awkwardly attracted to

I see posts like if you are a WOMAN attracted RUBY ROSE then you are not a LESBIAN because she is GENDERFLUID and I’m like hmm, that creates a weird quantum dependency between attraction and gender identity.

See you in the club and think damn, that person is hot. But wait, I don’t know their gender identity, which means my own sexuality is now a mystery to me!

Awkwardly, you are also attracted to me, and feel your gender identity shifting to take into account this new and unforeseen attraction! Except you don’t know my gender identity, leaving you stranded in ambiguity.

Tragically we lose sight of each other in the crowd, and never see each other again, leaving our sexualities indeterminate for all time.

Seeing Him With Another Girl || Brooklyn Beckham

Anon: Heyyyyy, I love your writing could you please do a Imagine were you dating *insert boy* and you go to a party and a girl is all over him and you get sad and leave, and he doesn’t realise then he comes over the next day and you can finish the rest. Thanks! Btw could you do it with Brooklyn Beckham or Hayes Grier or do two separate ones :) sorry I know this is a lot to ask.

Hey there, babes (maybe even guys, I don’t know). Here another image about Brooks ^^. Okay, I’m keeping my talk short ‘cause my laptop is being so slow. Hope you like it. Xoxo


The loud music penetrated inside my ears and I began, somewhat lonely, to search for my friends. We were invited to some frat party at some boy’s house. I walked my way through the dancing crowed toward the kitchen, expecting my friends to be there. When I entered the kitchen, I saw everybody standing there with a red cup in their hands.

“Hey, guys. Sorry I’m late, had to take the bus and ugh. You know the crap,” I excused myself. I looked around the circle of friends and saw that someone was missing. “Where’s Brooklyn?”

Jay shrugged. “Should be hooking up with some blond girl already,” he smirked.

I sent him an annoyed look.

“Hm, funny, Jay. Very funny.”

I looked up when I heard Brooklyn’s familiar voice and smiled at him. He smiled back chilly.

“I didn’t. But some blond stopped my tracks and got my attention.” A smirk was plastered on his face and the guys began yelling at him. “Yeah, but I had to blew her off, though.”

I rolled my eyes and grabbed a red cup from the counter. “I really need some alcohol. Had a really busy week.” I poured some vodka in the cup and drank it all in once.

“Woah there, girl. Calm down with the vodka.” Fay took my cup from me.

“No! Give it back to me! I want more.”

“You can get more later tonight, okay?” Jay looked at me warningly and worried.

I just shrugged it off. “Promise?”

“Promise.” A sigh left Jay’s mouth and he gave me my empty cup.

Jay was my best friend and he knew about me crushing on Brooklyn. He thought it was cute. Though he didn’t want me to be in a relationship with Brooklyn. Brooklyn was a boy who played girls’ hearts and Jay wanted to protect me from that.

I slowly stumbled toward Jay and wrapped my arm around his waist.

“What’s the matter, princess?” Jay watched me, chuckling.

I chuckled back. “I just missed you. I haven’t seen you in two weeks. We’ve only spoke to each other through the phone.”

“You used to call me on my sell phone,” Fay began to sing so I burst out laughter.

“Oh, stop. You silly,” I smirked. I felt myself getting more loose and grabbed Jay’s hand. “Come, dance with me.”

“Are you already drunk because of that little bit of vodka?” Jay looked suspiciously at me.

“No, of course not. I’m just having fun,” I smiled. I looked at Jay sharply so he got me and walked with me toward the living room.


I laughed out loud when Brandon told some story. No, I still wasn’t drunk. After that shot of vodka, I haven’t drank anything. Just some coke without Bacardi.

“Okay, let’s do some truth or dare.” Nina looked around the circle of people, smirking and waiting for people to agree. Everybody agreed. “Okay, (Y/N). Truth or dare?”

I smirked. “Dare, of course.”

“An easy one, go dance with Brooklyn. Ten minutes.”

I just shrugged and stood up. Brooklyn followed me toward the ‘dance floor’ and began to dance. Brooklyn rested his hands on my hips and danced to the music, pulling me with him.


“You know, you’re actually a really nice girl. Even though you’re a brunette,” yelled Brooklyn in my ear.

I looked at him indignantly. “Am I supposed to thank you?”

Brooklyn chuckled. “I didn’t mean it like that. You’re really nice. I think I’m starting to like you.”

“In what way,” I laughed, feeling a little nervous already.

“In an ‘I-think-you’re-really-pretty’-way.” Brooklyn pulled back a bit so he could look at me, grinning.

A smile crossed my face and I shut my eyes down for a second before I looked up at him again. “I like you too.”

“Of course you do!” he shouted laughing. I rolled my eyes and playfully pushed him. “Hey, do you want something to drink?” I nodded. “Coke?” I nodded again. “Okay, I’ll be right back. Stay here, beautiful.”

My smile widened while I watched Brooklyn making his way to the kitchen. I walked back to the couch where the rest of our friends was and sat down next to Fay.

“So, that weren’t ten minutes, girl.” Fay smirked at me and I rolled my eyes while I laughed.

“I know, does it matter?”

“Of course it does. Tell me, what did he say to you, you were all blushing and giggling.”

I smiled slightly. “He told me he was starting to like me. So I said that I liked him too.”

“Why would you say that.” Jay looked at my with a straight face.

“Because I do like him? Duh.”

“Hm, you know what I mean,” chuckled Jay while he rolled his eyes at me. “Anyways, I’m gonna search for Vanessa. See you guys later. Text me when we’re going home.”

After Jay left to search for his girlfriend, I stood up, too. “Alright, I’m going to look for Brooklyn. He said he was getting us something to drink.” Fay nodded and went talking with some boy.

When I entered the kitchen, I wished I didn’t look for Brooklyn. He was leaning against the counter and was kissing passionately with some blond girl. A loud gasp left my mouth. Brooklyn immediately pushed the girl away from him, but when he saw me his eyes were full of relieve. Ouch. I shook my head that it was okay, turned around and went back to Fay while I sent Jay and Vanessa a text. I wanted to go home.


*Next Day


I tiredly shuffled toward the front door to open it. Somebody had rang the doorbell for ten minutes, nonstop.

Being all cranky, I opened the door and looked past the person who was standing in front of me, not knowing who it was. “Wasn’t it clear enough that I’m not in the mood for any company?” I snapped.

“(Y/N),” stammered a familiar voice.

I looked up. I stared straight into Brooklyn’s eyes. “Brooklyn,” I mumbled. “Look, I’m very tired so keep it short. What are you doing here?” I really wasn’t in the mood.

“I wanted to talk about yesterday,” he began and he faced me with guilty eyes. As if I was in the mood for an excuse for his sweet words from yesterday, that they weren’t true and that he secretly had a girlfriend.

“Talk,” I mumbled while I closed my eyes and ran a hand through my hair. “Wait, come in. “I’m not in the mood to stand here either.” Let’s say, I wasn’t in the mood for anything. With dislike, I opened the door further so Brooklyn could come in. I walked in front of him toward the living room and didn’t even ask if he’d like something to drink. “Now, talk.” I looked at him, stolid, while I pulled my legs up on the couch. I totally forgot about me wearing only an oversized sweater. My legs were bare. I coughed awkwardly, what attracted Brooklyn’s attention. His cheeks turned pink and he leaned with his elbows on his knees in the loveseat diagonal in front of me.

“I’m an idiot,” he said after a short moment of silence. I didn’t disagree. “I shouldn’t have kissed that stupid girl while I was busy with you.” I raised my eyebrows. He saw me as an object. “No, wait. That sounded very stupid. Let me say it again.” He went silent again. “I shouldn’t have kissed that blond at all. I meant what I said yesterday, I really, really like you, (Y/N).”

I raised my eyebrows at him again, speechless. “Okay,” I mumbled with effort.

“Okay?” mumbled Brooklyn and he looked at me with an emotion I couldn’t recognize. “That’s all you have to say? Okay?”

I sighed. “Look, Brooklyn, what do you expect me to say? We’ve never really talked until yesterday. Gosh, I don’t even know if we are friends or not. You never gave me the feeling that you felt like talking to me while you always talked so easily with the others. I always thought, and I still think, that you kind of hate me for no reason.”

Brooklyn’s eyes widened a bit. “No! No- I mean- Look, (Y/N), I’ve liked you for a very, very long time. And when that girl came with that stupid dare yesterday, I saw that as a perfect opportunity to talk to you. I never really knew how or what to talk about with you. I never really knew you, and I still don’t really know you. But I getting somewhere and now I totally screwed up by kissing some stupid blond who was annoying me. She asked me to kiss her and I asked her if I kissed her she’d stop to irritate me. She said yes, so I kissed her. I’m so sorry.” He looked helplessly at me, though I sent him a stolid look back. He nodded slightly. “Well, at least now I know I’ve screwed my chanced with you.”

A small smile appeared on my face. “Actually, not.”

He faced me, surprised. “You don’t hate me?”

I lachte. “Gosh, Brooklyn, no. Of course not.”

“Well,” he grinned slightly, “may I ask you on a date, then?”

I grinned back. “Of course.”

“And may I say that you look totally hot in that oversized sweater?”

“No you may not. That’s forbidden zone for you, honey.”

Brooklyn smirked and took a seat next to me. He softly pulled my toward him and I placed both my legs over his lap so I still sat on the couch with my bum.

“You called me honey, sweetheart.”

“I know.”


I hope you liked your imagine, Anon ^^

Meeting Tom

Originally posted by tomhollanddaily

Mini-flashback to when the reader met Tom. 

#1, #2, #4, #5, #6, #7


“Look, I understand that this adjustment has been difficult for you, but you can’t continue to lock yourself up in this room! I know that failing your most recent exam really affected your mood, but you can’t continue to let this affect your health, Y/N.”

“You’re right… I know. It’s just – it’s just difficult because I studied so hard for this… and I don’t want to fail again…”

“Sweetheart… I get it – I do – but you can’t stay holed up in here! Let’s go dancing or shopping or whatever you want,” your roommate continued. She hated seeing you bummed out, but she knew that what you needed was to get out for a bit, even if it meant facing some cold weather.

“I don’t know…” you replied. “I’m not feeling it.”

“And that’s exactly why this is the best idea ever. We’ll just go out for an hour – tops – and come back and catch up on all the shitty tv you want.”

“…Alright… But one hour only! It’s too cold outside to do anything outside for too long,” you conceded. And you honestly weren’t that thrown off – your roommate had always managed to help you get out of your head and you definitely appreciated them for it.

“So where are going?,” you obviously also wanted some idea of what to prepare yourself for.

“We’ll figure it out as we go along, yeah?”

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Father!Gabe headcanons

Gabe is the kinda dad to make replicas of his kids selfies with whatever he’s got

Gabe awkwardly flirts with the Attractive Ones™️ even when his kids are around. Especially when his kids are around

he makes embarrassing posts on social media and tags them in it

Gabe is overall a Good Dad™️ and protects the bbys with his life


Request: Can I have a really fluffy KevinXReader story???

Request:  Can I request a one shot with Kevin tran. And he likes the reader? And maybe dean likes her too but she doesn’t know either of them do but they both do. And its just a constant competition and she ends up with one of them?

Request:  Hey! I love your blog and I was wondering if you could do a one shot where the reader is kind of chubby and self conscious and loves Archery and has glasses and this is kind of like the mind reading one but instead she likes Kevin and kevin gets hit with a mind reading spell and he can hear the readers thoughts and all he hears is just really bad puns that the reader is thinking but the reader is a huge nerd like loves Harry Potter and doctor who and is a tumblr nerd and stuff?

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Ashley Purdy: The Personal Trainer

Warning: Sexy bathtime smut ;)

Word Count: 1,972

Requested by Anon: Can you do an Ashley imagine where you’re trying to tone up and convince Ash into being your personal trainer and its intense but you power through and after you guys have a bath together? x

Standing in front of your bedroom mirror, in your favourite pair of white underwear, you scrutinised your appearance, feeling okay with your progress but not entirely satisfied. You’d been trying to work on your physique for months now, in hope you could obtain a similar, yet more feminine, lean, healthy, and strong body like your boyfriend Ashley had had ever since you first met him.

Throughout your time together you had watched him go through his occasional routine that seemed to keep him fit, and keep you on the edge of your seat each time you watched. Seeing him stretched out or flexing his muscles in various positions with his tanned skin glistening in sweat, working hard and constantly edging himself on, made you feel both proud and increasingly turned on. Seeing him execute push-up after push-up made you think of the things he did in bed with you screaming his name beneath him.  His arms stayed strong to wrap around you afterwards and keep you safe from the night. His chest was the perfect place for you to rest your head, and his abs seemed divided perfectly into sections that added an extra something to the tattoo that crossed over them. You’d traced the word ‘Outlaw’ many times before, letting your hand trail down his centre, teasing him when you really shouldn’t be, but you couldn’t help yourself. You appreciated him for everything that he was, inside and out, and you knew he loved you the same way, and inevitably you both had a heavy desire for one another, but sometimes you wished for a little more. You wanted him to crave you the exact same way you did for him every time you watched him work out, so you made a scheming plan, that could satisfy both your desire for him to desire you and for a toned body that he wouldn’t be able to resist tracing the defined lines of, just like you had done with him.

The next morning, after you had made your decision to ask Ashley for some help with training, you sat in the lounge room, dressed in black tights, a loose t-shirt and new sports bra, and your favourite pair of runners, with your hair tied back in a slightly messy ponytail. When Ashley came out of the room you shared, in nothing but black shorts and runners, his confusion left as quickly as it had arrived, and was replaced with understanding as he scanned your attire and exaggerated grin. He chuckled, shaking his head from side to side, 

“Come on then.” he said as he gestured casually with his index finger for you to follow him to his workout space. You were taken aback that your slightly stubborn boyfriend didn’t even question your motives, not even teasingly. You began to rant. 

“Aren’t you going to ask why? Or what? Or how? Or When? I was prepared for some persuading and, Ashley, I swear I can—“ 

“Please, [Y/N], I know what you want,” he turned around to face you, raising an eyebrow as he stared you down, “You don’t actually think that I haven’t noticed the way you watch me. I’m not saying that I show off to get a reaction, but I kinda do enjoy the reaction I get… the frustration drippin’ from your lips, babe. You wanna feel pretty Purdy’s muscles, every single long, hard muscle” He winked, sticking his tongue out cheekily, and held his arms up flexing his biceps while thrusting his pelvis back and forth, and you laughed hysterically at the non-discrete and overly confident speech he just blessed you with, and the awkwardly attractive sexual gestures he was making with naughty intentions. Sometimes he was a real nutcase, an adorable nutcase, and you couldn’t deny how much you loved it, but you decided to play it cool, you wanted to work out, not seduce him or be seduced.

“Seriously Ash, I just want you to help me out. I just wanna tone-up a little.” You pinched your belly and gave him your best puppy-dog eyes, “You’re good at what you do and I need your help, please?”

He looked slightly disappointed as he mumbled softly under his breath

“Damn right I’m good at what I do…” then with a sigh he went to put some music on, after skipping through a few songs he finally stuck with [song choice is up to you]. He then turned around walked over to you, placing his hands gently on each hip, guiding you to the centre of the workout space. You stayed silent and obedient as he began issuing orders,

“Right, so legs straight as possible, and reach to touch your toes.” You did as you were told. He took a step back from behind you and the silence was so intense you could hear his heavy breathing. Wait! Why was he breathing so hard?

“Ash…?” you broke the silence.

“Huh?? Oh yeah, right … um… okay now get on your hands and knees cross your ankles and do a couple push-ups for me love.”

As you got into the position he requested, you asked “How many exactly?” slightly annoyed at the lack of participation and concentration on the task at hand. You thought he’d be doing the work out with you.

“Uh… just whenever I tell you to stop.” This was starting to get slightly annoying. 

“Right!” you snapped and began pushing yourself to the ground and back up again. Maybe if he saw how enthusiastic you were going to be he would snap out of his daze.

“Yeah that’s nice [Y/N], keep that up…” he said from behind you.

After a couple of minutes your arms began to feel a bit weak, and you started moaning with each push, still determined to keep going until he willed you to stop, but between your moans and groans, which were gradually getting louder as the burning in your biceps increased, you could hear Ashley trying to stifle his own moans. You suddenly stopped and flicked your head around to see what the hell he was doing, was he doing push-ups too? 

You gasped and fell down on your ass, facing him in surprise. 

“Ashley! What the fuck!?” you squealed, stifling a giggle. He was just standing there groping his hardened crotch.

“What do you mean what the fuck… you’re hot when you’re trying to act tough, and besides seeing you from this angle is perfection, I couldn’t help myself,” he looked down at the bulge in his shorts guiltily, “Sorry for being attracted to you, gosh!” he said sarcastically and then began to storm away from you.

“Nooo, no, no, no… come back here!” you chased after him. As you caught up to him you jumped on to his back causing him to laugh at your sudden physicality but nonetheless stopping him in his tracks and in his train of thought, which is what you intended to do.

“I need you, please Purdy?” you planted a kiss on his neck, “Come help meee! And maybe instead of watching you can actually show me.” you said grinning into him, knowing he wouldn’t resist.

“Fuck, fine.” he gave in and you dropped from his back with a over-excited “Yay!” as you ran back to the workout space with him sauntering behind you. He still looked a bit uptight and unsure of the situation so you decided to ease the tension a little… by removing your top. “I’d think it be easier to manoeuvre in less clothing.” His eyes widened.

“Baby girl, why exactly do you want to tone up and do this workout thing so much? You’re a very Purdy (pretty) girl, a stunning woman, a work of art. I don’t understand.” he sounded honestly confused. “Guess he doesn’t care whether I’m fit or not.” you thought to yourself. But still, you wanted to try this, just once. 

“Ashley, I just want to try… I just want… I want you to see me the way I … I see you.” you stuttered trying to find the words to truly explain how you felt. He walked over to you at that moment, and planted the sweetest kiss on your lips, making you shiver and smile. 

“Let’s do this then.” he said with a determined grin.

He walked you through his workout, guiding your body into the correct position for each step, making sure you didn’t hurt yourself. Some of the workouts were really difficult, but you had him there encouraging you and supporting you, and when you finally finished an hour later you felt completely satisfied with your effort, and apparently Ashley was pretty pleased too.

“Well done Kitten, you worked your ass off.” he said as he made his way to the bathroom, slapping your ass in the process.

“Hey!” you yelped and after a brief pause you yelled out after him “Wanna continue working out, but this time we can do it a different way…”

“Now that’s what I’m talking about!” he replied, “Get your butt in here.” he roared from the bathroom as he began running water in the excessively large tub.

After stripping out of your sweaty clothes you both climbed in the warm bubbly water. He sat leaning against the luxurious white porcelain, and you placed your slippery self on top of him, kneeling either side of his thighs, and holding his head in your hand tilting it upwards so you could kiss him, your other hand resting on his shoulder, your back arch in what you hoped was a sexy pose. He placed his hands on your hips, digging his fingers into you so you didn’t slip away, and pulled you down onto him and you felt his erection slide way too easily inside you, the hot water was making everything more intense and instant, you could feel him throbbing as he slowly pulled himself in and out of you. It was intensely quiet up to that point, with only the sound of the water moving around your bodies, but you suddenly let out a short half-sigh. You were unaware that you had been holding your breath, and the sound you made seem to unleash the desire deep within Ashley that you had longed for. He began grunting as he pushed harder and deeper in to you, his arm muscles tensing with each thrust as he pulled you down more and more. 

“Turn around you naughty girl.” he whispered in your ear and you quickly splashed your self around and just as you were facing the opposite way you felt his hands on either side of your ass guiding you onto his throbbing self yet again, except this time the movement wasn’t slow, it was urgent, and he stabbed into you with an excruciatingly pleasant pain causing you to moan out loud enough that it echoed off the bathroom walls. His hands were now on both your breasts, squeezing as he bounced you up and down faster and harder causing you both to moan and squeeze your eyes shut in pleasure. He bit your shoulder and slid one of his hands down to your soft spot, massaging it in time with each thrust, and after four, each more increasingly deeper and harder into you, yet at a slower pace, you let yourself cum in time with him, both of you relaxing your muscles all out once and letting out a sigh of complete exhaustion and satisfaction. You leaned back against him, resting your head next to his, with a smile playing on your lips.

“Thanks instructor Purdy.”

“Feel the burn baby.” he replied, and you stayed in the warm bath until you both could be bothered moving again. “What a fucking great work out.” you thought to yourself.

BTS On Stripper Poles:

Jin: *puts on make up and wears a perfect outfit* *dances around the pole and barely does anything* *makes the second most tips*

V: *shakes butt and laughs awkwardly* *attracts only the ladies and awkward creepy guy*

J-Hope: *spins around the pole and does intense hip hop moves that no one understands*

Jimin: *works the pole like a pro and gets the most tips*

Suga: *bounces head to rap music* Swag is life *someone gives him tip and tells him to go into a new proffession*

Rap Monster: *tries but stops* something is hanging… I don’t like this… *holds crotch awkwardly*

Jungkook: *does routine perfectly with a serious face* *others watch in awe*

Niall Smut: History Repeats Itself

Requested by anon. P.S. Niall really seems like that one kid in school who somehow mastered History lessons and remembered all the dates.

Nothing in the world could be more boring than learning for the 100th time about WWII and the Cold War, yet the class was required by your college so that’s why you were surrounded by History enthusiasts who managed to make the class seem longer than the painful one hour.

The only reason you hadn’t skipped a class yet was because of your professor. Technically he wasn’t part of the staff, he was an adjunct so he only taught your class but you were grateful that if it had to be any History professor, it was him. 

He was young, unorganized, awkwardly attractive and most importantly unequivocally enthusiastic and smart about the subject you cared and knew so little about.

As usual, he was punctually three minutes late and rushing to take the material out of his satchel to get the class started.

“All right, take out a sheet of paper and number it one through eight for me, please.” 

Rustling of papers filled your ears as students prepared themselves as he finally found lose crumpled sheets of paper.

“Everyone good? Yes? Okay. How did WWII start and why? List names and dates.” 

Fuck. Maybe a quick review of the book could have helped but it was too late. Much to late. So you did the only logical thing. You wrote ‘I don’t remember how or why and honestly I don’t care. Sorry.’ 

As the students finished writing he continued asking the remaining seven questions which all had a similar answer to the first question on your paper except the last question, he specified, was worth five points. ‘Fuck me.’ you wrote defeated and completely aware of your failure.

“Good, let’s turn those papers in shall we?” he collected the quizzes and scanned through the answers, raising an eyebrow at a specific paper. You were almost sure it was yours.

There were still forty-five minutes left so you occupied your mind analyzing his work attire and mentally commenting on if the pair of shoes he wore matched his tie. They did not.

The professor looked at his watch and said, “Time’s up. Have a nice weekend.” class was dismissed but oddly enough, you weren’t.

“Um Y/N, I need to discuss some of your answers on the quiz. It didn’t go too well, as you may have concluded.” you sighed and wished you could be crowding around the door like everyone else, and finally start the weekend but that wasn’t the case.

“I know. I just don’t-  I’m not interested in this class and you caught me off guard with the quiz.” he leaned on his desk and nodded.

“I understand Ms. Y/L/N, but I’m concerned about the last answer. I quote, ‘fuck me.’” he took a deep breath and looked at you intently, “Is it literal, offensive or self deprecating?” you smiled at his embarrassed and somewhat serious demeanor. 

“Well, what do you want it to be?” you were taking a chance but what the hell, you were failing anyway, worst thing that could happen would be you having to drop the class.

His pale face was no longer ivory colored, it was rosy like the hair of the girl sitting next to you.

“I- I don’t- neither one- well, not neither one but-” he was so cute when he stuttered.

“Listen, I’ll help you out. Do you think I’m hot?”

“That’s not an appropriate question.” his tone was too low and trembling to be taken seriously.

“Do you or don’t you?”

“Yes! You’re smokin’ okay? What’s your point?” He was breaking.

“We’re both legal, we both think each other hot, and we’re in a classroom alone. Signs point to the first option. It’s literal. Fuck me in a literal sense.”

He had laid down his jacket down by now, since the conversation wasn’t as short as planned. 

“You’re bold for proposing such an idea, I’ll give you that but the consequences to this are… infinite.” Professor Horan was now loosening his tie from the heat of the situation and risk he might take.

“I thought about that for both of us. You’re an adjunct so the only thing you might risk is returning to the other college and maybe a strong reprimand, depending how bad the situation is. As for me, I’m already failing, I can take it another semester.” 

He scoffed and shook his head. “This will be so wrong.”

“Oh come on, I noticed you looking at me a little too often for a student. Especially since I don’t give a shit about History.”

He stood quiet for a few seconds and finally announced the verdict.

“I do want to fuck you. I really do but-” you slid your hand down the desk, right under his butt and gave him a tight squeeze.

“What was that?” you smiled scooting closer to him.

“Fuck… Okay let’s get this out of our system.”

You won. Professor Horan ran to close the door and came back to you.

“We only have an hour until the next class starts. Let’s not stall.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” 

That’s when he left behind his profession and assumed the position of a hot guy named Niall ready to fuck you on this very desk.

He had taken his spot next to you and started off by kissing you. Savoring every kiss, one after another, trying to get acquainted with the new feeling and texture of your lips and kisses.

Never in his life had he broken the rules, but that day, he didn’t care and enjoyed being a rebel like those revolutionaries he studied for so many years.

Meanwhile, as you let him kiss you, you undid his tie, and unbuttoned his shirt enough to be able to feel the soft and hard contrasting parts of his skin where he had muscle and didn’t. Niall kissed you down your shoulders and arms, working to remove the flimsy tank top you’d thrown on that morning five minutes before class. With one hand behind your back unlatching your bra, the other removed all the currently unnecessary papers from the desk that clattered and dispersed on the floor.

“I’ve always wanted to do that.”

“I bet you did.” you giggled and unbuckled his belt soon discovering he wore nothing underneath.

“God, who’d have thought a History professor could be so sexy.” it was more of an inner comment but it left your lips anyway.

He laughed nervously and pulled down your unfortunately too tight skinny jeans with a little more trouble.

Luckily you had chosen a decent pair of lacy black panties that matched your bra.

“Goddamn, this could start a war all in itself.” he mumbled.

“Sexy, smart and a nerd. My type of guy.” you said sliding down your panties once and for all, placing them next to your long forgotten backpack.

Professor Horan then got off the desk and told you to lie down completely, taking up the whole desk. His instructions turned you even more on and you couldn’t help but rub your thighs together to relieve some of the pressure he was causing.

He noticed this and felt it like it was his duty to alleviate your frustration by prying your legs open and climbing in between the free space with his knees and placing one arm right by the side of your ribcage, grazing it lightly.

Before you knew it, he inserted two fingers in and started searching for your sensitive spot. He kept pumping his fingers in and out, encouraged by the grip of your hand in his hair and the way your hips lifted from the desk towards his hand. He curled his fingers a few times, and saw you writhing beneath him hopelessly. 

“Shh,” he reminded you to be quiet and within a few more minutes of hitting the same spot, he made you orgasm.

Niall then gave you some time to catch your breath by kissing you under your ear lightly and telling you how good you were. He made his way down, kissing your clit once and teasing your center with his tip a few times so you could get ready for him.

You nodded and he entered sighing deeply in relief and closing his eyes taking in how wet you were for him and how pretty you looked under him.

He furthered himself into you and pulled out, making you whimper wanting him back which he soon did staying a little longer before backing again.

Holding himself up with one hand, he used the other one to feel your nicely shaped breast causing a bigger arousal for the both of you. He finally felt comfortable with his position and started pumping in and out of you more regularly, moving his hips in circles making sure to hit every spot. You were moaning every second now, already sensitive from your previous orgasm and ready for the new one. Niall kept looking at your perfect mouth, open from the pleasure he was giving you and kept accelerating his pace. 

You weren’t even able to announce that you were coming that it happened and came before your words. At that point, you grabbed his ass and pulled him closer into you, looking into his eyes and nodding for him to let go and he did.

His face was tense and full of wrinkles but it relaxed from pleasure soon after and he looked glorious.

He held himself up a little longer and finally sat back in his spot reaching for his pants and wiping the sweat off his forehead.

You slipped your bra on and tank top back on finishing up the rest while admiring Niall’s now semi transparent white crumpled shirt from the sweat.

The professor was done dressing up as well and finally made eye contact with you.

“This was a one time thing.”

“Mmm. Sure.” you winked, slipping into his pants your phone number and picking up your underwear throwing them at him.

“Just a souvenir.”

He caught them mid air, watched your tight jeans walk out of his room and knew exactly what that meant. 

It wasn’t a one time thing.


Parts: One. Two.

Raven let go of a strangled sigh as her eyes darted up to the clock hanging above a faded poster with stock photos of books claiming that “Reading Takes You Places”. She shook her head and tapped her pen against her blank page as she chewed at her lower lip. It was practically impossible for her to piece together all of the information on her study guide, and the questions didn’t make sense to her. She shifted in her chair, trying to get comfortable and reread the question for the third time, but she couldn’t focus.

He was late.

Raven groaned and stared up at the florescent light above her head, counting the four dead flies in the translucent cover. It shouldn’t have mattered that he was late. They barely knew each other, had only talked once, and all they had agreed to was to help tutor each other in subjects they were both doing poorly in. He was probably disorganized and forgot that they were going to meet today. Or maybe he just didn’t care enough. Or maybe he went to the student center and got help from a real tutor, instead of another student. Or maybe-

“Sorry, I’m late!”

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And just so we’re clear, I’m definitely still reading Thor/Loki fic, only spread out a bit more. But my favorite kind of lists to do are FEELS AND PORN, because there’s always a little bit of everything in them, there’s usually at least one thing that most people should like and they’re great for when I want a sample platter or am just not sure what I’m in the mood for. Well, except porn. I always want porn. :D

We Were Worthy by karuvapatta, thor/loki, nsfw, pre-movies, 1k
    Loki attempts to lift Mjolnir, with predictable results; Thor can’t resist showing off.
The Sweet Taste by guardianinthesky, thor/loki, NSFW, human au, rimming, 3.7k
    Thor and Loki go out on yet another date, but Loki really just can’t wait to get back home so that Thor can finally do what he promised him weeks ago.
True Love Conquers All by amberfox17, thor/loki, disney fusion au, maleficent au, 12.9k
    Five times Loki held Thor and one time Thor held Loki, or a fairytale Maleficent AU with jotun sorcerer Loki, pretty Prince Thor, cheeky familiar Fenrir, evil King Odin and no fairies of any kind.
Someday by Velvedere, thor/loki + loki/mjolnir + odin + frigga, NSFW, 2.4k
    Loki casts a tracking spell on Mjolnir to keep watch over Thor when he’s out adventuring, with unintended consequences.
Christmas by fatcatwrites, thor/loki, vampire/ghost au, ~1k
    As it turns out, resurrection is not as simple as reanimating a corpse. Loki has certain needs, and one of them happens to be a very peculiar diet.
Five Times Loki Tried To Apologize by karuvapatta [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, 1k
    His first idea doesn’t go over well. “What is this, brother?” Thor says, way too suspiciously for Loki’s liking.
Nifty Gifty by thisdorkyblogthing [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, crossdressing, toys, 1.9k
    Thor sits on the end of the bed and covers his eyes with his hands at Loki’s command, chuckling as he does. “It’s not even Christmas yet.”
Midwinter by dmnutv_archer, thor/loki, fluff, 1k
    Fluffy Holiday fic. Together, Thor and Loki welcome the sun after the longest night.
Awkwardly Admitting Attraction by karuvapatta, thor/loki, NSFW, pre-movies, 2.2k
    Thor confronts Loki about certain nasty rumours and, in the process, comes to several uncomfortable conclusions.
Apex by ohfreckle [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, prostate milking, ~1k
    Surely there will come a time when Loki will learn that Thor’s ruthlessness easily rivals his own.
Obsession, Possession by fatcatwrites, thor/loki, NSFW, human au, serial killer au, 2.3k
    Serial Killer AU.
Malachite by ohfreckle [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, some crossdressing, 1.3k
    Thorki with Loki wearing those hot green stileto I showed you a while ago.
At the Corner of Astroglide and KY by Vee017, thor/loki, NSFW, 2.8k
    prompt: why is lube always right there in fanfics / i want a fic where there’s no lube and the characters are just like fuck we needa go to walgreens put ur dick away

full details + recs under the cut!

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TPP’s Starter pokemon Zexy the Torchic was released. Our level 38 Torchic.

I’m a bit more disappointed with this release than others since I was looking forward to having an excuse to draw awkwardly hunky/attractive Torchic/Combusken/Blaziken assuming we could actually let him evolve. :‘c

But I’m secretly rooting for Shedinja now since ghost types are best type