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When I first met you, I honestly did not know you were going to be this important to me.

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bughead fanfiction: 

Okay, so some of my earlier chapters to certain fics were not posted onto this blog, but on my old blog, which is now deleted. Because of this, I am going to link all my fics to AO3, which, truthfully, is where I prefer people to read them anyway. I apologize if you disapprove, but it’s just easier that way. 

So, just know, the links below will redirect you there. 

all of my bughead fics


blush:  “His hand gives an awkward pat to her shoulder as her fingers grip the lapels, a shy smile spreading across her face like the pretty pink flush on her cheeks. “Thank you, Jughead.” Betty says softly, pushing her arms through the sleeves and tugging the jacket tight around her.” [au]

resplendent:  “A bright light all her own, his shadows are drenched in her radiance.“ [nsfw, au]

i know: The words stare at her with mocking. They stare at her, yelling the truths she’s thought time and time again in her mind, “Those Coopers—they’re crazy.” [post 1x05]

three words: “Betty is an addiction Jughead never wants to be rid of.” [nsfw]

assumptions:  “Betty’s blue eyes move rapidly over his face, watching his lips spew words that shift the ground beneath her like a black hole. The surety he has in his assumptions make her furious, and she’s suddenly glaring at him with pursed lips.” [jealous!juggie, au]

breathe:  “What was happening? The panic inside her was heightening—webbing itself into the deepest part of her veins and seizing the very basic function of what Jughead was asking her to do. She can’t breathe.” [post 1x06]

love, uninterrupted:   “Almost like an epiphany, she saw him—really saw him. Like sunlight peeking out from foggy mist, he was clarity, pure and true. She opened her eyes and he was new before her, yet… the same.” [slight nsfw]

stars:  “Despite the gritty, gravelly exterior he presents to the world, Jughead is the epitome of sweet toward her. He’s tender and considerate and just the right amount of reticent to be endearing. And though she loves that about him, Betty’s not in the mood for slow and sweet.” [nsfw]

hunger pains: “Jughead,” Betty begins, startling him as he spins around, spatula in hand. She folds her arms over her chest and raises a brow. “It’s two in the morning.” Jughead grins before turning back to his food, clicking the volume from his phone down as he shrugs. “I’m hungry.” [au]

good times:  “For a moment, the fleeting discovery that she’s actually quite stunning in her candid genuity breaches his thoughts before he quickly pushes that feeling down. ” [au]

drop in the ocean:  “She can feel the tickle and scrape of coarse sand against their bare legs, but pays it no mind. Her focus is consumed with her boyfriend’s touch and the trail of heat his fingers leave against her skin.” [nsfw]

drown:  “Loss… injustice…unfairness… it’s the ugly truth of life. There doesn’t have to be a reason or a person to blame. Sometimes, misfortune just is.” [miscarriage, angst]

red lipstick: "She pulls the passenger mirror down and wipes her red lipstick off, smudging the color across her skin and marking it in a way that reminds Jughead of bee stung lips after a kiss.” [comics-ish au]

goldilocks:  “Her hair just does something to him.” [short oneshot, nsfw]

touch me, tease me: “Jughead is enamored with her, her blonde hair spilling over them like a lustrous curtain and enhancing the sounds of their breathing. He wants to declare his eternal love. He wants to pour out sonnets and ballads and write novels about every freckle on her skin, every blue shade in her eye. He wants to trace his fingers over every inch of her body until there’s no part he hasn’t memorized.” [very nsfw]


red sunrise:  “Lifting her hand up, her thumb twirls the band on her ring finger until the diamond digs into her pinky. She pushes the jewel against the skin until it stings, redirecting her emotional pain into the physical.” [zombie au]

stranger than fiction:  "If he weren’t so perplexed and shaken by what was happening, he may have thought she was pretty. But, if she was a figment his imagination, then of course she’d be pretty. He’d imagined her—no! He wasn’t imagining her.“ [supernatural au, brief hiatus]

dust to dust: “Betty’s head snaps over toward the boy, his lanky form leaning over his patio with the cigarette hanging from his fingers. Her stomach turns strangely at the way the moonlight highlights his features, accentuating his cheekbones and the inky black hair that falls over his eyes in soft curls.

He raises a brow at her and takes a deep drag of his cig before continuing. “Welcome to Riverdale.” [very au]


like home

persephone “She’d been devastated when Jughead suggested they take some time apart, of course she had—but… somewhere in her mind, she’d been so sure in believing this was nothing but a small hurdle for them.” [au, nsfw]

feels like home:  “Bringing his knuckles to his lips, Jughead stares out into the traffic with a content look. He was ready to go home.” [future-fic]

where the heart is

lost and found: “Maybe as a seventeen-year-old, sneaking kisses with the blonde he’d been in love with at the time—maybe he’d had a thought or two of her as a mother; a boy’s fantasy of the blissful domesticity he never had.” [future-fic, au]

to build a home a series of one-shots in the universe of "lost and found” [domestic bughead]

somewhere in time [period piece series]

thus, with a kiss: “He’s the lowly servant, she is the daughter of a nobleman…they are so different, so achingly different, he forces himself to remember this is the right decision, however wrong it may feel." 

out of nowhere: "Jughead thinks of the song that came on when she’d said yes to their date. It had been the one she’d sang when he was first injured, and it had been the song that was playing when he stood outside the hospital, healed and discharged, ordered to return to duty.” [wwii au]

in this city

brick walls:  “He’s found home; and not in the age-worn bricked walls surrounding him, but in someone.” [future-fic]

in distance: “It’s the little things he notices that make him ache for her to come back home.” [nsfw]

i swear to god, possibly the funniest moment in the whole series, the part where i lose it every fucking time, is john’s reaction to mary when he finds out she’s pregnant

he fuckin claps her on the shoulder

i hope to god that my husband would kiss me or hug me or show any kind of loving marital sentiment at all, but no, he’s gone with the reaction of an emotionally constipated father congratulating his teenage son on making the varsity baseball team

like, “heeeeeeeeey….good job on that, buddy /awkward shoulder grab” and then a decade later you’re in therapy wondering why dad never showed you any real affection

Why I’m so nuts for YOI

YOI flipped my switch in a big way, in a head-over-heels way, in a Victor-dancing-with-Yuri-at-the-GPF-banquet-and-realizing-this-was-it way, and I’ve been thinking lately about why it is that I love it SO much. There are so many reasons. A million reasons. A gazillion reasons under the cut because I’m not as cruel to stick this much text at once into your dash.

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Seventeen as Dads

Request: i looove your kpop groups as dads posts. could you do seventeen?


  • born preprogrammed with fathering experience
  • multitasks like a champ
  • stern father voice followed by a wink
  • somehow talks his partner into buying a minivan
  • proud af behind the wheel of his minivan
  • assigned seating for the entire seventeen brood in his minivan
  • never misses a dance recital, spelling bee, or soccer game

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  • purveyor of the child leash
  • when baby naps, daddy naps
  • “what does no mean?”
  • and literally will not stop nagging until his kid gives up and responds “no means no”
  • doesn’t know whether to be proud or taken aback by his offspring’s sass levels
  • somehow always sporting his daughter’s nail polish
  • brags that his child’s first word was daddy even though it wasn’t

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  • sweet lil prayers before bed
  • and before dinner
  • and before playdates with hansol’s kids
  • strums popular songs on his guitar, but changes the words to be poop-centric
  • because he lives for his child’s giggles
  • never gets mad at anything, only disappointed 
  • first and foremost, teaches the kids to be hella moral

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  • excited by everything parenting
  • will not put the baby down for the first week
  • “jun, honey, i can feed the baby” “NO I GOT IT”
  • eventually having to give up the baby because he needs food and sleep
  • blowing tummy raspberries
  • his kid will get tired of peekaboo long before he ever does
  • still waiting for superman is back to reach out to him

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  • box fort architect
  • thought it was a good idea to brew real tea for the tea party
  • real hot tea all over his lap when his daughter spills it mid-pour
  • and hosh is like, “this is fine, everything is okay, my crotch isn’t on fire right now”
  • dancing on daddy’s toes
  • too soft for discipline

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  • tol dad with tol child
  • incites fear via facial expressions
  • seriously doesn’t have to say a word and his kids are shitting bricks
  • purveyor of thirty minutes of reading before bed
  • pretends to not notice the flashlight under the covers when he finds out his child actually loves to read
  • homework help sessions
  • sundays in the vegetable garden with dad

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  • smol dad with smol child
  • gently tugs on his son’s legs while he’s sleeping in hopes it will encourage bone growth
  • proud of his piano prodigy
  • and drums. and guitar
  • kid just inherited all of his skills, okay?
  • motivational speeches before piano recitals 
  • followed by an awkward shoulder pat and hair ruffle

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  • leader of the tiny dokyeom army
  • seriously, kids are tiny carbon copies of him
  • should’ve seen the first time he tried to change a diaper
  • emphasis on the word try
  • and he does try his hardest to be a level headed/kind father and succeeds most of the time
  • until it’s time for discipline and it physically pains him
  • so he opts for abrasive hugs as punishment instead

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  • always has snacks
  • french braid master
  • “oh, your mommy did such a good job on your hair!” “…actually my dad…”
  • eats more of the baby food than the actual baby does
  • matching family outfits
  • literally everyone in the family has on the same color
  • somehow impervious to poopy diaper smell

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  • shy lil nose boops
  • a lot of initial surveillance from afar
  • impromptu b-boy lessons with the neighborhood kids
  • savage clapbacks when the kids make excuses
  • followed  by gentle head pats of reassurance that he’s not actually mad
  • buys a puppy so it can “grow up with the child”
  • really it’s just a lot of tiny creatures pooping all the time

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  • more of seungkwan’s face in the family home videos than the actual children
  • bed time stories are a theatrical event
  • a lot of happy tears
  • hella dramatic when it’s his turn for diaper duty
  • i’m talking face mask, apron, and rubber gloves
  • freestyles nursery rhymes (vocal riffs included)
  • pretends like he doesn’t know where his kid inherited tHAT LOUD ASS VOICE

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  • advocate for allowing his children to dress themselves
  • always ending up looking like a family of hobos
  • snickering when his kid drops the f-bomb for the first time
  • “i mean..what i meant to say was…that’s not a good word, buddy”
  • kids unearthing his science videos
  • begrudgingly helps them create their own science videos
  • rap battles over the last dinner roll

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  • baby trying to figure out how to raise a baby
  • just kinda winging it
  • lives for cuddles with baby
  • so he has like three different types of front carriers
  • makes his child’s legs dance whenever they’re in it
  • “look at his skill!” “chan, darling, you’re moving his legs”
  • always has the damn kid strapped to him

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Bucky X Reader

Written by: Hannah

Prompt: Okay so I just requested a Tony Stark x Reader one but I thought I’d throw out another idea: “decorating Bucky’s arm with Christmas themed magnets”

Notes: Hello world!! I’m not dead!! School just incapacitated me for a bit! I was so excited to write Christmas fic but then I got into another fandom and never got around to it. Now that Mo’s clearing out some of the inbox I thought I’d rise from the depths of hell too. Also it was never specified for a pairing in the prompt, so I just kinda went with the group teasing Bucky :P Enjoy!

Warning(s): None.

Word Count: 869

(y/n) had always loved Christmas with the Avengers. It had become a tradition to make cookies every weekend (since Thor would eat almost a half of them the next day), have constant movie marathons, and meticulously decorate the facility.

Everything got even more hectic when they started living at the facility. It got even worse when Bucky started living with everyone.

Bucky, while not the most social person, certainly wasn’t the worst person to talk to, as (y/n) had found out. He was distant but could hold a good conversation, especially entertaining ones. Sometimes Steve swore he could see bits of the old Bucky bleed through when (y/n) talked with him. Of course it’d taken everyone a while to get used to his distant nature, but eventually he’d been welcomed into the family.

(y/n) smiled when they realized what came with families. With families came games, fighting, pranks, and so much more. Bucky was currently experiencing the game or prank phase.

“Oh my god, if anyone sticks another freaking magnet on me I’m going to personally assassinate them!” Bucky hissed, realizing a little too late that Clint had stuck magnets on his metal arm. They spelled out the word ‘dick’.

(y/n) laughed and walked over, taking them off and patting his metal shoulder. Bucky sighed and was about to respond before he heard an audible tink! He sat there for a moment before considering his friend before him.

They were giggling. Bucky narrowed his eyes, which made (y/n) laugh more. From on the couch Clint, Scott, and Tony started wailing with laughter, also realizing what (y/n) had done.

“Did…you just- did you not hear what I just said?!” Bucky asked, eyes wide in disbelief. He reached over the back of his shoulder and pulled off a Rudolf magnet. “Seriously?”

Tony lost it and fell off the couch. (y/n) snorted with laughter and had to lean against a wall, grinning lopsidedly at their crush and best friend. Bucky just frowned and folded his arms.

That happened to be the umpteenth time that somebody had stuck magnets on Bucky’s arm. It’d happened all throughout the week before, to the point where it became a game. Whoever could stick more magnet on Bucky without him noticing won. It was a little tricky, since Bucky was always alert and feeling testy, but so far Natasha was tied with Clint at nine magnets.

The following week, Bucky sat reading a book in the lounge. (y/n) was cuddling with him, reading too. They snuck another magnet onto his elbow, which prompted him to frown and gaze at them. (y/n) shrugged and smirked, going back to their book.

During a training session Thor threw one onto Bucky’s arm, causing the Winter Soldier to stop and squint at the god before him. Steve ran by and slapped another one on while taking cover from Tony’s repulsor rays.

Sam was eating breakfast with Wanda and Vision two weeks before Christmas. Bucky joined them, but promptly left when all three managed to stick one on his arm as soon as he sat down. Scott walked in as he was leaving and shamelessly left a Santa Claus magnet on his shoulder.

“You know, I’m starting to get real sick of this.” Bucky grunted, picking off magnets from an awkward spot on his shoulder. So far they spelled out the phrase ‘Tony waz here’.

(y/n) and Steve exchanged a glance. Steve chuckled and took the magnets, placing them on the refrigerator a few feet away.

“Why not just accept it? I mean, having a metal arm could be helpful.”

How, exactly?” Bucky raised an eyebrow.

“Tony could magnetize it or make it so you could control it,” (y/n) suggested. “It’d be good for keeping important metal objects with you, or stop you from losing your keys- or even remembering things!”

Bucky looked to Steve, searching his best friend’s face for an opinion. Steve smiled and shrugged, appearing on board with the idea. (y/n) just smiled from across the table.

The kitchen dwelled into silence. Then, with a loud sigh, Bucky picked up a snowflake magnet and stuck it on his wrist. Steve laughed while (y/n) cheered loudly. Bucky couldn’t help but grin.

From there on out, the game of Stick Magnets On Bucky began to wear out. T’Challa came back from a long mission and actually managed to break Natasha and Clint’s record with a total of twelve. After that, knowing nobody would be able to get a higher number on Bucky without him noticing, they eventually stopped.

That is, until Bucky woke up on Christmas morning. Something was wrong, and as soon as he realized what was wrong he ran to the living room.

Upon the giant Christmas tree, as a topper, was his arm. Bucky’s jaw dropped, mind trying to comprehend how someone managed to get it off his body then on top of the tree. Tony was losing his marbles, pride emanating off of him while his laughter woke up the facility. (y/n) snickered and came over, hugging Bucky while Thor struggled to get his arm down.

It was a great Christmas.

Brotzly Week Day #1: 'First'

Todd had no idea why it took him so long to notice it. But once he had noticed it, he couldn’t stop noticing it.

Dirk Gently never hugged anyone.

Which was… Weird. Well, sure, okay, some people just weren’t big into physical contact and that was fair enough- but Dirk? He had no concept of personal space! Since the day they met there’d been prodding, patting, grabbing- the guy had hands that moved a mile a minute and he wasn’t in the business of keeping them to himself.

So why no hugging?

He watched in bewilderment as Dirk bid Farah and Amanda goodbye for the day with a smile and a few awkward shoulder pats. He kind of figured at least Amanda might get a hug out of him, but no. Nada. He tactfully waited ‘til the girls were gone before he mentioned it.

“Hey, Dirk?” He said lightly, putting down his phone.

Dirk looked at him, tilting his head in curiosity. “Yes, Todd?”

Todd flapped his mouth a bit. Now that he thought about it, it seemed kinda pushy and weird to ask. But, well, he’d come this far. “Uh… Y'know, you don’t have to be shy. Around us.” Dirk looked confused and he was forced to elaborate. “I mean you don’t have to hold back, or whatever. I’m sure Amanda wouldn’t punch you if you wanted to give her a hug sometime.”

Oh,” said Dirk, shifting about awkwardly. “Oh. Um, right, yes. Hugs, absolutely. Yes, I am good at… Hugs.”

“Hey, look, if you don’t want to that’s-”

“No!” Dirk’s face flushed red with embarrassment at his outburst. “I mean- yes, I would like to… Hug. Someone. Maybe.”

“Dirk…” Todd said slowly, heart sinking. “When was the last time anyone hugged you?”


Oh, no. No, this was fucking bullshit. Todd stood up from his desk and walked round it. “Dirk,” he said, a little self-conscious and trying hard not to let it show. “D'you wanna…” He cleared his throat and opened his arms.

Dirk stared at him, wide-eyed. “Are you- are you sure you want me to…?”

Ouch. Todd nodded, taking another step closer. “Yeah. Yeah, I mean, that’s what friends do, right? Hugs and stuff.”

“Hugs and stuff,” Dirk agreed quietly, still staring at Todd as if he could disappear at any given moment.



“These… These things usually work best if you do it too.”

“Oh! Right, yes, let me just…”

Dirk eyed Todd’s outstretched arms warily, and stiffly imitated him. When he finally stepped into his embrace he did so with trepidation and not a little awkward arm repositioning as he shuffled about in search of the optimum arrangement. It was one of the weirdest, stiffest hugs Todd had ever been a part of.

And then Dirk finally managed to get his arms comfortably around Todd’s shoulders, chin propped carefully against the top of his head, and something just sort of… Clicked. Despite his uncertainty, Todd found himself melting into the embrace a little, face tucked up against Dirk’s chest, arms wound tightly round his waist, and it just felt right in some deep-seated way that he couldn’t quite define.

“Oh,” Dirk said softly, arms squeezing Todd a little tighter. “This… This is nice.”

“Yeah,” Todd agreed, voice a little choked. “Yeah, yeah this- this is good.”

They both fell quiet, nothing to hear besides their own slow, even breaths as the noise of the street below faded to an indistinct background hum.



“Why on earth haven’t we done this before?”

Title: Mr. Parker (Part 2 of Tutor(Daughter of Tony! Reader x Peter Parker))

Summary: Tony really wants the reader to join in on a meeting with a new recruit, even if they’ve already met before.

Word Count: 1789

A/N: THIS IS PART TWO TO TUTOR AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH AH! Also; writing out the word count made Hamilton pop into my mind. I hope you enjoy! 



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star wars AU where everything is the same, with one exception: the skywalkers all know about each other and know they are all related. They are still loyal to their respective organizations, still raised by the same people. They just–know they are related. Like if Bail had told Leia about Anakin Skywalker, so Leia went to Tattooine and met Luke. And then Vader (because of course Vader is spying on Bail) heard about it, but otherwise nothing changes.

- so the first scene in ANH quite literally ends with “ARGH LEIA GO TO YOUR ROOM.” “FINE I WILL BUT YOU AREN’T MY REAL DAD” “I am absolutely your real dad that is WHY WE ARE HAVING THIS CONVERSATION AND YOU ARE NOT DEAD.”

- Alderaan blows up and it results in awkward shoulder pats from Vader and a half-hearted “have you considered using your rage for the dark side?” speech, which Leia promptly ignores.

- Luke rescues Leia. Leia immediately tells Luke “Do not tell Han we are related. I want to fuck with him.” to which Luke sighs “ugh Leia again?” implying that this is not the first time Leia has hooked up with a dude and made him jealous by hanging out with her brother.

- “THAT’S NOT COOL DAD! STOP KILLING OUR FRIENDS!” after Obi-Wan dies. Vader yells back “HE HID YOU FROM ME FOR 20 YEARS!!!! HE DESERVES TO DIE!” “yeah okay that’s fair”

- on Bespin: “You’re dating this idiot?” to which Leia glares and says, quite plainly, that Vader has no authority over who she chooses to date.

- instead of fighting, Luke and Vader just chill on Bespin until Leia picks Luke up. Vader once again attempts to convince Luke to join the Dark Side. Luke goes “Dad you don’t even like Palpatine. Half the time you try and convince us to join you just to defeat him. Why don’t you join the Rebel Alliance huh?” And Vader mutters some half-hearted Jedi bullshit about how once someone joins the darkside they can never leave and besides the rebels would never accepted him and HONESTLY HE JUST WANTS TO SPEND TIME WITH HIS KIDS so maybe he will think about it

- Vader finds out what happened on Tattooine, and sends both Luke and Leia like half a million credits each and a super encouraging encrypted email talking about how proud he is of them for KILLING A HUTT that Leia absolutely does not keep shhh SHUT UP HAN why are you going through her stuff anyway huh???

- basically, all of the awkward dad vader attempting to parent his children while also fighting them.

in the two minutes you legally died

When Gina Linetti gets run over by a New York City bus, news of her accident travels far and fast- thanks to Charles’s efficient mass texting, of which its irony was noted solemnly.

Not fast enough for Rosa, however. Upon hearing the news, she wants to run straight to where Gina is to make sure she’s okay.

Except she knows that Gina is most definitely not okay- most people that get run over by buses tend not to be.

This very knowledge keeps her rooted on the spot for a second as she freaks out- tears come to her eyes and compromise her vision, her knees feel shaky and she has to grab on to the corner of her desk.

Seeing Gina’s unoccupied one across from her isn’t helping matters.

Thinking about how Gina may never fill that desk again really isn’t helping matters.

But Rosa pushes all her fears and worries deep down together with where she keeps all her other secret feelings that she refuses to let see the light of day- and she forces herself to move, to get to Gina.

Once she starts walking her momentum pushes Rosa into a sprint and soon she’s out of the precinct, darting through the streets straight to where Charles said Gina was hurt.

Rosa finds Gina all right- because the site of the accident isn’t far away from the precinct- in fact it’s much too close and Rosa didn’t have enough time to prepare herself for this.

(Although, if she were being honest not even a lifetime could prepare Rosa for this.)

“Gina?!” Rosa calls out desperately, because she is indeed desperate, and nearly lunges forth to examine Gina’s broken state only to get held back by the likes of Charles and Amy.

“Rosa, you need to stay back!” One of them tells her, but she can’t tell which because she can barely feel anything at the moment, let alone distinguish between voices.

She wants to ignore them and go to Gina anyway, but then a “you’ll make her worse if you don’t stay still!” keeps her rooted to the ground.

The paramedics arrive and Rosa’s committed to standing back and letting them help Gina; even in her frankly deranged state Rosa knows that the paramedics are of more use to Gina than she is now.

Rosa tries to compose herself and stares blankly at Amy who’s apparently noticed her on the verge of a panic attack and is trying to ease her into a regular breathing pace by leading her in some breathing exercises.

It works, until Rosa hears someone say “I can’t get a pulse” and then Amy’s efforts go to waste as Rosa feels a hoarse cry tear through the base of her throat.


Rosa’s vision is once again compromised, but more so this time as she falls to her knees and buries her head into her hands. She knows she looks very pathetic right now, crying helplessly in the street as Gina’s life hangs in the balance and- there’s nothing she can do. Rosa cries and cries, although to her credit she tries to muffle her sobs but it’s still clear as day that she’s breaking down, piece by piece.

Rosa hears Amy and Charles try to console her, offering awkward pats on the shoulder and comforting half hugs but- it’s all so very muted because Rosa can’t hear anything, can’t feel anything other than her pure, unadulterated agony.

They say that when you die, your life flashes past before your eyes. Sure, Rosa isn’t lying bruised and broken in the streets of Brooklyn, but watching Gina completely motionless on the ground as Amy and Charles restrain her, Rosa sees her life- or more accurately her life with Gina; what was, what is, and what they could be.

Rosa sees countless laughs and jokes and smiles exchanged between herself and Gina, and as she stares at Gina’s still unmoving body she feels a jolt of intense pain run straight through her heart because already, she misses Gina’s smile.

She feels the warm caress of Gina’s soft hands on the sides of her face as they had slid down to her cheeks- the heat she remembers rising up to her cheeks and staying there for an uncomfortably long time. Rosa had felt so uptight the whole day but now she’s just a broken shell of a woman.

Worst of all, Rosa’s mind conjures an image of Gina and Rosa under the covers, her hands running through Gina’s soft and perfect hair, her eyes bright and beautiful, reflecting the love Rosa has for her. Meanwhile Gina’s eyes stare into the sky and are completely still.

Rosa can’t feel herself breathe, in fact she’s downright hyperventilating at the moment, but she’s pretty sure that when that speeding bus came crashing into Gina it took a piece of Rosa with it, too.

Until Rosa hears something one of the EMTs declare that sends a rush of relief through her, makes her ears perk up and her eyes go dry with clarity.

“She’s alive.”

The EMTs begin to load Gina onto the gurney and into the back of the ambulance, sending her to the hospital for further treatment. Suddenly hope seems to fill the air and Rosa can feel the tension slowly leave all of their bodies- especially in Charles and Amy. They had been worried too, and that thought calms Rosa- she is not alone in her love for Gina, although she is alone in the very intense love she’s feeling for Gina.

The ambulance drives away and Rosa mumbles something about getting to the hospital quickly before she mounts her conveniently nearby motorbike and speeds down the streets of Brooklyn after the ambulance carrying her beloved Gina.

Somehow, as she determinedly follows the sirens all the way to Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, Rosa feels like she’s getting a second chance.

And this time, she’s definitely taking it.

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Toddler Luke and Leia having a game of attaching themselves to Vader's cape, and seeing how long it takes him to discover them/how long he'll shout around the castle trying to figure out where they've gone. (Due to armour, mechanical parts, and small children, he doesn't feel their weight.)

“Lord Vader,” the Grand Moff whispered nervously as the Dark Lord of the Sith entered the chamber, suppressed coughs of a chuckle escaping the helmets of nearby Stormtroopers. Vader towers over the Grand Moff and brings his fists to his waist, looking down upon the Imperial. “Forgive me, my lord, but it, uh, seems we have some unexpected guests.” He motions his finger for Vader to turn around.

“What?” Vader hisses through his respirator as he twists his neck back and sees a familiar little boy clinging to the edge of his cape for dear life. “Luke,” chastises the Dark Lord before silencing himself after hearing another giggle close by. Right above the boy, his daughter Leia is practically climbing onto his shoulders. “Leia.”

Awkward silence filled everyone in the conference room. Vader shrugged and made his way to his seat, Luke being drug around the floor with the end of his cape and Leia wrapping her tiny arms around his shoulders. “You may begin the meeting, Moff,” Vader huffed as he tried his best to ignore his two children that sneaked their way on board.

Jeff Atkins x Chubby!Reader

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  • Jeff first noticed your insecurities when you started to attend Clay’s tutoring lessons as well.
  • You’d always be wearing baggy clothing, trying to hide yourself from the world.
  • While you were distracted with your thoughts, you didn’t notice the way Jeff would look at you.
  • Clay did though.
  • He recognized that look of admiration and love in Jeff’s eyes.
  • It’s the same way he looks at Hannah.
  • Luckily, Jeff doesn’t need the extra push like Clay does when it comes to making a move.
  • Jeff was nervous though, without a doubt.
  • You weren’t like the others. You were sweet, kind, intelligent.
  • It only took a week and a half for him to realize he liked you.
  • After another week of tutoring, which included talking to Jeff about your shared English class and giving Clay romantic advice, Jeff finally makes a move.
  • “Hey Y/N, you wanna come over later?”
  • “Uh sure. Need help with English?”
  • “No, I just wanted to spend some time with you.”
  • “Oh okay.”
  • “Meet me in the parking lot? I’ll see you then.”
  • You didn’t know what to do exactly.
  • You were shocked that he had even wanted to talk to you in the first place.
  • So you found yourself waiting next to his car after school.
  • He walked over with the biggest smile on his face.
  • “You came!”
  • “You thought I wouldn’t?”
  • “Y/N L/N is unpredictable, amazingly unpredictable.”
  • As he drove you to his house, you laughed as he sang, off-key, to the songs on the radio.
  • When you got home, his parents left pizza money on the counter.
  • He ordered a pizza and just the thought of eating in front of him made your nervous.
  • The pizza arrived and Jeff loaded up his plate, while you grabbed one slice.
  • “Don’t be shy,” Jeff said smiling, “pizza is the fruit of the Gods.”
  • You had never laughed so hard in your life while you were at Jeff’s house.
  • You even forgot about those dark thoughts you had about yourself.
  • You were just you, talking and laughing with Jeff.
  • “Okay,” Jeff said after chugging a glass of fruit punch, “truth or dare?”
  • “Truth,” you said, smiling at him.
  • “Oh I see how it is. Let me do the dirty and spill punch all over myself,” you giggled at his words.
  • “That’s exactly it,” you teased and he gleamed at you.
  • “What’s something you don’t like about yourself?”
  • You were still kind of loose and relaxed so your words just slipped out.
  • “My body, it’s so just bleh. The way it looks.”
  • Jeff’s smile faded from his face and you felt awkwardness settle over your shoulders.
  • “Sorry,” you mumbled, looking around to gather your stuff.
  • As you grabbed your bag, you turned your back to the wall to text your parents.
  • That’s when Jeff stepped up and you backed up against the wall.
  • You looked up, meeting his blue eyes, which had darkened.
  • No words were exchanged between you two, just a look of understanding.
  • That’s when his lips moved towards yours and his eyes asked a question you both already knew the answer to; but being a gentleman, he asked anyway.
  • “Can I kiss you?”
  • “Can you?” You countered, earning a low chuckle from Jeff.
  • He leaned forward, his lips finally brushing against yours.
  • Jeff placed his lips against yours, in the first kiss of your life.
  • He was soft in his movements.
  • His hands glided down your sides, touching the parts of you that you despised.
  • Your arms that you thought were too big, down to your torso that you knew was too wide.
  • But with every touch, his fingers seemed to spread an appreciation through your body; loving what you just couldn’t bear to look at.
  • He even touched your thighs, after getting consent of course.
  • He lifted you up and held you against the wall as he kissed you with fervor.
  • He adored your thighs after that, because let’s face it, there would be multiple times after the first.
  • You started dating, even though you tired to keep it on the down low at school.
  • In private though, away from prying eyes, Jeff Atkins worshipped you like there was no tomorrow.
  • “You’re so amazing,” he would whisper, “no matter what you think of yourself.”
  • All those kisses he’d give you!
  • Besides the passionate kiss on the lips, Jeff would kiss a trail from your hands to the crook of your elbow.
  • “It tickles,” you giggle, only making Jeff continue his loving assault.
  • When you grew even more comfortable around him, he’d spend the night.
  • That boy loves to cuddle you!
  • He hugs all your curves perfectly, making you feel secure.
  • One day, when he heard Bryce making fun of you, he lost it.
  • He shoved him up against the lockers and yelled in his face.
  • “You talk about them like that again and I won’t hesitate to kick your ass.”
  • When he let him go, he walked straight up to you, pressing a chaste kiss to your lips.
  • After school that day, he gave you a little extra loving.
  • He kissed you until you were reminded of how valued you are.
  • That’s when it happened.
  • With his chest against yours, hand on your hip, and kissing your face he said it. 
  • “I love you, Y/N.”
  • “I-I love you too Jeff.”
  • And he does.
  • Jeff loves you very much; flaws and insecurities in all.
Weird and Awkward

Anon: Can you please write a fluff about Gray? Where you’re a new crew in AOMG and you’re as awkward and as weird as Gray so you clicked and he likes you? Thank you so much, I love your works!❤ 

Gray x Reader - Fluff

You roamed in and out of the studios being extremely nosey, you strolled into the room that Jay and Hyukwoo were chillin’ in. You picked up a black cap and placed it on “Ah, that's Sungwhas cap” You made eye contact with Jay and nodded your head. You liked how it looked on you, you smiled as you admired the cap in the mirror “That cap looks better on you than me” You wriggled your eyebrows and struck a pose “I know right?” Hyukwoo chuckled at your weird pose and Jay rolled his eyes “We don’t need another weirdo around here, one is enough” You glanced at Jay with a straight face “Sorry, I didn’t mean to take away your spot of being the weirdo…” Hyukwoo stared at you and Sungwhas mouth fell open as Jay watched you unimpressed “Y/n that was just plain awkward” You shrugged your shoulder before fixing the cap on your head “Was a good try though.”

Hoody yelled out for you as your stylists were here to measure you for your outfits, you said bye to the boys however just as you were about to leave you tripped on thin air, you managed to clutch onto the wall to stop you from falling. You made eye contact with Sungwha and gave him an awkward smile before dashing out the door.

Hoody stood by the door to make sure that the boys wouldn’t try to peek in, you stood awkwardly as you didn’t know what to do with your hands. Hoody grinned as she found you adorable, Elo requested for Hoody so she soon had to leave. You didn't mind though, you stood in the middle of the room with your jeans off as the stylist went out to get you another pair to try on, it was a good thing that your t-shirt was long enough to cover your underwear. You stood quietly and glanced around the room before Sungwha broke into the room and locked the door behind him, you were a little alarmed however you didn't say anything until he turned around.

“Oh, my -Y/n! I didn’t know you were here! I’m so sorry!” You burst out laughing, which made Sungwha look at you with confusion “Where is your shirt?!” He immediately covered his bare chest embarrassed, his cheeks flushed a bright pink, he looked down and noticed your bare legs “Where are your jeans?…” You glanced down at your legs and shrugged your shoulders “I don't know?…” You both made eye contact and burst out laughing at the absurd situation. Sungwha turned around to open the door and leave “You have nice abs but I like your music more” Sungwha twisted around and smiled at you, he liked how weird and direct you were. Sungwha was about to say something, however, Hoody marched into the room “Get out!” He gave you an apologetic smile before hurrying out the door.

You stepped out the room with Hoody as soon as your stylists were finished with you, you sighed relieved that it was over, you went back into the room that Hyukwoo and Jay hadn’t left. You stood in the middle of the room while Hoody sat next to Jay “Are you going to sit down or?” You stared at Hyukwoo as he smiled at you amused “Do you know where Sungwha is?” Hyukwoo and Jay glanced at each other with mischievous smiles on their faces, you rolled your eyes and marched out the room. You couldn’t find Sungwha anywhere, he wasn’t in his studio and he wasn’t in any of the other rooms, you sighed in defeat thinking he might have gone home. You pouted to yourself disappointed as you desired to see him, you swiftly turned around and stepped into something or rather someone. You rubbed your nose and glanced up at the person you had just bumped into “Sungwha!” He stared at you awkwardly as he didn’t know what to say, you had just bumped into him and without much thought gave him a friendly smile. 

“Are you okay?” You nodded your head and gave him a thumbs up “I was looking for you” At those words his heart started racing, he gazed into your eyes, he found you charming and admired how weird you were “Well you found me…” You both stood in an awkward silence, you sighed and giggled as he glanced around the room “You’re cute!” He stared at you, a small smile was gradually appearing on his lips along with a light red tint on his cheeks. You really were something, he liked how you both became friends instantly, he appreciated how you wanted to spend time with him instead of the other guys, he grinned at you and seized your hand in his, you repeated the smile and squeezed his hand.

I like you Y/n

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The 102- Part 8: Don’t You Dare Fall

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Pairing: Bellamy x reader
Characters: Bellamy, Charlotte, the reader, mention of Luke and Stella
Warnings: angst, closed off!reader, swearing, acid fog 
Summary: The reader and Bellamy hide from the acid fog, and with nothing to do but enjoy each other’s company they grow inevitably closer
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Small loose stones littered the floor of the cave, causing you to trip as you stumbled back in. As hard as you and Bellamy had tried, you couldn’t brave the acid fog and retrieve Atom without either dying or becoming horribly burned yourselves. So, hopeless and mourning the loss of your friend, you and Bellamy tumbled back into the mouth of the cave, coughing and sputtering from the fog, as you were enveloped in darkness. 

The little girl was waiting, huddled in a corner with her knees pulled up to her chest. She wasn’t crying though, not a single tear escaped those bewildered eyes of hers, she just sat there in silence. She was tough, there was no doubt about it, and reminded you a lot of yourself when you were her age. 

“Hey, come here, you’re okay,” Bellamy instantly knelt by her side, pulling a protective arm around her shoulders. It was a side of him you’d only seen once before, when he united with Octavia for the first time in the dropship.  

You walked over to kneel beside him and ask the girl, “What’s your name?” 

She shied away and put her face in Bellamy’s chest, inching closer as if he was her father and you were the monster under the bed, “Charlotte, it’s okay, (Y/N)’s a friend.” Bellamy looked down to where her face was still hidden beneath the folds of his jacket, and made his voice softer than you’d ever heard it. The usual rough, gravelly edge to it was gone and replaced with a smooth lull, assuring the girl that she was okay. 

Your brow furrowed, “Wait, you know each other?” 

Charlotte looked up to you and nodded slowly, as if she was still figuring out whether to trust you or not. She was young, probably just above the 13 year old cut off for going to the ground, and she reminded you so much of Luke. Her scrawny, tanned face, matched with stick-straight blonde locks and a tough exterior, she was his female equivalent. 

“We met in the morning, just before I found you,” Bellamy looked up and hugged Charlotte closer to his chest, giving her what comfort he could being as she was still pretty shaken up. 

“Okay,” You breathed and looked to the mouth of the cave, trying to figure out what to do next. Your view of the outside was blocked by hanging vines and branches, but from what you could see it didn’t look like the fog was going to clear anytime soon. So the three of you were stuck there until further notice. 

“Okay,” Bellamy echoed as he let out a breath and got up from the ground, walking over to stand behind you.

His jacket swished as he raised his hand, and tentatively put it on your shoulder- an awkward attempt to provide comfort. But you didn’t flinch away or strain at his touch, you welcomed it. And it wasn’t something you had to think about when you lifted up your own arm and found his hand, interlocking them as one. 

After a moment you exhaled and let go, turning around to see how Charlotte was doing. But before the moment was over, it was perfect- given the circumstances. You felt yourself slipping, getting ready to break the pact you thought had been carved into stone: don’t fall for Bellamy Blake, don’t you goddamn do it. 

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Fic: Creeper (Part 2)

Summary: The promised continuation of “Creeper,” but can totally be read on its own as a separate one-shot. Dan and Phil’s first night together doesn’t go quite as either had imagined.
Word Count: about 3K
Rating: Teen
Tags: Fluff, 2009 Phan
Author’s Note: “Creeper” just didn’t seem complete on its own, so I decided to continue it. I think there’s going to be just one more part/chapter after this.

[Chronological list of all fic posts in the Creeper series]

Creeper (Part 1)

Creeper (Part 2)

They sit side by side on the floor in Phil’s bedroom. The only light is from the street lamp down the road, shining distantly in through the window. Dan said he was afraid of the dark, but that he wasn’t afraid as long as Phil was with him, and Phil’s dimly lit bedroom feels cozy and intimate. The bed would be too intimate right now, but sitting on the floor together, talking in hushed tones despite the emptiness of the house, is perfect.

Like the day, which had been perfect as well.

To be honest, the Sky Bar was a little out of Phil’s extremely limited price range, but he knew Dan would love it, and he did, so it was worth it. It was the grand finale for their first day together, and it had definitely been grand. Phil had never been there before, himself, and he’d been impressed and a little intimidated by the poshness, but Dan had been transfixed. He’d stared round at the incredible city view like a little kid, but only about half the time. The other half of the time, he stared at Phil instead, looking just as fascinated. And Phil couldn’t look away.

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The 2Ps and hugs
  • 2P!America: ugh no I don't do hugs *5 seconds later* ....aagh fINE,, get in here dammit *pouty face and weakly holds out arms*
  • 2P!China: very affectionate and very touchy, if you try to pull away from him before he's done hugging you then he'll just sQUeeze you tiGHTER
  • 2P!England: also very affectionate, but his hugs are usually short and sweet, often with a chaste kiss to your cheek
  • 2P!France: doesn't do hugs, might just carelessly ruffle your hair
  • 2P!Russia: doesn't do hugs either, will instead give you an awkward shoulder pat
  • 2P!Italy: refuses to hug guys, but will totally embrace girls, usually very long, lingering, and touchy-feely hugs, might comment on your perfume if he likes it
  • 2P!Japan: doesn't hug people, ever, but if you hug him, he might just stand there with an annoyed expression, but won't bother to push you away
  • 2P!Canada: sIGHS
  • 2P!Romano: dainty hugs, usually with soft kisses on both of your cheeks
  • 2P!Austria: *sings flippantly* embrace me! *patiently holds out arms*
  • 2P!Prussia: y-you want to hug me...? *blushblushblush*