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the worst kind of cultural differences are polite kissing differences…. they make everything awkward… 

when you kiss with one cheek but they’re european so they go for the double kiss and you leave them hanging awkwardly… when they’re from somewhere that does three kisses and it’S FUCKING WEIRD WHY THREE, when they’re from somewhere in i think northern south america? where they actually put their lips on your cheek and you’re left feeling gross like why did u do that that’s wet and disgusting… when they’re from somewhere where they don’t kiss at all and you go for it and they kinda jump back and it’s awkward af….the worst…

hesitant | school series 6

characters: you x woojin

summary: hesitating moments with woojin

quote: “i’ll always be by your side”

school series: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10  | 11

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You’re so cute, even when you’re being an awkward dork and asking me to stop you from being an awkward dork you’re cute.

My Fannibal Story

I’m bad at talking to people. I’m bad at participating. So, today is not Fannibal Appreciation Day or Bryan’s birthday and this is not an official project in any way, shape or form, but I feel like putting it out there anyway.

Becoming a Fannibal has not only allowed me to meet the most amazing person on the entire planet, it has also taught me lots of things. Hannibal showed me what it means to push the boundaries of art, to examine humanity’s darkest sides and to see beauty everywhere (plus I’ve got a few new recipes now). While I love all the characters, I’ve been finding Thomas Harris’ work hard to stomach for a long time. As brilliant as it is, it can also be very homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic at times, or just as anachronistic as one would expect. Bryan and his team turned it into something outstanding, something daring and for me personally, the best TV series I’ve ever watched.

Then there’s the fandom itself, which is just downright lovely. Many of you gave me a warm welcome and then it just kind of fizzled out, because everything else would have required me to be sociable.

I don’t contribute all that much, so I might not be on many people’s radar, but I still want to say this:

I love each and every Fannibal from the bottom of my heart. You’re polite and productive, charming, caring and creative, dark and sophisticated. I don’t expect many people to read this, but if you’ve made it through the entire post, thank you! You can run with this tagline if you want, or just rest in the knowledge that you are amazing <3

I sincerely hope you’re all well. Keep on fighting the good fight and have a nice day :)


Jesus Christ this fandom…“Worth It 1.0 Edition”…Part 71/? 🎷🎤


im rlly tired :0

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Also bit sudden but:

Shout out to @edible-opposing-forks, your tags on my works always make me smile so much :’D Thank you so much for always sharing your reactions with me, they’re such a joy to read!

Certainly not just limited to just them, I am so incredibly grateful to everyone for your tags/comments/replies ;A; I read the tags and comments ALL the time (it’s the number one place I turn to when I feel frustrated and am considering ditching a wip) and it makes me so happy when any of you share your thoughts with me <3 Even if it’s just a few words, a rambling spew, shouting, exclamations, anything, it really means a lot to me, so thank you for taking the time to share with me m(_ _)m

So thank you so much guys!!!! You being so awesome reminds me that I’m not just throwing work into a void, that people are reading my comics and feeling something from them, and it motivates me so much to draw and post more ^ ^

where is my batlantern established relationship fic where jason ask them both how does it feel to be the modern live version of pride and prejudice? and everyone just loses their minds

our squad rly wanna do some dnd but we can never get together bc studying abroad so we just. fantasize abt it a lot

Im a halfling bard but since I know literally nothing about music I would probably be one that tells stories (ghost stories). a cloak would definitely help with that vibe but no thats too much work no no no

also I never shared this with you hep cats but here is a pic of me and Beth wearing matching gay outfits mere seconds after having an incredibly awkward interaction with Caity Lotz and Katrina Law


Ok. It’s official. I have gone full Hyperion. Took me waaaaaay too long to do this and I’m so sorry for everything. Gosh what have I done. I kinda have radishezrom and dequidt to thank for for this unhealthy (but enjoyable) Hyperion obsession…. Help. My current wallpaper is the bottom one haha.

Also I’ll most likely upload the individual characters somewhere down the road. When I start organising things. In the meantime, I hope this is pleasing enough. Thanks and have a nice day all!

EDIT: I resized it so I hope it looks less pixelated! Sorry about that guys. :P

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What is your stance on Clarisse LaRue?

Oh god I haven’t read PJO series in a while but from what I can remember? I mean she definitely is a strong female character in regards to the fact that she can definitely hold her own, but she is also such a stereotypical Ares kid, like she kinda represents that. She’s also kinda of a bully from what I remember so? I guess I have mixed feelings, but generally I don’t like her that much.


“A true plague of a girl. And yet a queen in every sense of the word.”
― Renee Ahdieh

thank you to the gorgeous people who tagged me, @junhwon and @swimmingfool 

tbh i have no clue what is even going on in this photo set alskjdfa;g but i never have my life under control so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ oh and i got my screenshots of soonyoung from this adorable video

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[ENG] Haikyuu LN Vol 6 - The ‘Cats’ Of The Future

(Because the precious first year kittens are precious and everything about Nekoma is gold. It’s quite short but I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Not beta’d. The content is under the cut~)

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