awkwardness with caroline

Here, There, and Everywhere

Prompt by eternal-steroline-flameAfter turning their humanities back on, Caroline wants to remain strictly friends with Stefan, but Stefan asks for one last kiss. If the kiss means something, than they become more than friends. (Some added fluff for the anon and my own pleasure).

They had not spoken in weeks. She left the B&B and he didn’t stop her. He wanted to, of course. He wished that he could have grabbed her hand and told her everything he’d be holding in since their kiss, or maybe even before that. He wasn’t sure when he’d fallen in love with Caroline Forbes. It was so slow and so simple, perhaps the way love should always be. Yet, he didn’t stop her. It took everything he had to just stand there and let her walk away because their timing wasn’t right. He had told himself an endless amount of times that with Caroline, it would be perfect. They would talk and they would be together. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some day.  

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I was asked to post some of my ships, and well I couldn’t just pick a few. Lol.
They all have a story, something that shows me anything is possible. They all show me that you don’t have to be perfect, don’t have to love each other every second of the day. They show me what true love is.

ok but like imagine Stefan seeing Caroline in her dress and asking her to save a dance for him. Imagine the wedding getting ruined or derailed or something that would stop Steroline from dancing together. Imagine Stefan coming to Caroline’s dorm as soon as possible after everything quiets down to dance with her. Imagine them slow dancing together in her room without any music. It’s awkward at first but Caroline says something to make Stefan smile and suddenly they’re both laughing and dancing and because the tension is broken they can finally talk about their relationship and everything that’s happened between them. This isn’t going to happen but imagine.

Dinner for Two

The you’re my waiter and I’m on a bad date AU.

“Hello, sweetheart. I’m Klaus, and I’ll be serving you this evening.” Caroline looked up from where she was fidgeting with her napkin in her lap to see that her waiter’s looks matched his voice, dirty blonde curls, full lips curved into a sinful smile, and deep blue eyes. “Would you like anything while you wait for your boyfriend?”

“My awkward blind date,” Caroline blurted the correction out. “I mean, just a water for now please.” 

“Fantastic,” Klaus smirked. 

“Hello, are you Caroline?” Caroline startled from watching Klaus walk back to the kitchens at the sound of her name. “I’m Alaric.” Caroline’s eyes widened when she took in the sight of a man twice her age. What was Elena thinking?

“Hi. Yes, I’m Caroline,” Caroline stuttered out as Alaric took his seat.

“I’m so pleased that Elena was able to set this up,” Alaric said as he looked at Caroline admiringly.

“So, how do you um, know Elena?” Caroline asked.

“Well, we go back a long way. I actually taught at her high school, and am an old family friend,” Alaric replied vaguely.

“Old family friend?” Caroline questioned. She had been to tons of Elena’s family events since they had been roommates for the past few years, sharing an apartment in the city with their mutual friend Bonnie, and she had never heard of him before.

Alaric cleared his throat awkwardly, “Well I dated her Aunt. But that was a lifetime ago.”

Caroline was spared having to answer when Klaus returned with her water. “What may I get you all this evening?” he said politely to them both with a straight face but Caroline bristled when she noticed how his eyes positively gleamed with amusement. They both quickly placed their orders, although Caroline glared at Klaus for good measure.

“So how long have you been teaching?” Caroline asked.

“Well I actually have been teaching at the college level for the past seven years, and before that it was high school. I love the job, and the…”

“So were you Elena’s high school teacher?” Caroline interrupted bluntly.

“Yes, and I actually teach at her college alma mater as well,” Alaric replied.

Caroline changed the subject with a forced smile, “So what do you like to do? Any fun hobbies?”

“Not much time for anything else besides taking care of my beautiful twin daughters,” Alaric said lovingly. “Would you like to see some pictures?” and with that he whipped out his wallet and flipped to pictures of his daughters, who were quite adorable. 

“They’re beautiful,” Caroline said sweetly.

“They really need a mother,” Alaric said meaningfully. Caroline eyes widened, and she gulped down some water.

“Sweetheart, you have a call. Sounds important. Please come with me,” Klaus said seriously. 

Caroline jumped up in alarm, “Please excuse me,” she said to Alaric as she quickly followed Klaus to the back of the restaurant, and out of Alaric’s view. “Did they say who it was?” Caroline asked a bit nervously.

“It’s just me, love. There is no call. You can go and I’ll get rid of him,” Klaus said.

“Thank you,” Caroline said softly, beyond relieved and grateful.

“You’ll need this too love,” Klaus pressed a crumpled paper into her hand, lingering to hold her hand as he closed her fingers around it.

“What is it? My check?”

“My number,” Klaus said with a smirk.