A New Sherlock Convention

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Hi all!

So, after seeing many of our beloved conventions begin to close their doors and/or go on indefinite hiatus, a few of us have been kicking around the idea of starting a new Sherlock Convention altogether! We’ve been so sad to see so many wonderful events end and don’t want to lose any more opportunities to gather together as a fandom and celebrate the things we love! While our ideas are still in the works, we want to make this a very inclusive event where you can come celebrate the shows, movies, comics, ships and fandoms you love. Writers, artists, cosplayers, fans and everything in between are welcome! We plan to have lots of panels, costume contests, drinking games, dance parties, artists alley, the works. While this is going to be Sherlock Holmes centered, we do plan to also include events for other beloved fandoms (i.e Yuri On Ice, Check Please, Eyewitness, Marvel Universe, etc). We’ll be asking for more advice on those once we get times/days/places nailed down.

We are fully aware of how much work and commitment this would take and while we are in the early stages of planning, we think we could really make it work with the right support! So we would LOVE to get started on asking for help from our fellow fandom members now! We are considering doing the actual convention in the north/northeastern states of the U.S (Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc.) where some of us are located and are currently scouting out areas to hold the convention at.

If you are in these areas and/or can travel easily to these areas for the actual event and would be interested in helping this new Sherlock Con come alive, we’d love to hear from you! Please send me a message if you have interest in becoming part of our staff and/or volunteering, and I will add you to our Tumblr group. If you are interested in attending this event and/or want to help get the word out, please like and/or reblog as well as signal boost for all our fellow Sherlockians!

*Anyone with convention planning experience as well would be a major help!*

Thank you all very much and we are so excited to make this happen!

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any johnlock fic recs? Thanks :)

BOIIIIIIIIII you came to the right place

these are basically all of my favorites and go to fics 

Forces of Nature by  @ewebie

this is my favorite fic and its unilock and just ajdhfskjghs its my favorite eVER

Home by Bakerbitches

Songfic based on home by ewdard sharp and the magnetic zeros its beautiful and teenlock :,-)

Idle Hands by @kinklock 

“While working as a video sign language interpreter for the deaf, John’s last client of the day asks him to interpret a highly unusual call.(aka deaf Sherlock wants to call a phone sex hotline AU)”

aka this fic is fantastic read it

Paper Hearts by  testosterone_tea 

“ Sherlock is the loner kid that has no friends, and is certain that his interest in popular rugby player John Watson is unrequited. One day, he starts getting hearts in his locker from a mysterious admirer and has to decide whether or not he wants to find out who fancies him. “ TEENLOCK AND ITS SO PURE 

Madhouse Symphony by  GubraithianFire ( @girljohn)

“ Sherlock and Victor have been together for six years (since they were bloody fourteen) when they break up. Sherlock needs a place to go, and since he doesn’t want to tell his parents he broke up with their favourite in-law, the only solution seems like getting a flat share. The cheapest solution is a shabby flat, close to his uni and already inhabited by four other broke students. Among them there’s the charming John Watson, and it’s love at first sight. But is it wise getting together with your fresh new roommate? And living together this early isn’t like skipping seven relationship steps all at once? “ boiiiiiiiiii  thiS FIC!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!1!!!1!!!1!!!!!!! 

The Baby Project by Tooselin ( still in progess but updated regularly and already fantastic)

“ John and Sherlock are assigned to look after a baby simulator together. While the parental sensitivity is slow to come, feelings of a different kind are definitely sprouting between them…” ITS SO GOOD LITERALLY its everyones dream ending to these terrible assignments 

Anatomy Lessons  by @awkwardtiming

  “ John has an exam to pass and Sherlock, in an effort to be a Good Friend, decides to try to help…..” literally ohmygod 7k of beautiful 

Seven Minutes by Emily_MC

“accidentally swapped phones with someone at a party and don’t realize until their mom calls in the morning and when you go to her house to return the phone wow the kid is the really good kisser from the party last night” AUexcept I changed mom to brother and i made them friends before…”YALL KNOW I LOVE CLICHES

7 Minutes by Salambo06 ( @letthechoirssing)

yes another cliche bUT THIS ONE WAS WRITTEN FOR ME AND OH MY GOD PAULINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Blond Barista Seeks Dashing Ballet Dancer: Inquire Within by @prettysherlocksoldier

honestly holy shit anything written by Dani #1 is going to make your heart explode but this one specifically 

“ Between classes, his job at a local cafe, and being captain of the rugby team, John Watson’s life is plenty stressful enough without the addition of a mysterious ballet dancer he can see through the windows of the dance studio across the street, but, somehow, he can’t bring himself to mind.” 

i have so many more but im tired but these are my top fics!! love you all and all the fic writers out there thank you for everything! 

awkwardtime replied to your post: So this is your message of the day. It’s gonna be TOTALLY AWESOME. Like Darren Criss as Harry Potter and Lauren Lopez a Draco Malfoy. She’s a really good Malfoy y’know? Like TOTALLY AWESOME…..wanna know what else is TOTALLY AWESOME? Unicorns….Unicorns are TOTALLY AWESOME….I really like their horns…oh and when they poop skittles come out…yeah….Unicorns are TOTALLY AWESOME! I’ve always wanted to pet a unicorn…but they only come to virgins with vaginas…and I don’t have a vagina…BUT I AM A VIRGIN!….if I wasn’t…it wouldn’t be TOTALLY AWESOME….i would feel like a manslut….and I am not a manslut…you wanna know who is a manslut? William Schuester…i mean think about it,…Terri and Shelby and Emma and April….he is a manslut….but he is really hot so it makes him TOTALLY AWESOME….well that wraps up your message for the day…I hope you thought it was TOTALLY AWESOME (the message of the day was brought to you by the phrase TOTALLY AWESOME)

No….not at all actually O>O

Are you stoned?

theglitterypotato-deactivated20  asked:

Thank zombielock ficlet was AMAZING!!! Now I want more halloweenlock! I just love Halloween!

Awwwww thank you! 

You are ON for a Halloween challenge! In fact, how much do I want this to happen? THIS MUCH:

Welcome to Halloweenlock 2015

I’m making this as open as humanly possible (while still staying within the realms of the Sherlockian). I trust we will all play nicely together in the spirit of the season:

A themed collection of Halloweenish, spooky, horror, horror comedy, fall-seasonal stories, art, or what have you based on BBC Sherlock, ACD Holmes, or any related Sherlockian works. All additions to this collection are most welcome! All ships and rare pairs welcome.

That’s right. All ships. It’s Halloween. I’m not gonna tell you you can’t ship it.  

Write the thing, post it to A03, and add it to this collection. No time limits but maybe before Halloween would be cool? I’m not moderating this exactly–anyone can post to this collection–but I will promo everyone who writes for it unless you’re dickish or trolling in an unamusing manner. (Amusing trolls will receive extra promotion, this is Halloween, after all.) 

Note I’m going to be away for a couple of weeks shortly so that would be a really great time to slip in naughty or extra rude / objectionable stuff. 

Above all, as always, if you want to play but you aren’t sure you’d be welcome, you will be. If you need an extra nudge, cuddle, kick in the pants, or virtual chocolate to push you over the edge, let me know!

If I’ve left anyone out of the following ping list, this is 100% unintentional so assume you’re invited please, I love you desperately.

Repinging the usual suspects:

jamlockk cleverwholigan theglitterypotato ewebie fleurdelis221b monikakrasnorada iamjohnlocked4life hudders-and-hiddles intensitycity 

and also, in case you’re feeling extra inspired to write some fic (no pressure, but you know, you should) 

hotdiggitydollie queenmab3 hopelesslybenaddicted

and of course brollylock alum

heimishtheidealhusband iwantthatbelstaffanditsoccupant giveusakiss413 hubblegleeflower stellamira1936 notidiotproofed librarylock cakepopsforeveryone awkwardtiming and ANYONE else who wants to play.