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i commissioned this piece from the kind and talented @mesknoxx as a companion to chapter four of my fluffy season three fix it fic – we don’t talk very much (we just fake being nice) – in which clarke and lexa attend an azgeda coronation ball. this is the artist’s rendering of the dresses they wore.


When I first met you, I honestly did not know you were going to be this important to me.

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bughead fanfiction: 

Okay, so some of my earlier chapters to certain fics were not posted onto this blog, but on my old blog, which is now deleted. Because of this, I am going to link all my fics to AO3, which, truthfully, is where I prefer people to read them anyway. I apologize if you disapprove, but it’s just easier that way. 

So, just know, the links below will redirect you there. 

all of my bughead fics


blush:  “His hand gives an awkward pat to her shoulder as her fingers grip the lapels, a shy smile spreading across her face like the pretty pink flush on her cheeks. “Thank you, Jughead.” Betty says softly, pushing her arms through the sleeves and tugging the jacket tight around her.” [au]

resplendent:  “A bright light all her own, his shadows are drenched in her radiance.“ [nsfw, au]

i know: The words stare at her with mocking. They stare at her, yelling the truths she’s thought time and time again in her mind, “Those Coopers—they’re crazy.” [post 1x05]

three words: “Betty is an addiction Jughead never wants to be rid of.” [nsfw]

assumptions:  “Betty’s blue eyes move rapidly over his face, watching his lips spew words that shift the ground beneath her like a black hole. The surety he has in his assumptions make her furious, and she’s suddenly glaring at him with pursed lips.” [jealous!juggie, au]

breathe:  “What was happening? The panic inside her was heightening—webbing itself into the deepest part of her veins and seizing the very basic function of what Jughead was asking her to do. She can’t breathe.” [post 1x06]

love, uninterrupted:   “Almost like an epiphany, she saw him—really saw him. Like sunlight peeking out from foggy mist, he was clarity, pure and true. She opened her eyes and he was new before her, yet… the same.” [slight nsfw]

stars:  “Despite the gritty, gravelly exterior he presents to the world, Jughead is the epitome of sweet toward her. He’s tender and considerate and just the right amount of reticent to be endearing. And though she loves that about him, Betty’s not in the mood for slow and sweet.” [nsfw]

hunger pains: “Jughead,” Betty begins, startling him as he spins around, spatula in hand. She folds her arms over her chest and raises a brow. “It’s two in the morning.” Jughead grins before turning back to his food, clicking the volume from his phone down as he shrugs. “I’m hungry.” [au]

good times:  “For a moment, the fleeting discovery that she’s actually quite stunning in her candid genuity breaches his thoughts before he quickly pushes that feeling down. ” [au]

drop in the ocean:  “She can feel the tickle and scrape of coarse sand against their bare legs, but pays it no mind. Her focus is consumed with her boyfriend’s touch and the trail of heat his fingers leave against her skin.” [nsfw]

drown:  “Loss… injustice…unfairness… it’s the ugly truth of life. There doesn’t have to be a reason or a person to blame. Sometimes, misfortune just is.” [miscarriage, angst]

red lipstick: "She pulls the passenger mirror down and wipes her red lipstick off, smudging the color across her skin and marking it in a way that reminds Jughead of bee stung lips after a kiss.” [comics-ish au]

goldilocks:  “Her hair just does something to him.” [short oneshot, nsfw]

touch me, tease me: “Jughead is enamored with her, her blonde hair spilling over them like a lustrous curtain and enhancing the sounds of their breathing. He wants to declare his eternal love. He wants to pour out sonnets and ballads and write novels about every freckle on her skin, every blue shade in her eye. He wants to trace his fingers over every inch of her body until there’s no part he hasn’t memorized.” [very nsfw]


red sunrise:  “Lifting her hand up, her thumb twirls the band on her ring finger until the diamond digs into her pinky. She pushes the jewel against the skin until it stings, redirecting her emotional pain into the physical.” [zombie au]

stranger than fiction:  "If he weren’t so perplexed and shaken by what was happening, he may have thought she was pretty. But, if she was a figment his imagination, then of course she’d be pretty. He’d imagined her—no! He wasn’t imagining her.“ [supernatural au, brief hiatus]

dust to dust: “Betty’s head snaps over toward the boy, his lanky form leaning over his patio with the cigarette hanging from his fingers. Her stomach turns strangely at the way the moonlight highlights his features, accentuating his cheekbones and the inky black hair that falls over his eyes in soft curls.

He raises a brow at her and takes a deep drag of his cig before continuing. “Welcome to Riverdale.” [very au]


like home

persephone “She’d been devastated when Jughead suggested they take some time apart, of course she had—but… somewhere in her mind, she’d been so sure in believing this was nothing but a small hurdle for them.” [au, nsfw]

feels like home:  “Bringing his knuckles to his lips, Jughead stares out into the traffic with a content look. He was ready to go home.” [future-fic]

where the heart is

lost and found: “Maybe as a seventeen-year-old, sneaking kisses with the blonde he’d been in love with at the time—maybe he’d had a thought or two of her as a mother; a boy’s fantasy of the blissful domesticity he never had.” [future-fic, au]

to build a home a series of one-shots in the universe of "lost and found” [domestic bughead]

somewhere in time [period piece series]

thus, with a kiss: “He’s the lowly servant, she is the daughter of a nobleman…they are so different, so achingly different, he forces himself to remember this is the right decision, however wrong it may feel." 

out of nowhere: "Jughead thinks of the song that came on when she’d said yes to their date. It had been the one she’d sang when he was first injured, and it had been the song that was playing when he stood outside the hospital, healed and discharged, ordered to return to duty.” [wwii au]

in this city

brick walls:  “He’s found home; and not in the age-worn bricked walls surrounding him, but in someone.” [future-fic]

in distance: “It’s the little things he notices that make him ache for her to come back home.” [nsfw]

Commoner Jason Todd falling in love with a Princess

•Unlike his fellow brothers Jason didn’t work for any nobles or kings.

•In fact he was quite the opposite.

•He was a theif.

•Stealing not only for his own good, but the majority for others.

•Througout the kingdom he became known as the local Red Hood, for the red hood he always wore when committing his crimes.

•Now as a princess you knew how the Red Hood was the “threat” throughout the nobles.

•Although you would miss your luxuries if they were to be stolen, he gave them to the poor, something you always earned to do.

•Due to your money filled Father he was not too kind on giving to the poor.

•So you thought his deeds were actually quite good.

•Within a few weeks your castle was the next known target for the Red Hood’s attack.

•Your Father boosted his knights to the max and prepared for the long night ahead.

•Curious you stood up to see if he would really infiltrate the castle.

•The Red Hood never actually hurt anyone during his stealings so you were 70% sure you weren’t going to get hurt.

•Around 2 am you heard the faintest creaks below your bedroom, the ballroom.

•Swiftly you got up and went to the source of the creaking.

•Hiding by the door you saw a tall figure softly opening and closing the cupboards.

•His Red Hood softly glowed from the moonlight.

•”Shit, there’s nothing here.” You heard him mumble.

•Gathering up your courage you crept out of your hiding place, “You would have to go to the third drawing room for anything valuable sir.”

•With amazing speed a dark green sphere flew towards your head.

•But your natural instincts kicked in and you caught the sphere before pelting it right back st him.

•Red Hood doubled over in pain clutching his shoulder.

•”Are you alright?” You said concerned.

•”I’m….. fine.” He managed to grumble out.

•”I can show you where the valuables are at?” You tried to coax him out of his pain.

•”This is probably a trap.”

•”It is not.”

•You promptly got up and opened the cupboard He was just looking at. After a couple seconds you pulled out a priceless golden statue.

•Sticking it in his bag you pulled him up.

•”Consider this my families unknowingly donation to the poor.”

•Jason speechlessly followed you as you have him luxuries that you deemed useless to the family.

•Avoiding the guards you finally left him to the back garden.

•”Er. Thanks for the help Princess.”


•Jason nodded, “I’m Jason so yeah uhhh If you want to turn me in or something.”

•You smiled, “I probably won’t do that.”

•”Well I hope to see you another way then.”

•With a awkward nod he made his way into the night.

•You awoke to the frantic cries of your Father, but honestly you were happy. You heard that your deeds helped a local town in need.

•It was weeks ago since Jason came into your castle.

•But he couldn’t seem to shake you out of his thoughts.

•He remembered how your face looked in the moonlight.

•And the small smile you made during that night.

•You were so enchanting, but he only knew your name.

•”What’s our Robin Hood thinking of this time?” Dick teasingly asked.

•”Nothing much.”

•”Your head seems to be in the clouds lately… Has a Princess finally caught your heart in your midnight sneakings?”

•It was too long a pause before he answer “….no”

•Dick rose his eyebrows with a “oooooh?”

•”I could give you some information on the majority of the princesses… if you want to know anything.”

•Now usually Jason would deny Dick’s offer, but he HAD to know.

•”What’s Princess (Name) like?”

•”Ooh, (Name) huh? She’s not stuck up at all, very kind and giving girl, when I come to visit she’s one of the best to talk to.”

•”Would you like to meet her?” Dick asked.

•And just like that Jason ended up helping Dick on his usual jobs around the castle.

•Naturally Being Dick’s brother and undeniably a heart throb Jason was the instant talk.

•Against your will your friends dragged you to see this new mystery guy.

•But when you saw him he was no mystery at all.

•Red Hood stared back at you with the same confused look.

•Dick smiled and somehow managed to convince your friends to leave you two in private.

•It was awkward.

•So awkward.

•”How’s your shoulder?” You asked.

•”Didn’t expect you to throw it back.”

•”Sorry I usually don’t let things get thrown at my head.”

•Jason grinned, he liked your attitude.

•”I used your families.. donations… for a good cause.”

•”Good, glad we can do something useful.”

•Jason got a good look at your face, it was even more beautiful in the day.

•”Will you be coming to the castle more often, on daytime terms?”

•”Sure… Maybe?.. whatever Dick decides.” Jason could barely finish a sentence without mixing up his words, you had that effect on him.

•”It would be lovely to get to know you regardless if it’s the day or night.”

•Jason’s cheeks blushed slightly at your comment, although it was a pure intention he had different thoughts.

•But seing his blush you quickly realized,

•”For talking! Only talking… aha.. it would be… not proper for any other action..”

•Jason was definitely going to come back.

i swear to god, possibly the funniest moment in the whole series, the part where i lose it every fucking time, is john’s reaction to mary when he finds out she’s pregnant

he fuckin claps her on the shoulder

i hope to god that my husband would kiss me or hug me or show any kind of loving marital sentiment at all, but no, he’s gone with the reaction of an emotionally constipated father congratulating his teenage son on making the varsity baseball team

like, “heeeeeeeeey….good job on that, buddy /awkward shoulder grab” and then a decade later you’re in therapy wondering why dad never showed you any real affection

Seventeen as Dads

Request: i looove your kpop groups as dads posts. could you do seventeen?


  • born preprogrammed with fathering experience
  • multitasks like a champ
  • stern father voice followed by a wink
  • somehow talks his partner into buying a minivan
  • proud af behind the wheel of his minivan
  • assigned seating for the entire seventeen brood in his minivan
  • never misses a dance recital, spelling bee, or soccer game

Originally posted by seventns


  • purveyor of the child leash
  • when baby naps, daddy naps
  • “what does no mean?”
  • and literally will not stop nagging until his kid gives up and responds “no means no”
  • doesn’t know whether to be proud or taken aback by his offspring’s sass levels
  • somehow always sporting his daughter’s nail polish
  • brags that his child’s first word was daddy even though it wasn’t

Originally posted by seungheol


  • sweet lil prayers before bed
  • and before dinner
  • and before playdates with hansol’s kids
  • strums popular songs on his guitar, but changes the words to be poop-centric
  • because he lives for his child’s giggles
  • never gets mad at anything, only disappointed 
  • first and foremost, teaches the kids to be hella moral

Originally posted by visual-17


  • excited by everything parenting
  • will not put the baby down for the first week
  • “jun, honey, i can feed the baby” “NO I GOT IT”
  • eventually having to give up the baby because he needs food and sleep
  • blowing tummy raspberries
  • his kid will get tired of peekaboo long before he ever does
  • still waiting for superman is back to reach out to him

Originally posted by dxngsichxng


  • box fort architect
  • thought it was a good idea to brew real tea for the tea party
  • real hot tea all over his lap when his daughter spills it mid-pour
  • and hosh is like, “this is fine, everything is okay, my crotch isn’t on fire right now”
  • dancing on daddy’s toes
  • too soft for discipline

Originally posted by hosoeks


  • tol dad with tol child
  • incites fear via facial expressions
  • seriously doesn’t have to say a word and his kids are shitting bricks
  • purveyor of thirty minutes of reading before bed
  • pretends to not notice the flashlight under the covers when he finds out his child actually loves to read
  • homework help sessions
  • sundays in the vegetable garden with dad

Originally posted by hosoeks


  • smol dad with smol child
  • gently tugs on his son’s legs while he’s sleeping in hopes it will encourage bone growth
  • proud of his piano prodigy
  • and drums. and guitar
  • kid just inherited all of his skills, okay?
  • motivational speeches before piano recitals 
  • followed by an awkward shoulder pat and hair ruffle

Originally posted by letmebangteen


  • leader of the tiny dokyeom army
  • seriously, kids are tiny carbon copies of him
  • should’ve seen the first time he tried to change a diaper
  • emphasis on the word try
  • and he does try his hardest to be a level headed/kind father and succeeds most of the time
  • until it’s time for discipline and it physically pains him
  • so he opts for abrasive hugs as punishment instead

Originally posted by hoshinoyas


  • always has snacks
  • french braid master
  • “oh, your mommy did such a good job on your hair!” “…actually my dad…”
  • eats more of the baby food than the actual baby does
  • matching family outfits
  • literally everyone in the family has on the same color
  • somehow impervious to poopy diaper smell

Originally posted by saysvteen


  • shy lil nose boops
  • a lot of initial surveillance from afar
  • impromptu b-boy lessons with the neighborhood kids
  • savage clapbacks when the kids make excuses
  • followed  by gentle head pats of reassurance that he’s not actually mad
  • buys a puppy so it can “grow up with the child”
  • really it’s just a lot of tiny creatures pooping all the time

Originally posted by camera-seventeen


  • more of seungkwan’s face in the family home videos than the actual children
  • bed time stories are a theatrical event
  • a lot of happy tears
  • hella dramatic when it’s his turn for diaper duty
  • i’m talking face mask, apron, and rubber gloves
  • freestyles nursery rhymes (vocal riffs included)
  • pretends like he doesn’t know where his kid inherited tHAT LOUD ASS VOICE

Originally posted by fabulous-girl-here


  • advocate for allowing his children to dress themselves
  • always ending up looking like a family of hobos
  • snickering when his kid drops the f-bomb for the first time
  • “i mean..what i meant to say was…that’s not a good word, buddy”
  • kids unearthing his science videos
  • begrudgingly helps them create their own science videos
  • rap battles over the last dinner roll

Originally posted by lonexsamurai


  • baby trying to figure out how to raise a baby
  • just kinda winging it
  • lives for cuddles with baby
  • so he has like three different types of front carriers
  • makes his child’s legs dance whenever they’re in it
  • “look at his skill!” “chan, darling, you’re moving his legs”
  • always has the damn kid strapped to him

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Why I’m so nuts for YOI

YOI flipped my switch in a big way, in a head-over-heels way, in a Victor-dancing-with-Yuri-at-the-GPF-banquet-and-realizing-this-was-it way, and I’ve been thinking lately about why it is that I love it SO much. There are so many reasons. A million reasons. A gazillion reasons under the cut because I’m not as cruel to stick this much text at once into your dash.

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with | for @righteousman

Dean wakes with a start.

It’s dark, he’s in his room. In his bed. Internal clock says it’s around 4 am. He’s lying on his side, and his face is wet. Dean doesn’t know what he’s dreamed, and he’s got zero desire to prob at his mind and find out. He didn’t sweat through his tee, so no nightmare.

He’s rolled away from Cas a little in his sleep, but Cas’ arm is still resting on his hip, the tips of his fingers grazing Dean’s soft belly. From the sound of his even breathing, Cas is still fast asleep. Dean inhales deeply and swallows, rubs at the tear tracks on his cheeks. This is stupid. Nothing bad even happened yesterday. He wasn’t sad when they went to bed. Okay so they didn’t have sex, and Dean sleeps better after sex. There’d been kissing, and then yawning interrupting the kissing, so they’d just called it a night and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Now, there’s an ache in Dean’s chest that makes him want to curl up in a ball, keep the world away.

Dean could get out of bed, let Cas sleep. Take a shower and hope his eyes won’t be red in the morning. Dean sniffs and rubs at his cheeks again, then rolls over and buries his face in Cas’ chest. Cas is sleeping naked as he usually does, and he smells like that stupid citrus soap he likes, and Dean’s eyes tear up all over again. He shuffles even closer, throws an arm around Cas’ thick waist, presses his nose into Cas’ skin. Closes his eyes, breathes.

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A Simple Suggestion - Ch.2

Originally posted by ladyofacat

the first chapter of this really gained some surprising traction?? like 1.5k notes??? so i decided i would continue this as another fanfic. i really love you all like dang

A Simple Suggestion
Summary: Breaks from patrol often allow time for Ladybug and Chat Noir to talk and be themselves. But when a silly joke starts to seem all that…well, not silly, the two find themselves considering something neither of them had ever before: moving in together. The tricky part is still keeping their identities a secret.
Rated: T
Pairing(s): Ladybug/Chat Noir

Chapter 2 - A Discussion
Word count: 3,939
Also read on: ao3

<< Previous Chapter | Next Chapter >>

Telling her parents that she was ready to move out was the easy part.

The look on Tom and Sabine’s faces had been proud yet somber when Marinette sat them down a week prior to confess that she’d been thinking about becoming more independent. Although she did relish in the love that her parents showered upon her day by day, and adored the cozy familiarity of her childhood home, Marinette knew life would be easier on her own.

(Well, as “on her own” as she could get living with her magical, spandex-clad superhero of a partner.)

Still, over the years dashing back and forth as Ladybug had become a bit of a problem. While her parents did go to bed rather early, they were delicate sleepers and woke to the slightest of noises. Prancing around the city all night and doing flips on her balcony (and accidentally smashing a potted plant or two in her landings) was a quick way to give them a startling awakening.

And, while they mostly allowed Marinette her privacy, they were a bit…invasive. So invasive at times that she had just destransformed by the skin of her teeth before they’d crashed through her trapdoor as if there was a fire burning in the kitchen, just to see how their precious daughter was doing.

It wasn’t that she was ungrateful. Marinette loved her parents dearly and couldn’t imagine life without them. She just…needed some personal space.

“So you’re really moving out?” Sabine asked as they shared dinner at their table, Marinette poking at her food with her fork. “Are you at least going to stay close?”

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star wars AU where everything is the same, with one exception: the skywalkers all know about each other and know they are all related. They are still loyal to their respective organizations, still raised by the same people. They just–know they are related. Like if Bail had told Leia about Anakin Skywalker, so Leia went to Tattooine and met Luke. And then Vader (because of course Vader is spying on Bail) heard about it, but otherwise nothing changes.

- so the first scene in ANH quite literally ends with “ARGH LEIA GO TO YOUR ROOM.” “FINE I WILL BUT YOU AREN’T MY REAL DAD” “I am absolutely your real dad that is WHY WE ARE HAVING THIS CONVERSATION AND YOU ARE NOT DEAD.”

- Alderaan blows up and it results in awkward shoulder pats from Vader and a half-hearted “have you considered using your rage for the dark side?” speech, which Leia promptly ignores.

- Luke rescues Leia. Leia immediately tells Luke “Do not tell Han we are related. I want to fuck with him.” to which Luke sighs “ugh Leia again?” implying that this is not the first time Leia has hooked up with a dude and made him jealous by hanging out with her brother.

- “THAT’S NOT COOL DAD! STOP KILLING OUR FRIENDS!” after Obi-Wan dies. Vader yells back “HE HID YOU FROM ME FOR 20 YEARS!!!! HE DESERVES TO DIE!” “yeah okay that’s fair”

- on Bespin: “You’re dating this idiot?” to which Leia glares and says, quite plainly, that Vader has no authority over who she chooses to date.

- instead of fighting, Luke and Vader just chill on Bespin until Leia picks Luke up. Vader once again attempts to convince Luke to join the Dark Side. Luke goes “Dad you don’t even like Palpatine. Half the time you try and convince us to join you just to defeat him. Why don’t you join the Rebel Alliance huh?” And Vader mutters some half-hearted Jedi bullshit about how once someone joins the darkside they can never leave and besides the rebels would never accepted him and HONESTLY HE JUST WANTS TO SPEND TIME WITH HIS KIDS so maybe he will think about it

- Vader finds out what happened on Tattooine, and sends both Luke and Leia like half a million credits each and a super encouraging encrypted email talking about how proud he is of them for KILLING A HUTT that Leia absolutely does not keep shhh SHUT UP HAN why are you going through her stuff anyway huh???

- basically, all of the awkward dad vader attempting to parent his children while also fighting them.

London:Day One

The eighteenth installment of The Live On Tour Series:

Harry’s back in London.

He knows it hasn’t been long since he’s set foot in England’s capital (he’s been gone for about four days) but to him it’s felt like ages.It feels like he hasn’t been here for a long time,longer than a few days because he hasn’t talked to Y/N since he left, and whenever he doesn’t talk to his best friend,time always seems to pass slowly.

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Two Player Game {Jeremy Heere x Squipped!Reader}

request:  ANONYMOUS:if it isn’t too much of a problem, could you please do a BMC Jeremey Heere X Reader that takes place after the whole SQUIP thing and the reader is new to the school and her parents somehow found out about the SQUIP and got it to help with social anxiety before they moved, but it brings her to come closer to Jer and Michael (and get a crush on Jeremey) but the SQUIP kinda starts the do the evil thing (lol me being lazy) and they have to help eject it? Sorry! I hope makes sense. And thank you 💕

I’ve had so much fun writing this!!!! I love!!!! Jeremy!!!! Heere!!!!!

warnings: swearing!! abusive behavior??? fluff!!!!!!!

word count: 5000

Moving in the middle of your senior year wasn’t the best thing that’d ever happened to you. And moving to New Jersey? What the hell? Who the hell voluntarily moves to New Jersey in December? Oh, right. Your parents.

They weren’t bad people, they were just… misguided. They’ve always “wanted what was best for you” or something, which is why they were vegan, Buddhist (or something, you’ve got no clue anymore), and practicing this “quiet lifestyle”.

You weren’t like them, perfect and pristine and quiet and comfortable. So that’s where the SQUIP came in.

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The mbti types and hugs.

[because I’m bored]

ESFP: a quick/energetic yet sincere hug

ISFP: long and comforting. A little squeeze before they pull away

ISFJ: gentle hug, and a little stiff

ESFJ: usually a side hug for formalitys sake

ISTP: a rare, Fe induced bear hug you can’t escape from for days

ESTP: rushed and rough (*cough*) and often used as a tool to torment introverts

ESTJ: brief and professional. Unless it’s a group hug. You’ll be crushed with indirect affection. Repeatedly.

ISTJ: awkward side hug, complete with equally awkward shoulder pat

INTJ: cold, incredibly forced, and one you probably won’t remember because they’ll gaslight you immediately after you’ve stopped crying

ENTJ: your joints and spine will pop in or out of place, and you won’t be released for a solid 10-15 seconds. Both your worst nightmare and greatest gift

INFP: many periodic hugs. They might cry.

INFJ: comforting yet removed hug. Might say something in your ear as they pull away. Results vary

ENFJ: you might cry. Actually yes, you will. That’s why they’re hugging you.

ENFP: many long hugs. You’ll have to ask to be let go. Or, ya know, attempt to pry them off.

INTP: what is “hug”? And why is it necessary?

ENTP: purposely lengthens the hug and refuses to let go until you want to stab them. Secretly needed it themselves. (Tert-Fe, I swear)