Best Friend!Liam would include:

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-awkward winks

- being in the same boat as mason

-except liam takes you on more adventures than he does mason

-weird snap chat selfless sent to each other

-”you fuckin dork, what the fuck?”


-watching netflix together

-inside jokes

-helping him cope with his I.E.D.

-defending him

-telling all the assholes at devenford prep off if they some stupid shit towards him

-being protective of him

-even though he could protect you better

-being human

-but like, a super badass human

-being iffy of hayden

-not liking her at first

-snapping at her every once in a while

-but apologizing to liam for it

-”i’m trying to be on a good level with her, Y/N!” 

-”she bitched at me first!”

-lots of bickering that usually end in hugs