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Swanqueenweek - Day One - Awkward Situation

Set sometime in the future where Emma and Regina are friends and maybe, mutually, in love with each other.

Regina was warm and comfortable but something was disrupting her sleep.

Her first thought was to reach out for her alarm clock to give herself another five minutes but when her fingers twitched, touching soft skin, she realized that she wasn’t in her bed.

She opened her eyes to see a mass of blonde curls right in front of her face.

The sight of Emma being so close to her made her smile.

Then she frowned, her sleep-laden thoughts trying to stifle her joy at finding herself laying atop of Emma.

They had become friends, that much was true, but it made Regina uneasy how comfortable she felt in Emma’s presence.

It was disconcerting how their level of intimacy had slowly crept up on her. None of it had been a conscious decision. On top of that Regina had lately started to realize that she was helplessly in love, which was why this situation right now was anything but helping.

It was one thing to know her own feelings, it was an entirely different thing to allow them to influence their interactions.

Still, here she was, her head bedded on Emma’s chest, listening to her steady heartbeat, indulging in the moment, while her thoughts veered into very dangerous territory, wishing, imagining…

Suddenly there was a sound from the door.

“Oh, I’m sorry…“

Snow. Regina realized at the same moment that Snow had taken a second look and recognized both of them.

"What is this?!?”

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