Piece of Paper

Because it’s Wonwoo’s birthday~ ^3^ 
It ended up being Mingyu-centric, but it’s cute. 

Piece of Paper - Mingyu-centric, Meanie, fluff, awkwardness(?)

“What?” Jeonghan asks, annoyed.

The hand on his shoulder stops moving up and down, ending up laying still where it was hitting before.

The person standing behind him doesn’t say anything. Nobody says anything and Junghan ends up wondering if it’s a ghost - he doesn’t believe in ghosts, but still. Not knowing who it is, he decides to turn around in his chair.

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when i dream of you ; a stallison playlist (a birthday present for boxy wolfbadtreepretty)

go - grimes & blood diamonds // long way down - zola jesus // before i sleep - joy williams // holes in the sky - m83 & haim // the waves have come - chelsea wolfe // i promise - stranger cat // addicted to love - alex clare // here with me - susie suh & robert koch // skeleton key - love inks // demon - shamir // this side of paradise - hayley kiyoko // under stars - aurora

anonymous asked:

mbti types on their birthday?

  • ENFP: They own the night.
  • INFP: Invites only one friend to their party, but has a great time.
  • ENFJ: Has a combined friend/family party and somehow finds a way to have a fun, an not awkward time.
  • INFJ: “Happy birthday!” “You too!” *realizes too late*
  • ENTP: Doesn’t want a party; parties are for babies. *throws a party*
  • INTP: Forgets it’s their birthday. Has to be reminded multiple times.
  • ENTJ: Throw them a surprise party, I dare you. You’ll get punched.
  • INTJ: genuinely doesn’t want a party. They sulk the entire time.
  • ISFP: Just imagine that scene from Harry Potter.
  • ESTP: They’re actually invincible on their birthday. Do not fight them.
  • ISTP: Birthdays are for losers. They don’t know, or care when it is.
  • ESFJ: Gets together with friends; plays truth or dare for 5 hours.
  • ISFJ: Writes in their diary about how old they feel.
  • ESTJ: Throws a huge party that everyone knows about. Excludes their enemies. Revenge.
  • ISTJ: Throws your average party; they don’t need anything special. 
What Did You Do for Your 21st Birthday?
  • Random Person:Did you get drunk or wasted...!?!
  • Me:No...
  • Random Person:Did you drink or go to the bar?
  • Me:No...
  • Random Person:Did you drink Alcohol!?!
  • Me:No...
  • Random Person:What did you do!?!
  • ME:I got so turnt up.... I got a buzz on apple juice and Netflix...
  • ME:*Pops Collar*