awkward slang

hey what if harry killed liam and this “liam” we have now is just a hologram manufactured by the us government and they still dont know how to do british accent so they just use awkward slangs

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u know how adults sometimes sound embarrassing trying to use old lingo like swag or hella... yeah this is worse than that. i’d prefer the awkward outdated slang over a 47 y/o calling herself a yaoi fangirl.. that sounds like something someone made up in a shitpost i can’t believe this is real

i’m praying to jesus and Naruto himself that it’s someone’s joke sideblog like it can’t be real. it really can’t

I watched the Mayor with my mom and it’s not bad…

But it definitely definitely needs more black input

Most of it feels like what a (liberal) white person thinks what good (non threatening) black working class people act and talk like.

One example was the mother character (who works in a post office?) talking back to cops for no reason other than to be the sassy black mama character. I included the bit about the post office cus ain’t no one going to get arrested over some bs with a nice federal post office job. Also the main character fucks up giving his friends a party permit for no reason other than to show he’s irresponsible lol but he does have his responsible white secretary girl

All the main black characyers are high spirit and dancey and quick witted but Im thankful they don’t force them to use awkward slang or aave.

The writing in the first episode also sputtered and tried to fit too much in (including a lights-speed forced emotional support/reconciliation moment complete with sap music)

Not bad tho & I don’t think it’s racist or nun (and I do like the concept!) but not really relatable to me who’s black and around black people compared to shows like Atlanta (best) or even blackish (similarly written to appeal to yt liberals but not from an outsider perspective)


[MSG: My prince] Hmmm, where are my kisses? I learn how to x and I get none. I am hurt my prince LOL But yes I did mean it. If I didn’t, please presume I got amnesia
[MSG: My prince] You have something for me? Hmm…Interesting. I shall come around some time after 6 if that is okay with you x
[MSG: My prince] I wonder if it’s the black lace panties…. ;)