It’s time
For Hellatus!
It’s time
For Hellatus!

Schedule’s clear since the finale
For you and me too
Oh the things that we’ve seen
So go back and start to watch the show again!
Make way!
To the sites!
And stay up 
all night
Lamenting over reruns

Hellatus will destroy us! Feel for our fandom!
Sanity precariously
left to discuss
We try our best to stay calm,
Writing and drawing ‘til dawn
But this new work cannot fully carry us!

Hellatus will ruin us! We’re self-destructing!
At least Comic Con is here, that is a plus.
We get to see our boys back
It helps with the show we lack
But ultimately, it ends ‘cause it’s

We’ve got thousands of brand new fanfictions!
Oh my God, I heard Misha shipped Diestel
And the art, there is none that compares!
What the hell is Bagelpocalypse?
But it’s not Kripke’s actual depiction
We’ve just gotta face
We can’t replace
Castiel’s longing angel stares

*At same time as verse below*
Hellatus – blessing for us – let’s take a small break
Twenty-three episodes see? That’s quite a lot
I need to catch up on sleep
Because I am in in too deep
To breathe before the end of the Hellatus!

*At same time as verse above*
There’s no question that this show’s alluring- Always intriguing never boring-
Everything about the show just plain impresses…
The dialogue, characters, Impala
And the boys no matter what you call ‘em
And it always leaves us with so many guesses!

We’ve got one minute clips of next season
We’ve got new seasons!
Let’s see new seasons!
And it drives us beyond our reason!
Will Gabe be back?! Will Gabe back?!
We’ve got interviews, photo shoots, tweeting.
Oh what’s happening?!
Will Dean be okay?
And what will Sam say?
And Cas anyways?
We can’t survive!

Hellatus, a curse for us, Where is our show now?!
We need to know how, the ending’s ominous.
Our fandom’s crazy for sure
New episodes, the sole cure!

With two great brothers
And angels galore
With demons, monsters,
hunters and more
It’s no wonder, that we do thunder
Cause this show is fabulous!
We’ll die
Cause Hellatus!

Anywhere You Can Rule
Anywhere You Can Rule

*Headphones recommended*

Crowley: Anything you can do
I can do better.
I can do anything
Better than you!
Abaddon: No, you can’t.
Crowley: Yes, I can.
Abaddon: No, you can’t.
Crowley: Yes, I can.
Abaddon: No, you can’t!
Crowley: Yes, I can, Yes, I can!

Abaddon: Anywhere you can rule,
I can rule better.
I can rule Hell so much
Better than you!
Crowley: That’s my throne. 
Abaddon: Not for long.
Crowley: No, it’s mine!
Abaddon: Then you’re wrong.
Crowley: Well, I’ll win!
Abaddon: Just prolong
That you’re wrong!

Abaddon: There’s no way you’ll bar me
With my homemade army.
Crowley: I’ll show you to Squirrel
Let him have a whirl.
Abaddon: You’ll be gone within a year!
Crowley: You are insane!
Abaddon: As if.
Crowley: Run back to Cain.

Abaddon: Any spot you can reach,
I can reach higher.
I’m always going to rule
right over you!
Crowley: That’ll switch.
Abaddon: I’m a Knight.
Crowley: You’re a bitch.
Abaddon: I can fight.
Crowley: I can deal.
Abaddon: Oh that’s light!
Sex appeal!
Abaddon: That’s not right!
Crowley: I’m ideal!

Crowley: Any plan you can make
Will be a bad wreck.
At least I can keep
My head on my neck!
Abaddon: Oh that’s low.
Crowley: Yeah, it’s sick.
Abaddon: Why the blow?
Crowley: Politics.
Abaddon: Oh, I know.
Crowley: It’s my shtick.
Abaddon: Well, let it go!

Abaddon: Well, any plan you can make
I can make better.
I’ll always stay two steps
Ahead of you.
Crowley: Really, now?
Abaddon: Make it three!
Crowley: Tell me how!
Abaddon: Or thirteen.
Crowley: You’re a cow!
Abaddon: I’m the best
Ever seen!

Abaddon: You should vote Abaddon
Crowley is too far gone!
Crowley: Don’t go with this hellspawn
She’s no brains and all brawn!
Abaddon: You’re just mad cause I’ll beat you.
Crowley: Right on this spot?
Abaddon: That’s fine.
Crowley: That’s what I thought–
No tact!

Crowley: I don’t mean to be rude
But I’m also a dude.
I’ll stay, you’ll be gone
After this interlude.
Abaddon: No I won’t!
Crowley: Yes, you will.
Abaddon: No, I won’t!
Crowley: Yes, you will.
Abaddon: No, I won’t!
Crowley: Yes, you will
Yes, you WI-I-I-I-I-I-LL, you WI-I-I-I-I-I-LL!
Abaddon: No I WO-O-O-O-N’T! Fuck, he’s right.

Abaddon: Well, anyone you possess
I’ll possess hotter.
In the end I’ll be much
Hotter than you!
Crowley: Hell is hot.
Abaddon: That is true.
Crowley: King of Hell.
Abaddon: Not so true.
Cause I’m hotter than 
Hell and you too!

Crowley: Anyone you can kill
I can kill faster.
I can kill anyone
Faster than you!
Abaddon: How bout Dean?
Crowley: That’s not fair!
Abaddon: And then Sam
Crowley: But his hair!
Abaddon: Unprepared!
Crowley: Don’t you dare!
How’d you fare?!

Abaddon: You know he’s an idjit.
He died for double digits.
Crowley: Hey, at least I’ve been here
For the last sixty years!
Abaddon: At least I’ve killed Winchesters!
Crowley: You mean the granddad?
Abaddon: Henry.
Crowley: Now that’s just sad.

Abaddon: Anywhere you can rule
I can rule better.
Soon that throne will belong
Only to me!
Crowley: Can’t you see?
Abaddon: Oh I see.
Crowley: It’s for me.
Abaddon: It’s for me!
Crowley: That’s a lie.
Abaddon: Want a black eye?
Crowley: Oh, you’ll die, die, die!
Abaddon: You can try, try, try!

Together: That throne’s mine!
No, it’s mine!

Selfie day for physically disabled people! (April 11)

With all these selfie days going around, it only seemed right for a selfie day for physical disabled people! It will include people with all types of disabilities, whether invisible or not! We’ll have a bunch of fun and it’ll be awesome to see all my fellow disabled people!

Edit: Fixed a few typos and realized that we should have a tag! The tag will be #disabledselfieday. Please reblog again if you did before.