awkwardly angie

  • Angie: And now the two ladies shall kiss!
  • [Tenko and Himiko kiss]
  • Angie: And now the Gentleman...
  • Saihara and Kaito: Dude!
  • [Saihara and Kaito look at each other and awkwardly kiss]
  • Angie: Angie was gonna say "and now the Gentlemen fist bump," how long have Kaito and Shuuichi been back that one?
Thinking Out Loud- Part 11

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Pairing: Carlisle x OC / Bella x Edward

Words: 3821

Hey guys, so it’s past midnight over here and I had a long week. This is probably full of grammatical horrors which will make your eyes bleed and I’m very sorry about that. Plus, I haven’t proofread it so I hope I didn’t write too many stupid things.

I really hope you’ll like it! Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think! Feedback is always appreciated and very encouraging!


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she’s beauty, she’s grace (she’ll make you fall on your face)

Peggy walked into the L&L Automat like she owned the place. Now, Peggy was one of Angie’s regulars. Not only that, she was her friend and roommate; Angie was used to Peggy’s confidence. What made her stop in her tracks was what Peggy was wearing.
Or five times Angie gets distracted by Peggy and one time she doesn’t.

A huge thank you to vintagecartinelli. u da bomb
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The first time it happened, Peggy had told Angie she was in need of some advice on what to wear. She had an undercover operation that required her to be dressed to the nines. Angie had excitedly accepted, like she always did when Peggy asked for help with one of her missions. Angie liked to think of herself as Peggy’s secret weapon. She’d never say that out loud, of course.

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  • jarvis setting peggy up on a blind date
  • peggy refusing to go to the said date 
  • “margaret if you would just listen to me for once!”
  • “don’t call me margaret, edwin!”
  • peggy finally agreeing to go to the stupid date (jarvis promised that he’ll stay in the car for the next two weeks when they go on their missions) (spoiler alert: he breaks his promise)
  • peggy finds out that her date is angie and she’s wearing a dress that makes peggy’s heart skip a beat (not that her heart doesn’t skip a beat whenever she sees angie)
  • “took you long enough, english”
  • peggy being clumsy during their date because she’s nervous and the amount of cleavage that angie’s showing is not helping at all
  • when they finally go back to the griffith hotel, they’re both fidgeting and they laugh awkwardly together
  • angie initiates the kiss and peggy nearly faints because angie is kissing her and it feels so right
  • the next day angie wakes up in peggy’s arms and when she watches peggy sleeping, angie knows that she’s a goner (truth be told, angie was already head over heels for peggy the minute she walked in the Automat on the very first day)
Captain Swan Two-Shot [Part 1]

Title: Do You Believe In Magic?
Pairings: Captain Swan, durh.
Rating: T for Pt1, M for Pt2.
Summary: Killian Jones is drowning his sorrows in a bar, disillusioned by the so-far fruitless quest to find his Swan. Emma Swan happens to be going to that same bar, dragged along by a friend who is intent on making Emma’s birthday go off with a bang. Literally.
(Set before the last scene of 3x11. My different take on how he found her!)


Do You Believe In Magic?
Part One

It was a Friday night and Killian Jones had watched as the afternoon, just-got-off-work, quick-evening-drink-before-home crowd was gradually replaced by the younger, more formally dressed, out-for-a-good-time crowd. It had somewhat fascinated him as he watched idly from the bar, cradling his rum and occasionally staring down at the amber liquid wearily.

He’d been in New York City for almost three months and still had yet to locate Emma. As the days had passed by and his search continued to prove fruitless, he more-often-than-not found himself drinking late into the night. They’d been apart for over a year and it wasn’t getting any easier.

It always ended the same really. He’d drag himself back to Baelfire’s former apartment, where he had taken residence since arriving in the city, thanks to the lad’s foresight in keeping a spare key located on the premises, to which he’d given Killian instructions on how to find it. Then he’d fall into a fitful sleep, Emma’s beautiful face haunting his dreams.

He’d often wake up in a cold sweat, the small swan tattoo he’d had carved into his wrist aching inexplicably and reminding him of his promise. He’d find her and he’d bring back her memories. Her family were in trouble and, as much as they all wanted her to live a happy life with Henry, they needed her more than ever.

And today was her birthday, he remembered. Throwing back the last bit of rum, he pushed the glass away from him and glanced at the clock about the bar. 10pm. He’d been there for just over four hours and had thrown back at least five glasses of rum. Most men his size would be on the floor by five, yet he only felt slightly buzzed. Enough to ease the ache Emma’s absence had left in his heart. Tolerance was as much as he could hope for.

He noticed the bar was getting a little crowded and decided to have one more drink then head back to Bae’s apartment earlier than usual, with a plan to spend the next day searching a new part of the city for his Swan. He couldn’t give up.


It was Emma’s birthday. Once again, the day she dreaded had rolled round, but this year, one of the only people she really considered a friend had insisted they “celebrate” her last birthday in her twenties.

Angela had all but dragged her out that evening, arranging for Henry to stay at her house with her two sons, looked after by her more than competent husband. So, Emma had absolutely no reason or excuse to provide for missing an evening of drinking and dancing with her friend.

Reluctantly, she’d given in and had half-heartlessly attempted to dress up for the occasion. But even her half-hearted attempt had turned at least half a dozen heads on their way into the bar. And she couldn’t deny that knowing she ‘still had it’ gave her a bit of a thrill. The red dress that hugged her figure to perfection was one that she did feel particularly sexy in.

She was overly cautious about bringing any man into her life, partly because of her maternal protective instinct, and partly because she was scared of getting hurt again. She was scared of feeling as broken and alone and used as she had when Neal had disappeared out of her life, letting her take the fall for his crime.

She had walls as high as the Empire State Building and, though she would reluctantly admit that she really missed sex, she found it easier to completely distance herself from any possibility of getting attached. It was just easier that way.

As they walked into the bar and glanced around for a booth or a table, Emma caught sight of a guy at the bar dressed all in leather and chuckled to herself, not thinking anything more of it. New York City was certainly home to many…interesting characters.

Angela disappeared to the bar to get their drinks while Emma scanned the room and after a few minutes, the couple right next to her began to vacate a high table. As they moved away, she slid into the still-warm stool and smiled victoriously at Angela as she returned with drinks.

“I’m impressed. I thought we’d be standing up all night. Oh, and there’s this pirate impersonator guy at the bar. He is a fine specimen of a man! If I wasn’t married, Emma. Seriously. The eyes on him should be illegal.”

Emma laughed, shaking her head and rolling her eyes slightly. She glanced over at him and she could tell even from his profile that he was certainly easy on the eyes.

"Why the hell is he dressed like that in here though?”

She took a sip of her drink and found that her eyes kept wandering back to him of their own accord.

“I guess some women find the leather thing a turn on. Maybe he’s on Broadway and he’s one of those method actor guys that stays in character. Whatever, he’s hot.”

Angela shrugged, pushing her red hair back behind her shoulders. Angela’s hair was something she always got compliments on. Naturally copper-colored, she played to it and Emma had always envied the way her friend could so effortlessly style herself to make it seem as though her hair was an accessory to finish off every outfit.

“You’re crazy. But I’m glad you forced me to come out tonight. My birthday has never been something I’ve wanted to acknowledge really.”

"Because of all the shitty ones you had in the system? Emma, you couldn’t choose your family then, but you can now. You’re family to me, Adam and the boys. We love you.”

Angela reached over and squeezed her friend’s hand, giving her a genuinely warm smile. Emma squeezed back and tried to swallow the lump in her throat.

“But anyway, it’s your birthday. No soppy subjects tonight. I’m gonna turn up the heat and make you have a bit of fun. Get you out of the grown-up comfort zone you hide in.”

Emma looked at her friend with a wary expression, getting a little nervous about what she had in mind.

“You’re gonna go up to pirate guy and you’re gonna start a conversation. I’d say flirt outrageously but I know I’d be pushing it.”

Angela smirked and Emma shook her head with a sigh.

“You just totally want me to find out why he’s dressed as a pirate. I am not being your wingman. You’re awful.”

She couldn’t help but laugh out loud but she’d misread Angela’s intentions.

“Actually, Emma Swan, I’m trying to get you laid,” she smirked as she continued, “I happen to know there has been no man in your life in the whole year I’ve known you. That is far too long for a woman in her twenties to go without getting some. Believe me, it’ll loosen you up. You’re far too uptight.”

She joked with a big grin on her pretty face. Taking hold of Emma’s hand, she subtly led her halfway to the bar and then have her a gentle push in the direction of the pirate, before quickly retrieving their table.

Emma awkwardly tottered forward as Angie pushed her and self-consciously smoothed her dress. The mysterious stranger turned as she caught his attention with a clearing of her throat.


Killian threw back the last swig of rum and was about to make his escape when he heard a feminine “ahem” from behind him. He had grown somewhat accustomed to being approached and chatted up by women in the bars he’d frequented over the months, but none of them were Emma, so he simply wasn’t interested.

Letting a small sigh pass his lips, he turned to greet whoever was requesting his attention. And his heart stopped.

His mind was suddenly in overdrive as he saw her face. Emma. Emma, Emma, Emma. His Swan was right in front of him, close enough to touch, to smell her perfume and watch her red-painted lips smile back at him.

He felt dizzy with the heady euphoria of seeing her again and it was all he could do not to crash his lips down to hers, the way he’d dreamed of doing every night since their separation.

His elation was erred by confusion. She’d approached him. Did she recognise him? And if she did, why wasn’t she throwing her arms around him or exclaiming his name in surprise? And Goddamn, he hadn’t noticed what she was wearing.

His eyes travelled the length of her, unable to fully take in the siren stood before him. He’d never seen her dressed like that before and he was becoming ferociously turned on. The red fabric tightly hugged every gentle curve of her body, accentuated her breasts and oh-so-feminine frame, and those legs…he was definitely a sucker for those legs.

Snapping himself out of it, he quickly returned his gaze to her face and beamed at her. It was all he could do to stop her name from falling from his lips like a prayer. His heart was hammering in his chest and she was blushing as she leaned against the bar next to him, clearly trying to be casual.

“So, my friend and I were wondering why you’re dressed like a pirate?”

She said sweetly, her eyes roaming over his attire. He was thankful she’d averted her gaze from his face momentarily, because he felt his heart and his face drop. She didn’t remember. She’d approached him for the same reason all the other women had. Intrigue and, quite possibly, attraction.

He cleared his throat and forced the smile back onto his face as her eyes met his again. Gods, she was more beautiful than his dreams could ever do justice to. The fingers of his good hand tingled with the urge to touch her but he clenched his fist by his side.

“I guess you could say it’s who I am, lass.”

He offered, thanking the Gods that his voice hadn’t cracked the way his heart just had. She laughed softly, shaking her head.

“I’m not really good at this…chatting guys up thing. It’s my birthday and my friend’s dragged me out and I feel stupid because I couldn’t think of what to say to you other than to ask you that. And…I’ll shut up now,” She laughed awkwardly, running a hand through her hair, “Wanna buy me a drink?”

He had to physically stop himself from staring at her, because she didn’t remember him and the last thing he wanted to do was freak her out.

But this was not the kick-ass Emma he remembered. She still had the fire in her eyes that he’d knew by heart, but she was softer round the edges. Maybe happy memories of a life where she’d seen her son grow up had stopped her heart from locking itself away.

The woman he’d fallen in love with was insecure as hell about her past and the people who loved her, but fiercely independent and distrustful until you’d proven yourself to her.

He could still see that same wariness in her whole being, but she was warmer than the Emma he’d known. He didn’t know what to make of that, because he was here to destroy the false memories that had perhaps create that warmth in her.

Snapping out of his reverie, he motioned to the bartender and smiled warmly at Emma as the man approached to take their order.

“Whatever beverage the lady wishes.”

He said to the man and Emma flashed him a smile in return before ordering a rum and coke. He couldn’t help the thrill that coursed through him. Rum and coke. She’d never been a rum drinker before he’d introduced her to it.

“Rum? Lass after my own heart.”

He commented lightly. If only she knew how true that offhand comment really was.

“Yeah, I don’t know what it is, but in the last year, I’ve just started to crave it occasionally.”

She shrugged and took the drink as it was handed to her, sipping through the tiny straw in such an innocent way that he was somewhat mesmerized.

“So, your accent. You’re from…England?”

“I…travel. Quite frequently. Pardon my manners, name’s Killian.”

He held out his hand and as she took it, sparks shot up his arm but he managed to hide it well. He’d ached to touch her again for a year and now here she was, her hand in his, feeling like no time had passed at all. His heart jumped.

“Emma,” she offered, smiling a little shyly and glancing down at her hand in his, “Oh…nice tattoo.”

He dropped his gaze to follow hers and saw his swan tattoo exposed. He almost yanked his hand away from her, as though she’d suspect something weird was going on. But she simply smiled.

“My last name is Swan. That’s a funny coincidence.”

He chuckled somewhat nervously and tried to slow his racing heart. He watched as Emma shimmied into the newly-vacated bar stool beside him and wondered briefly if this was all just another cruel dream.

They talked for what could have been hours and Killian revelled in the way she would throw her head back laughing at the way he’d said something, or reach out and touch his arm while she was talking. He was falling in love with her all over again, and she didn’t even know who he was.

Emma’s phone suddenly vibrated and she quickly retrieved it from her purse, eyes scanning over the message she’d just received.

“I am so proud of you, little bird. Make sure you’re waking up with hot pirate guy in the morning and call me with all the details. A.”

She looked over her shoulder at where Angie had been sitting and found that her friend had disappeared. Obviously she’d figured her plan to get Emma laid had been a success and disappeared as fast as possible to make sure she didn’t bail out of guilt. Damn, that woman knew her too well.

Turning back to Killian as she put her phone back in her purse, she offered him a smile.

“My friend’s bailed on me. So, I guess you’re stuck keeping me company.”

“Not a hardship, I assure you.”

He grinned, his every nerve ending still on fire with the thrill of being with her again, of finally having her next to him. Even if the circumstances weren’t what he’d hoped.


As the night wore on and the bar cleared out with the crowd moving on to other bars or swapping it for nightclubs, Emma glanced at the clock and her eyes widened.

“Killian, it’s almost 4am! We’ve been talking for hours and you probably wanted to get out of here, right?”

He faltered, torn knowing their time together would be ending and that she would likely have to get home soon anyway.

"Do you…erm…want my number? Maybe we could see each other again?”

His heart sank. He wouldn’t be able to call her, because he didn’t own one of those contraptions every other human he’d come across in this world seemed to own. But he nodded regardless, because at least then he wouldn’t be letting her go completely and maybe it would help him find her again.

She beamed at him and reached over to the end of the bar to grab a random business card out of the bowl that various people had thrown them into. Sliding a pen out of her purse, she scribbled down her number on the back of card and handed it to him.

He took the card and stared down at it. For three months, he’d had nothing to locate her with, no matter how hard he’d searched. Then, she suddenly shows up at a bar he happens to be in and approaches him of her own accord. Not only that, but she do easily gives him a way to reach her that it makes him ache with relief.

As she stood up, he could see her falter for a moment, as though she was having some kind of internal argument with herself. Finally, she spoke.

“I don’t usually do this but…do you wanna come to my place?”

Her voice was small and he could see she was nervous. He wanted so badly to kiss her then but he held it back, even though he was somewhat convinced she’d respond in kind.

Pausing for a moment, he realized that no part of him wanted to end their night by saying goodbye in a bar, with no guarantee that he definitely would see her again considering he didn’t have a phone or fully know how one worked.

Nodding finally, he stood up and she reached for his hand, leading him out of the bar. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. He definitely needed her to keep hold of that dress.

She hailed a cab and as they climbed into one, she gave the driver her address. Killian memorized her words, playing the address over and over in his mind so he couldn’t possibly forget it. He was still entirely convinced he was about to wake up from what was surely a dream.

[Part 2]

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hippity-hoppity-brigade  asked:

i saw your "how many cups of sugar do i have to offer" post and now i want a series of gags where angie keeps knocking on peggy's door in more and more revealing outfits and asking if her neighbor could ~spare a cup of sugar. peggy's always like, "oh, i didn't know we had access to the kitchen," and "sorry, angie, i don't have any, but i think the shop is still open? good luck with your baking!" and finally angie shows up in just her underwear and no measuring cup, and kisses peggy.

“Are you making another pie?”

Angie blinks at the words and it takes a second for her to catch up with them before she nearly huffs, hands now resting on her hip and the handle of the measuring cup she was holding digging into her side now almost painfully.

The action causes the gown she’s wearing to slide open more and Miss Fry saw them Angie’s sure she’d be booted out for revealing that much skin as is indecent for a lady.

Peggy hardly even looks down.

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