Good for You

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by AwkwardTiming

It’s a Wednesday afternoon and really there’s nothing else going on, so Bittle lets himself be talked into a drinking game with the Haus mates and some friends. It’s sort of truth or dare and sort of spin the bottle and only sometimes seven minutes in heaven and it’s going pretty well until Jack walks in at the wrong (right) time and, well.

Words: 3726, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

awkwardtime replied to your post: So this is your message of the day. It’s gonna be TOTALLY AWESOME. Like Darren Criss as Harry Potter and Lauren Lopez a Draco Malfoy. She’s a really good Malfoy y’know? Like TOTALLY AWESOME…..wanna know what else is TOTALLY AWESOME? Unicorns….Unicorns are TOTALLY AWESOME….I really like their horns…oh and when they poop skittles come out…yeah….Unicorns are TOTALLY AWESOME! I’ve always wanted to pet a unicorn…but they only come to virgins with vaginas…and I don’t have a vagina…BUT I AM A VIRGIN!….if I wasn’t…it wouldn’t be TOTALLY AWESOME….i would feel like a manslut….and I am not a manslut…you wanna know who is a manslut? William Schuester…i mean think about it,…Terri and Shelby and Emma and April….he is a manslut….but he is really hot so it makes him TOTALLY AWESOME….well that wraps up your message for the day…I hope you thought it was TOTALLY AWESOME (the message of the day was brought to you by the phrase TOTALLY AWESOME)

No….not at all actually O>O

Are you stoned?