awkward sonic photos

anonymous asked:

It took me over a solid week, but I did it. I read all 807.9 pages of this blog. I've looked at every single awkward Sonic photo here. I have seen every single animation failure so far. I've heard the story of the Organ Trail, facepalmed at fanart by 10-year-old you, and laughed at your true stories. And I've truly embraced the awkwardness on a level never reached before. Are you proud of me, Lauren?

I am very proud and very impressed. I’m impressed by everyone who has managed to go through this entire blog. It is certainly an experience. I hope you had fun looking through all of it. This blog is a lot of fun to run. I feel bad I’m not as active with it as I was. Life has certainly caught up to me. But it is my last year of college so hopefully I can pick stuff up. I have much more sonic related stories in my life to share than I should have, more bad art i’ve kept since 6th grade, maybe finish organ trail, and lots more awkward sonic photos to find.