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First meeting of Oswald Cobblepot & Edward Nygma (1.15)

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Mean Girls x the @taylorswift school of dance.

So, I now have13k followers and I think after seven years of having this blog and never doing a follow forever that it is necessary for me to finally do one! I really just want to say thank you guys for following my blog, and to all of you have followed me since the beginning..thank you for staying around! Now, I just want to post some blogs that I follow. Some are people I’ve once talked to through this journey, people who I grew lifelong friendships with and some that I admire from afar. I tried to do this in alphabetical order, and I know these aren’t all of the people that I would love to add to this list….since it is URL changing season time and I am not sure who is who! But here we go….

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I just read that Taylor Swift wants to make her mansion a historical monument 😂😂😂😂

i actually thought this was a joke and had to have been from a fake source but i googled it and it’s on BBC news, Fox News, The Inquisitor….she literally wants it to be named a landmark….like i don’t even know what to say fam, she managed to render me speechless with her obscene levels of Extra. She wants her home to be named a historical landmark. A historical landmark. For what exactly?
Someone get the house of the guy who said “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE” turned into a historical landmark bc that’s more Iconic.