funny story though my friend’s brother came over tonight and i always talk mad shit so i was talking to my friend about how he was cute and they’re twins so you know they always share everything and I always talk mad shit because losing face in my culture is a big deal, SO HE’S UNDER THE IMPRESSION THAT I’M DOWN. and he met my boyfriend. he knew i had a boyfriend. but he’s under the impression that “we’re not good together” and so he tried to kiss me and I literally swerved that shit so hard that I just like leaned way the fuck back going “NOPE NOPE NOPE GREAT TO SEE YOU AGAIN BYEEE” WHILE HOLDING THIS LITTLE BITCH LIKE 5 POUND DOG OF MINE AND THEN JUST RAN THE FUCK OFF and it was amazing because my room mate was just standing in the hall watching the whole thing and she lost her shit it was great