awkward. season 1


Can we just take a minute to look at the horrified look on Ned Starks face.

“…this shit better not start again… not my daughter you bastard…”

  • Strand: Hello I'm returning one of 11 calls from someone named Alex Reagan... it's Richard Strand. Okay, goodbye.
Legends Drinking Game: S2 Edition

So I should have posted this SO long ago but ykw better late than never. Drinking game for the remainder of s2 or if you want to rewatch s2 and get wasted*

*and by wasted I mean water wasted on that good ol’ hydrogen and oxygen. Drink responsibly kids. 

That being said, take a shot when there’s: 

  • Unecessary Hetero Romance ™. 
  • Sara gets a lady love whilst traveling through time. 
  • Captain of the Week ™. 
    • Take two shots if it’s someone other than Rip/Sara/Jax. 
  • Someone assumes Stein is the leader lmfao 
  • Take a shot WHEN Firestorm fuses because it happens so rarely now that it’ll be a celebration when it does.
  • Amaya channels a gorilla because apparently other animals are out of the question here. 
  • Awkward references to their season 1 teammates without ever actually acknowledging them or saying their names. 
  • Shameless “WE’RE A FAMILY” scene. 
  • They murder someone. 
    • Take two shots if scenes before someone is feeling high-and-mighty about them NOT being murderers. 
      • Take three shots if that same person ends up killing someone the episode before, the same episode, or the episode after. 
  • Someone invalidates Mick holy fuck :) :) :) 
  • Nate remembers he’s a historian (it’s rare so appreciate it!!!!) 
  • “I/we got this” (two shots for when they, inevitably, do not got this). 
  • Take a shot every time Mick drinks. We’ll all be as drunk as him. 
How To Get Away With Murder character names as told by me and my roommate:

“dead husband’

“orphan black”

“how to get away with murder”

“val from awkward”

“jennifer connolly”

“grown up teen wolf”

“professer mcsteamy”


“gay boyfriend”

“dude bro orange is the new black”