Stiles doesn’t talk about his mom much. There have been countless times at the dinner table or times where he was just sitting in silence with his father where he wanted to bring her up. Where he wanted to hear stories about how when he was younger during the time when they were a real family. He wanted to hear stories about how his mother and father met. And maybe, just maybe, hearing those things would make Stiles feel as if she were still here - as if there wasn’t some big gaping hole in his heart.

But she wasn’t here.

Instead, Stiles was a sixteen year old teenager who had a werewolf for a best friend. He was a sixteen year old teenager getting himself involved with an Alpha that didn’t know what he was doing. He was a sixteen year old boy that desperately wanted to tell his father what was going on because he didn’t want to feel so alone.

But he was alone.

Because Stiles’ doesn’t have a mother - that same mother that listened to every word and truly understood him and because telling his father would put him in danger.

So for now, Stiles would walk this road alone because Scott had his mother and he had Allison. Because Allison had her parents and Scott. Because, even though Jackson resented his parents for being adopted, he still had them. And because even Derek, as alone as that wolf may have acted, had his pack.

And Stiles…had no one.


So what are we? Helpless? Puppets?

Isaac never met Jenna Sommers until that day. He had heard about her mostly from Stiles in the boy’s locker room after lacrosse practice or after a game. Most of the time, it’s him inviting Scott over and extending the invitation to Allison, Lydia, and even Jackson. It’s mostly him going on and on about the rebellious young twenty something year old that was now taking care of him after his father and mother were killed in a car accident only months ago. Isaac never chimed in with the conversations though. He stayed quiet and tried not to look at Stiles with envy because instead of going home to an aunt that would ask him how his day was, he would instead go home to a father who would ask him about his grades or about why he didn’t try harder in lacrosse. He would go home to a father that would throw whatever he could get into his hands at him or a father that would drag him down into a basement that he considered hell.

It wasn’t the first time he’s seen Jenna though. He saw her occasionally around the school while he remained invisible. He’s seen her at the lacrosse games cheering Stiles on even if the boy was sitting on the bench half of the time. Instead of having an aunt that cheered him on even if he was on the bench, he had a father that would look at him disapprovingly. Even the first time Isaac got to play on that field, his father told him that there were things he could have done better and that was soon followed by nightmares of fists and glass. But it didn’t matter because no one noticed him. No one would ask him where that cut came from or why he had a fresh bruise on his face.

But that day, something changed in Isaac.

That day he didn’t go to school. He didn’t show up to any classes and he didn’t show up to lacrosse practice but it didn’t matter because no one would miss him. Instead, he found himself on Stiles Stilinski’s door step. He was nervous and couldn’t help but bite his nail as he waited for the door to be answered. He almost thought about knocking again but right when he lifted up his hand, Jenna was standing right there.

“Hi,” Isaac said almost awkwardly as he stood there staring at the confused woman. He wondered what she thought of him. He was a random teenager that she probably didn’t even know standing on her porch probably looking as if he had been ran over by a car. “Um…you don’t know me but…”



“Isaac Lahey. You play on the lacrosse team with my nephew.”

Isaac stared at her with confusion in his eyes. He had been so used to being ignored and being invisible that he never thought for one second that someone he never really spoke to would know his name. He never expected someone to recognize that he was on the lacrosse team considering most of his team mates didn’t know his name or at least didn’t commit it to memory when coach yelled it.

“Yeah…I uh…”

“Come inside.” Jenna didn’t hesitate to interrupt Isaac as she moved out of the way for him to come inside of her home.

Once inside, Isaac glanced around. It looked like any other home – not that he would know – the only home he ever had really been in was his own but he figured that the average home would look like hers. It was neat but at the same time it looked lived in. There were a few random things around like shoes – mostly Stiles’ – and there were pictures hanging up of what Isaac assumed was Stiles, his mother, and father before their passing. It was almost foreign to him really. His father didn’t even have a single picture of him up let alone his mother.

The boy was snapped out of his thoughts though when Jenna lead him into the kitchen where she immediately went to the freezer to get him a bad of ice. He sat at the table and waited patiently for her to hand it to him. He waited for the questions to be asked. He waited for her to tell him that this was all she could do for him and that he should come home but the questions never came. Instead, she asked if he wanted something to eat and that he should make himself at home.

Isaac soon found himself in her living room where he sat quietly next to her while she flipped on the television. Finally breaking the silence, he asked about her sister and at first, he didn’t know if it was the right thing to ask. He wasn’t sure if he would be re-opening wounds for her but she gladly answered the question and pretty soon he was sitting there asking question after question. It wasn’t because he wanted to pry. It was because he was a sixteen year old boy that had no idea what it was like to live in a normal home. He didn’t know what it was like to sit around at the dinner table and have a normal conversation without a glass being thrown in his face. He didn’t know what it was like to have someone help him with his homework. Isaac was a sixteen year old boy that didn’t know what it was like to just hang out with his family and laugh at stupid jokes.

The more Jenna spoke, the more envious Isaac got. The more she spoke, the more he could feel himself about to explode with the emotions and pain that he had buried deep inside and before he knew it, the tears were there and he didn’t bother to wipe them away. They were angry tears and they were sad tears and they were jealous tears. Isaac expected things to be awkward. He expected Jenna to sit there in some sort of weird silence with him and he wondered if she was thinking about when he would just leave already.

But instead of asking him to leave and instead of sitting there in an awkward silence, Jenna moved closer to him and it caused Isaac to flinch. He didn’t mean to but it was a habit. No one ever got close to him unless they were about to harm him. But instead of having a fist to the face or a trip down to the basement, Jenna encircled him with her arms – she embraced him.

And for the first time in a really long time, Isaac felt safe.