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“Fall Fall, Made Me Kiss”

Episode 2 of the Ouran High School Host Club Real-Time Fandub

Check out the shared channel of Haruhi and Tamaki’s VAs here

A group of voice actors attempted to dub Ouran High School Host Club without rehearsal or a script. With varying levels of understanding of the source material (most of us never even having seen it), we had to almost exclusively rely on improv.
It was a disaster. It was hilarious. It was Real-Time Fandub.

Cast and crew below the cut

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anonymous asked:

Do you guys have a reference of Sephie? Plannin' to do something for TCR Day 😽

Oooooooh. Like an appearance reference? 

Well, tcrmommabear/mommabearsdayoff and sindysugar were the ones to originally create Persephone; I was just the one to jump on the bandwagon and ship her with Louise. According to tcrmommabear’s original post, Sephie has bluey-purple fur (bluer and longer than Lune’s) with a bit of a curl. 

However, since Sephie is a fandom-shared OC, her design is not set in concrete. I must admit that I tend to imagine her as a long-furred/fluffy tortoiseshell/calico and white cat. 

These are two pictures that give an idea of what I imagine.

I’m not sure which colouration (grey/black vs gold/black) I like better, so my personal headcanon is open to either. (Ignore the frowny face of the second cat; I’m thinking more of coat design here.)

The only other headcanon I have that’s relevant to this is that Sephie kept her fur short while with the Cat King (at the time, it was fashionable for noble female cats to have short fur, while long fur was all the range among male cats; coincidentally, the Cat King has naturally short fur like Lune, but uses magic to keep it long) but let it grow back to its natural length when she left. 

@tcrmommabear: Would you like to add some references of your own for this? I know the basics, but you probably have something more specific in mind.


John x Reader

Requested by Anon

Watching John work had your cheeks flushing, having to remind yourself to finish adding up, he’d glance at you and smile every now and then which just made it harder to pay attention to your job. You started working a few months before, John was just glad to have another person good with numbers working with him.

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Well…. I haven’t really posted anything I’ve written before… But the lack of Shaudrey is frightening… So pls enjoy the crappiest fic you’ll ever read :)

The Blind Date AU

After the filming of ‘My Roanoke Nightmare’ Shelby thought things would get better. She thought that she and Matt would have recovered, as would their relationship. She was wrong, though.

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An awkward Encounter / Shelby and Rachel

Shelby couldn’t quite believe what had just happened. She had no idea Rachel was in NY, let alone that she would receive a message from her daughter. Shelby didn’t think she would ever hear from Rachel again, not after leaving again. She imagined her chance and opportunities were over already, but gladly that didn’t happen.

Since Rachel was coming around lunch time, she wanted to cook something nice for them to have. Shelby put Beth on her stroller and went to the store close to her house. She got all she needed to make a nice quiche with leek. When she got back home it was about 10, Beth’s nap time which would be perfect. She’d be able to prepare the food while the baby was sleeping. Shelby knew she needed to not get anxious and just try to act as normal as possible.


Shelby came home and found Sofie and Kaho sitting on the couch watching some show on their new TV.  Exhausted, she had really hoped to just flop down on the couch and not move much for the evening, but she has some resignation now that Sofie was there.

They said their pleasantries.  Hey, welcome home!  How was your day?  Blah blah– it was the normal banter that Shelby had happily become accustomed to around Sofie but–

Shelby still felt awkward around Sofie.  Her roommate apparently didn’t remember the night when they kissed, or if she did she had no intentions of bringing it up, but Shelby definitely remembered, all too well, and the revelation that came with it was still fresh on her mind.  She was infatuated with Sofie.  She had no way of knowing if Sofie felt the same way, and she dreaded the thought of touching that subject for fear of making things more awkward between them.

Before Shelby could kick off her shoes and flee to the bedroom, however, Sofie patted the seat beside her and invited Shelby to join her.  Shelby bit off a sigh and sat on the couch beside Sofie, trying to act nonchalant.  Sofie didn’t seem to mind.  Kaho, however, was intent on being right between them, and for once Shelby was thankful for his jealousy.  It was a small, fluffy buffer between herself and the thing she desired most but feared to approach.

It didn’t take long for Shelby to notice a smell, however– a rather unpleasant one at that.  Back when she lived on the streets, Shelby would have been used to such smells and dismissed it outright.  The streets just reeked, and everyone accepted it.  But now, after living in hospitable conditions for some time, Shelby’s sense of smell was returning ten-fold, and unfortunately that meant she could really smell that nasty stank.

Surely it wasn’t Sofie, she thought.  No one kept as prim and clean as Sofie, she thought.  A sharp sense of dread and embarrassment hit her as she took a quick, stealthy sniff at herself.  No– she still smelled pretty good if she did say so herself.  Maybe it was the couch?  She rubbed her hand on it and smelled that, but no.  And then, Shelby reached down to pet Kaho, and his fur felt sticky.  She frowned and lifted her hand to her nose, which wrinkled.  The smell was coming from Kaho!

It hadn’t occurred to her to give Kaho a bath.  She’d never owned a dog before, at least not formally.  Sure, she took care of several pets while on the streets, but that mostly involved giving them food at temporary shelter.  Smells weren’t an issue.  But now, this was unbearable.

“Uh… Sofie,” Shelby began, trying to wipe the stink off her hand on Kaho, which seemed pointless.  "I think…I think Kaho needs a bath.  Don’t you smell that?“

My school recently just went through a lot of controversy when they issued a $250 fine to each student after someone went around the school writing “Solid Gold Clit” in gold marker on windows and walls. Some people considered it vandalism and others saw it as a form of activism. Regardless, no one wanted to pay the fine and it was wrong of the school to do that since last year’s fine for vandalism was only $50. The fine since has been lifted and they are on a “manhunt” for the perpetrator(s). 

This comic is actually a sticker that I will place somewhere on campus as a humorous way to wrap up this week and celebrate the fact that the fine will no longer be charged to everyone’s accounts. 

Btw. If you are not familiar with “Solid Gold Clit” or Cliteracy, I suggest you google Sophia Wallace and the movement she started. It’s rad stuff and everyone needs to be informed. Educate the masses. 

When I was making this comic, I was exhausted and a bit delusional. During the penciling stage and in a stupor, I wrote in the second panel, “Well, I showered tomorrow…" 

Good thing I showed it to my roommate before inking it because I never would have realized that I made that silly mistake until WAY later. 

I also somehow during this time managed to call my comic, "Shelby Awkward.” Maybe I should start getting more sleep.