awkward tour


I had the opportunity to meet Sarah J. Maas at her Baltimore event on Thursday, and it was absolutely amazing. 

I predicted I would do one of two things upon meeting her: cry or go into shocked silence… . I went into shocked silence. Seriously, I’m glad pictures were taken because I can barely remember what I said, and I’m pretty sure most of my responses consisted of no more than one or two words.

These books mean the world to me, and I cannot begin to express what it felt like to show Sarah my illustrations. I made up a little packet of prints for her and was thrilled to learn she had seen some of my work before! She was incredibly sweet and told me how much it meant to her that I and other fans take the time to do artwork based on her books. She said my Suriel illustration was perfect and I even got a “Wow” from Josh as I quickly shuffled though the images.

I also wanted to thank the group of fans that hunted me down and spirited me away with them. It was great meeting you and I really appreciate the support of my work. I hope I’ll have the opportunity to meet you again. <3 <3 <3

This event was SO worth the road trip in the horrible rain, and I will definitely try to make it to her future events.


Daesung as a wolf
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This somehow just ended up being an excuse to draw Daesung with cute fluffy ears lol I’m sorry. I challenged myself to try different facial expressions outside of what I usually do and it was fun ~ I made tons of sketches b/c wolf ears are unexpectedly hard to draw (they still look kinda awkward tho).


David Duchovny live on 955LOS - 02/14/2017


aaaand it’s done!

Just a lil appreciation video dedicated to Taylor and her famous dance moves that never fail to brighten my day :)

Thank you for all the energy and inspiration @taylorswift ! 😘

Happy Halloween!   Throwback to Olaf Swift, and saluting all the zombie Swifts this year!!

Here is my friend Chris Tyler killing it (ha) as zombie Swift.  Make-up by Daniel Dabdoub. 

Be safe and have a good halloween everyone!

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I figured, hey, since I did a date outfit for Dawn, why not make this one for Dusk? 

He has no idea what he’s doing. But he made the effort to put on a nice shirt and to wear cologne. :D And also, he owns three pair of shoes and they’re all combat boots, so, uh… welp.