awkward season 5

Kolivan: *video calls krolia* so uh…I think we found your son. He has your blade. He’s reckless too. You want to talk to him?

Krolia: my /son/ oh god what? No! I can’t talk to him! pretend you know nothing. I think I need to stay on this mission longer. I can’t with these emotions right now. Maybe later?

Kolivan: OK so Keith I’m sending you on this mission don’t get emotionally attached.

Piper’s Proposal

Piper: You have taught me that love hurts. You’ve taught me that life…it hurts. And I want to be there for you. I want us to be there for each other. So that maybe…it hurts a little less.

Alex Pearl Vause.

Alex: Yes, Piper Elizabeth Chapman? -confused-

Piper: Will you be my partner… through love and through pain… and through beauty fish, forever?

Alex: Is that your question? -chuckles, pretends to act confused-

Piper: Alex, will you marry me?

Alex: I figured that’s what you’re doing. -DOES HER CUTE ASS LOOKING AND SHIT-


Alex: And… yes <3

Request before “When Worlds Collide” airs:

Could this not be a repeat of Spring 2016? Can everyone just be nice?

What I mean is this: Despite how many fans begged harassed the writers to include Mona Lisa and do the whole RaphxMona thing, the fandom broke apart! People were so mean just because if Raph had an in-show girlfriend that meant he couldn’t love their OC. That, or they just didn’t like how the writers handled Raph and Mona’s relationship. People even stopped watching the show and left the fandom over it. Some sent hateful asks to Raph blogs. Remember the Raph of mirth-and-muscle? Gosh I miss him.

You can hate RaphxMona all you want, but might I make a suggestion in how you handle your hate?

Could you maybe not find an already-made post that depicts Raph and Mona neutrally or favorably and then reblog it adding hate?

Imagine throughout your childhood and young adult life, people insulted or made fun of the things you liked… even made fun of you for liking them.

Imagine feeling unable to talk about anything you liked with any of your friends.

Imagine you finally find the solution to that problem: join Tumblr, talk about what you like, and geek out with other fans.

Now imagine that the very thing you tried to avoid by joining Tumblr still happens: people talk about how stupid the stuff you like is - which they’re allowed to do, sure - but they do it by reblogging your post and spewing hate so not only do you see it, but you wonder if the likes and reblogs you get afterwards are really for your original post, or if they’re from people agreeing with the hater.

The people who post the gifs of Raph and Mona moments aren’t doing so because they hate those moments. They’re posting them because they like them. 

When you see those posts and think, “This is why I hate RaphxMona,” and you reblog it and say what you think, the person who loves Raph and Mona sees the hate you spewed in their activity feed… and since you insulted what they like, you’re insulting them by saying they have terrible taste.

I mean does this sound like good social conduct? 

Imagine you’re in a small group of people. 
Person 1: “I really like country!”
You: “Country is stupid.”
Person 1: *feels beaten down* “………”
Person 2: “I like hip-hop.”
You: “Hip-hop sucks.”
Person 2: *wonders why they let you in the group* “………”

Let’s not relive middle school, shall we? Please be respectful. 

When you see a post of something you don’t like, scroll past it. Maybe let it inspire your very own post! You can make your own post about how much you dislike the ship. Making your own post will get you more notes than reblogging someone else’s, you won’t be hurting someone’s feelings by ruining their post and telling them that what they like stinks, and generally the people who will give you notes will be like-minded people. You can find out who shares your opinions.

Now for those who love RaphxMona and see posts about people hating on them, again, keep scrolling, and maybe make your own post as a rebuttal (without tagging the blogger that inspired your rebuttal)

Let’s be respectful of each other when “When Worlds Collide” airs. Let’s not start stupid fights. It doesn’t do any good telling someone that they like stupid things or that they’re wrong for hating ships.