, they make us laugh in the process, they aren’t afraid to makes themselves look silly. It’s all in good fun. I’m so done with fans trying their hardest to turn everything into a bad thing. Isn’t this supposed to be our source of fun and sometimes an escape from reality? 

“I shift myself.” Oh Jared. LOL. Jensen stopping Stephen from making the badum tsss at that joke and then apologizing for their lame jokes. PLEASE DON’T EVER CHANGE GUYS!!!

Loved the question about Dean and Jack, Dean’s emotional state and how Jensen thinks about it. I seriously live for hearing Jensen talk about his acting choices and about Dean’s headspace. How he describes anger as a stage of grief – everyone who calls Dean a meanie for his behavior with Jack: Please listen to Jensen here, he’s really an emotionally intelligent man and has a great understanding and instinct for human emotions. I’m also curious about him teasing that the relationship between Dean and Jack will change.

Jensen’s instant reaction of “NONONONONO” to destroying the Impala in episode 2x02 makes me so emotional. This scene is one of those that will always stick with me, it’s so raw and brutal and Jensen was incredible!

It’s also interesting to hear about how they filmed that motel room scene in episode 10x23. That they trashed the room first and then Jensen had to match the destruction they already created for the first takes. I’m laughing at him describing how he threw something against that picture frame and instead of crashing it was hanging perfectly after it. - “He is the one.” – DAMN RIGHT! :)

And Jared chiming in how funny it would’ve been if it had been on purpose and them miming how they put everything into place. LOL.

Look how sweet and happy they look for that girl spending her birthday at the con and having the time of her life. They love seeing other people happy. Adding something to their happiness. They’re good beans.

Jensen admitting that he’s an awful liar and to ask his wife. LOL. Someone ask Danneel about it at the next con she’s at!! (She needs to come to more, pleeeease!!)

Jared fangirling over Sam’s hair, Jensen joking that it’s gray and then making all those faces behind Jared (what an adorable clown!) and then going on to say “I pinch my… side”, that pause and his face after it!! Jensen has such amazing comedic timing, it’s gold!!!

Jensen explaining his reaction to when he sees his own performance on screen, especially emotional ones is so great. How he feels and taps into that emotion again when watching the scene and how much he loves his character (HE’S DEAN’S NUMBER 1 FAN!!!). Also their approach in preparing for a scene and how it fits their characters so well was truly interesting. Jared endlessly preparing and researching, just like Sam. While Jensen does it more on instinct, just like Dean. Gotta say here, that this is why I’m a Jensen/Dean fan. You notice that in his performance all the time and the authenticity he brings to each of Dean’s emotions is always tugging at my heartstrings.

Remembering Kim is always so sweet. They have so many nice things to say about Kim and I found it touching that they’re honoring him so much and credit him for their success.


The boys teasing Heather… from… Colorado. I’m laughing so hard. I love that they do this kind of thing (though I’d probably die if they started teasing me like that at the mic). The tease and joke with us fans, like we’re really friends/family.

Jared sharing so much about his struggles and his family is always special. I admire him for being so open and I’m thankful for everything he shares with us.

Jensen acknowledging that it’s good that people don’t feel ashamed of getting help, that it’s not about that person being crazy or that there’s something wrong with them. Acceptance is the biggest thing he wants to teach his children and I admire that. Also how his children should feel love and give love is a beautiful thing to say and to live by.

That they use gifs of themselves so often, especially Jared with the Loreal one, is so funny to me.

Jensen geeking out that they’re so popular because there’s so many gifs of SPN – WHAT A CUTIE OMG!

Jensen joking with that girl when she says her favorite gif is the one of Crowley saying “I torture all my friends, it’s how I show love.” His reaction: “What does that say about you? I like it. Text me. Colorado Heather has my number.” I’M DYING HAHAHAHAHA

Jensen & classic rock – YES! “I named my kid Zeppelin!” LOL.

“I like big butts.” – “I’ve put everything I have into Sam.” … Lots of dirty jokes and innuendo. Gotta love them.

“What would Dean do?” … Jensen totally is Dean’s number 1 fan.

I like how respectful Jensen speaks about Bob Singer’s directing. No matter what you think about Singer personally, I love how much Jensen admires other people’s skills and praises their good work.

Good points from Jared about Sam and Jack’s relationship as well. Especially liked how Jared said we don’t actually really know where Sam stands right now. It’s truly unclear how much Sam is about using Jack or caring about him and what he expects from taking Jack under his wing.


The last question: Love that the scene with Baby’s backseat wasn’t scripted!

Bottom line: I really enjoyed both panels. J2 were in a great mood and there were some really interesting questions. Watching the panels made me wish that it’s February already so I can be at a con again and enjoy their panels in person <3


Fats Domino, “The Fat Man”

The B-side to his first single, recorded at the end of 1949, it kicks open the ‘50s and the rock’n’roll era. 

Antoine “Fats” Domino got obit headlines like “Blueberry Hill Singer Dies.” And, yeah, that was a big hit for him. 

But Fats Domino was a daddy to rock’n’roll. Before Elvis. Before Bill Haley. Before Jerry Lee. Before “Rocket 88,” the so-called “first rock’n’roll song.” 

His singles for Imperial throughout the ‘50s are a mélange of rhythm’n’blues, N’awlins Afro-Cuban piano roll, Louis Jordan jump blues and, always, the tasty words and music of Fats.

They call, they call me the fat man 
‘Cause I weight two hundred pounds. 
All the girls they love me 
'Cause I know my way around.


The River of Dreams

Here’s my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s June SPN Days Off challenge! I got John x reader, and the song “River of Dreams,” by Billy Joel. Which, just so you know, happens to be one of my MOST FAVORITE songs by one of my MOST FAVORITE artists. This story is also loosely based around a personal experience of mine. 

RATING: Explicit
CHARACTERS: John Winchester, female reader, Bobby Singer
WARNINGS: Well, smut happened. Obnoxious cuteness, fluff, dreams coming true… Ya know. The usual.

TAGS: @crzcorgi, @kittenofdoomage, @mrswhozeewhatsis, @mrs-squirrel-chester, @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog, @winchesterswoonathon

Originally posted by blogqueenofhearts

John glanced across the cab of the truck, smiling at the sight of you, sound asleep. You had your legs up underneath you, head resting on your balled-up sweatshirt against the window, his leather jacket draped over you, almost engulfing your body. 

His smile faltered at the angry blue-black that seemed to still be spreading across your cheekbone, gritting his teeth at the memory that he hadn’t been fast enough and the ghost had gotten a hit in.

Just one, before it was sent to hell in a blaze of glory. 

You were fine, no concussion, no fracture. Just some soft tissue swelling and an ugly bruise that bit at John’s heart each time he saw it. 

You gave a quiet sigh, shifting in the seat. Your eyes blinked open and you scrunched up your nose, stretching a bit and staring at the darkness, only the truck’s headlights barely illuminating the night. You looked over and John gave you a smile. He motioned with his head and you made another quiet noise, stretching out across the seat, putting your head on his thigh, yawning as he fixed the jacket over you again. His big hand gently patted your back before thick fingers started massaging your scalp.

You were asleep in minutes.

John let out a quiet laugh, shaking his head, continuing to run his fingers through your hair. He glanced to the side of the road, seeing a sign for the miles to upcoming towns and an idea came to him. He smiled, flipping on his blinker, and twenty minutes later, he pulled into a gas station. 

He maneuvered himself away from you without waking you up, running in the station for a cup of coffee while he gassed up the truck. He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket while he waited in line to pay, dialing a familiar number. 

“This had better be good, this damn late at night.”

John smiled.

“Bobby, hey. It’s me.”
“I knew it had to be one of the Winchesters. What’s up?”
“I need some information, and not on a hunt this time.”
“What the hell you up to, John?”

John smiled, stepping up to the counter.

“If all goes like I want it to, Y/N can tell you all about it soon. Now, you at a computer?”

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anonymous asked:

What would you guys do if you met each other in real life? Like where would you guys go?

Dani: I would take her to Charlotte and go drinking (I’d sneak her the booze) and to some fun coffee shops! THen we would go to a vineyard and a flower market and maybe to my parents mountain house (I’m romantic as shit)

Ellen: N’Awlins (For the regular people that’s New Orleans) This Po Boy place called Johnny’s or the one on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives and then I’d take her to Cafe Beignets then the aquarium! Cause it’s fucking lit

15. Sex On The Ceiling


*next day*

“Ah fuck,” I mumbled placing my finger in my mouth to stop the burning which didn’t help. I began to shake my hand as I mixed the food in the pot.

I wasn’t going to wait until the end of our little trip to ask Sev to officially be my girl that would be corny. Anyway I decided too cook for her since we weren’t going to any type of restaurants out here in Jersey. Besides mama taught me how to cook so why not put my skills to the test.

Once we came here last night Sev explained everything she had learned from her pops and on some real shit, that’s some fucked up shit. Not only did he step out on they moms but he had a secret child. It ain’t none of my business but I can still have an opinion right? That’s fucking foul and in no way shape or form do I want Sev to think I’ll put her through anything like her father explained. Though her moms ain’t here in the flesh but I do commend her on working things out.

From the way Sev explains her mom to me she’s like a queen and she should have been treated like one. I could only imagine how Rocky feels right now. I know if my pops did some shit like that to my mom we’d have to come to blows. My pops was in fact my right hand man but when it came to my mom no one could come close to her throne. She’s my number one lady, my queen and no one would ever be able to disrespect her. Especially while I’m around.

It’s just fucked up and I feel bad for Sev. Getting all this drama pilled up on her day after day. That’s one reason why I brought her out here, I could tell she was tired of everything. Number two reason as too why I’m cooking, she asleep on the couch right now.

“Two cups of water,” I read to myself

“What you in here burning up?” she asked with a smile on her face

“Yea right,” I smiled adding the two cups of water

“You cooking for me?” she asked

“I might be,” I shrugged turning to face her she shook her head running her hand across my stomach as she walked over to the pots.

“All you doing is boiling water Aug. I thought you told me your mom taught you how too cook,” she said while laughing I sucked my teeth

“She did and I’m not just boiling water, quit fooling” I said she chuckled and jumped up on the counter

“So how long you have this place?” she asked me

“This was my pops place he’s had this since I was like 13, this is where he taught me everything I need to know about being a Sinner,” I said looking at her she nodded

“He left this for me after he died and this was always my get away spot. After he died I spent like majority of my days here because I didn’t want to be around anybody. Nobody but me or pops could come here,” I paused

“You are the first person to ever see the inside of this place,” I said truthfully she began to blush and hide her face

“I’m that special?” she asked acting fake surprised which made me laugh

“Very special,” I said smoothly

“You never really actually told me much about your pops except for that he was a Sinner,” she said mixing the rice in the pot I turned my head slightly towards her

“What you wanna know?” I asked her

“Whatever you want to tell me,” she said I nodded and turned the stove to it’s lowest to avoid any burning while it cooked thoroughly and sat on the opposite counter in front of her.

“Picture me just older,” I started out as I caught her gaze and continued

“He was the man, everybody respected him from here all the way back to new awlins’. But he was a family man most importantly, although the streets is what kept money in his pockets he didn’t let that get to him. He was always very humble and never took shit from anybody. My pops was very tough but wore his heart on his sleeve, you could tell he cared about you even threw his bad boy ways,” I paused smiling

“He taught me to be just like him, especially when it came to women. He’d always tell me that women are queens and without them we wouldn’t have any purpose on this earth,” I said Sev smiled

“Your father was a very smart man,” she said I chuckled but nodded in agreement

“He made sure that no matter what I treated women with respect because that’s how he treated my mother and to never treat any women the way I wouldn’t want my mother to be treated,” I said

“I wish I could have met him,” Sev spoke up

“Me too, he would love ya ass for real and treated you like his second daughter. He hated Jenay but never ever showed it” I laughed

My pops warned me plenty of times to ditch her but I never really paid attention to it cause I was in love with her ass. I should have took that warning when he first gave it too me.

“I don’t even know how you dealt with it to be honest, she’s fucking annoying,” Sev said in an irritated tone

“I don’t either. I guess it’s cause I was a youngin and so sprung on her ass. But we ain’t even about to get into her,” I said shaking my head

“My pops was my best friend and I’d do anything to get him back,” I said as I went to check on the rice

I didn’t want this to be no type of depressing ass trip so I changed the subject.

“How’s your brother?” I asked her

“Why?” she raised her eyebrow I shrugged

“Just asking,” I said

“He’s cool now, he went to talk to our dad earlier I was surprised at his reaction to everything. I’m usually the one too storm out and he stays,”

“That’s because yall mom is his everything, whether she’s here or not he does not want to here she was cheated on by the man I’m sure he looks up too,” I said she huffed

“I don’t even want to talk about it. Is ya nasty ass food ready?” she asked me I sucked my teeth

“Ya ass gon be drooling in the next 3 minutes, but yea it’s ready.” I said turning off all the burners I had on.

“I’ll be the judge of this boy,” she said taking two plates and cups down. I laughed a bit as I glanced at her to see she had her eyes closed breathing in the fresh aroma the food let off.

“I can see the drool already, you over there in heaven and you ain’t even taste my food yet,” I teased she opened her eyes and smiled

“You are so corny just hurry up and share my food please,” she rolled her eyes playfully while pouring our drinks

“Iight come on,” I said carrying our plates into the living room as we settled on the floor in front of the coffee table.

This is where she wanted to eat for some odd reason. Grabbing the remote I began to search for something to watch.

“Oh there’s a Clippers game on put it,” she said taking a sip of her wine I raised my eyebrow at her

“Oh because I’m a girl I can’t watch ball?” she asked I chuckled

“Never said that but why not watch a Knicks game?” I asked

“Just because this is my home does not mean I’m a Knicks fan,” she said

“I figured cause ya New Yorkers go hard for ya home teams,” I said she bust out laughing

“You can talk that mess to Rocky but not me. The Clippers are my boys besides my baby Chris Paul plays on that team,” she said I sucked my teeth

“That nigga ain’t ya baby, I’m ya baby.” I corrected

“Aww you jealous? Don’t worry you number one,” she laughed kissing my cheek

“Who they playing?” I asked her

“Cavs,” she answered

“Oh my boy Kyrie, let’s go” I said punching in the channel

“I figured you would be a New Orleans fan,” she mimicked I laughed a bit

“I’m a Lakers fan, then the Cavs cause my boy Kyrie is a beast then a NOLA fan of course cause that is my home town,” I shrugged

“Well my boys winning just watch,” she said stuffing her face

“How the food taste?” I smirked

“You iight,” she joked I shook my head laughing as I ate my last scoop and pulled out my necessary supplies needed for this blunt I’m about too roll.


“What I tell you,” Sev yelled celebrating in my face I blew out smoke and chuckled shaking my head

“Ya just got lucky,”

“Na my boy did work but it’s okay though, they can always bounce back,” she tried too console me I wrapped my hand around her waist and pulled her into me. She settled down in between my legs and rested her head on my chest.

“I’ll find us a movie to watch,” she said grabbing the remote going through channels.

“This is my movie,” she squealed grabbing her wine glass I looked up too see The Best Man on the screen

“Typical,” I simply said

“Boy this is a classic,” she addressed as we both focused our attention on the movie

“Lucky,” she called out

“Amber,” I answered she sucked her teeth

“Your not upset with me so don’t call me that,” she said

“And your not any nigga on the street so don’t call me that,” I retorted back

“Tiffany calls you that, and she’s far from a nigga,” she shot back I laughed

“She’s the one who gave me that name,” I said back she faced me and folded her arms

“But I like that name,” she pouted I shook my head at her baby antics and gave in

“Iight you the only female besides Tiff and moms who can call me that,” I said she smiled and kissed me

“Thank you,” she said getting back in the spot she was in before

“Now let’s start over,” she said she is truly something else

“Lucky,” she called out

“Sev,” I answered

“Why did you really bring me out here?” she asked

“Cause I saw how stressed you were,” I answered giving half the truth


“And,” I repeated

“I’m serious,” she said looking up at me

“Iight but you gotta look at me,” I said she turned around to face me

“I brought you up here cause of that partially. But the other reason is because I wanted to be alone with you, without any interruptions because I have something to give you and ask you,” I said

“What?” she questioned I reached in my pocket and pulled out the promise ring I had brought her.

This gift right here was Tiff’s idea. One day here and she already all up in my relationship, wait till she see Chris and them.

“It’s a promise ring Sev, followed by me asking you to be my girl. It’s like real cliche to be sitting here reciting a bunch of promises to you but there are a few I need you to here among other things,” I said

“There was a point where I was about to give up on chasing you but I’m glad I didn’t. In the amount of time we’ve known each other you’ve become one of my best friends in which I want more from. You actually showed me that there are still good girls out here because for a minute I was screaming fuck love but you came in and changed that. I really don’t know what I’ve done to have you in my life but I’m glad you’re here,” I stopped to wipe her eyes

“You probably think I’m some big ass baby,” she said I bust out laughing

“Maybe a little,” I joked

“Na but seriously Sev I promise to treat with nothing but respect, never to hurt you, promise to love and treat you the way my moms and pops taught me,” I said she smiled

“I never had anyone treat me the way you treat me Aug for real and you know no questions asked I’ll be ya girlfriend,” she said I smiled as I placed the ring on her finger.

“It’s beautiful babe, thank you.” she said kissing me

“Your welcome,” I said looking at her hiding her face for like the 20th time tonight I placed my finger under her chin

“Stop,” I said looking into her eyes she nodded as we both moved in slowly too kiss each other

Breaking away from the kiss I smiled as she laughed and gripped on my curls coming back in for more. Laying her down on the floor I pulled away as she tried to catch her breath.

“You ready?” I asked her she nodded

“Na I need to hear it babe,” I instructed

“I’m ready,” she breathed out pecking my lips.


Running my fingers through his curls I bit my lip in pleasure as he sucked on my neck, while moans unexpectedly escaping my lips. Breathing uncontrollably while his cold bare hands touched my skin I looked down as he lifted my tank top slightly kissing my stomach.

Meeting me half way as I sat up he helped me out my tank and flinged it on the couch as I did the same with his. Pushing him back down on the floor I got on top of him kissing from his lips down to his neck, making a trail down his chest and stomach.

Reaching down to his basketball shorts he roughly grabbed both my arms pulling me up laying my upper body on the couch while he kissed all the way up to my inner thighs. I watched carefully as pulled both my shorts and underwear off.

Spreading both my arms out on the couch I arched my back once his lips met my pearl.

“Damn,” I whispered as his tongue flicked effortlessly against my clit.

“Shit Aug,” I moaned grinding my hips into his face

I squeezed my eyes tight as I felt myself reaching my climax.

“I don’t here you,” he mentioned in the most sexist I’ve ever heard him voice since knowing him.

That drove me crazy as I let out a fit of moans.

“I’m gonna cum,” I yelled out as I exploded into his mouth. My body jerked as I felt his lips still cleaning all the juices I just let go.

Sliding down off the couch I wrapped my hands around his neck as we engaged in another make out session. Taking my bra off he took his time sucking on both my breasts, I lay still on another planet while enjoying the pleasure I was receiving.

Placing my hands on his shorts he tugged at my lips and lightly slapped my hands away as he stood too his feet and watched in amazement as he took his shorts off. I grew nervous at the size of his member, but at the same time thanked god for blessing him.

Getting down on his knees I watched as he placed the condom over his member. He then turned me over on my stomach and began to trail kisses all down my back. I ran my fingers through my hair while biting down on my lip.

They way August has my body feeling right now was unimaginable. Placing his hands on my hips I knew he wanted me on my knees. Getting into position I moaned out as he entered me slowly.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned as I gripped onto the cushion of the couch

He placed kisses on my back as he pounded deep inside of me at a slow but pleasurable pace.

“This my shit right Sev?” he whispered in my ear throwing my ass back on him I answered “Na this my shit.” He chuckled and smacked my ass and started pumping at a faster pace.

“Imma ask you again. Is this my shit?” he asked ramming himself into me

“Oh fuck baby, yes this is yours baby. All yours,” I yelled out as I released on his dick.

Trying to catching my breath he flipped me on my back and lifted my leg placing it on his shoulder as he pounded himself inside me.

“Damn Sev,” he groaned as began to grind my hips into him

“Don’t stop,” I moaned as my eyes rolled to the back of my head

“Fuck,” he grunted as he went deeper arching my back off the floor I grabbed my breasts while I placed other hand on my clit and began to rub it in a circular motion.

“Ah shit,” I yelled out as I began to squirt

“Shit,” Aug whispered as he fucked me through my orgasm. I gripped whatever of the carpet I could as Aug pumped in and out of me

“Ah shit,” he groaned while throwing his head back. Pulling out of my he grabbed his basketball shorts and pulled out another condom and placed it on.

It was my turn though. Pushing him down on the floor I wasted no time lowering myself onto him.

“Oh damn baby,” I moaned placing my hands on his chest while riding him.

“Fuck,” Aug grunted

Clenching my walls around his dick I watch as he clenched his jaw and quickly slapped my thighs.

“Don’t do that shit,” he gritted ignoring his demand I continued to clench my walls around him as I rode him down into the floor

“Ah fuck Sev let that shit go,” he groaned I smiled as I continued and leaned over to kiss him.

He dug his fingernails into my lower back while we engaged in a make out session. Tugging on his bottom lip he wrapped his arms around my waist and began to pump inside of me

“Oh fucking shit babe,” I yelled out

“Fuck Sev let go,” he instructed, I did as told and went into what might be my third orgasm of the night. Rolling off of him I lay on my back as we both tried to catch out breath.

“You knew tonight would be your lucky night?” I smirked looking over at him he chuckled

“I knew,” he answered confidently

I smiled getting back on top of him getting ready to pick back up where we left off. Second round of many more to come for the night.