awkward professors

Modern AU that follows the ups and downs of a college English department:

  • Mary Shelley, the slightly morbid Brit lit professor who specializes in Gothic literature, and always has her students read the creepiest pieces
  • Edgar Allan Poe, the awkward, but lovable poetry professor who all the students either love or hate. 
  • Emily Dickinson, the other poetry professor, who no one seems to have classes with, despite the fact that she’s been at the school for years…and when are her office hours again?
  • Oscar Wilde, the Shakespeare professor, who teaches not only two lit classes focusing on Shakespeare, but also teaches a drama class. Everyone loves him.
  • Ernest Hemingway, the hard-ass creative writing professor, who rips everyone’s writing (and self esteem) to shreds.
  • Charlotte Bronte, the Brit lit professor who lives and dies by the canon and thinks YA is an affront to literature.
  • Louisa May Alcott, the American lit professor who goes off on tangents during lectures and loses her train of thought. People like her because she’s an easy grader.
  • Mary Ann Evans, the feminist American lit professor, constantly at war with Charlotte Bronte over what constitutes literature, and desperate to be taken seriously in the academic world.
  •  Fyodor Dostoevsky, the visiting professor from Russia, who teaches a specialty class on how different translations change the meaning of a work. The class is completely full.
  • Annabel Lee, the encouraging, sweet professor who teaches English 1, the composition class required for gen ed. Most of her students are freshmen.
  • H.G. Wells, the creative writing professor you want to get. He always encourages his students to be as creative and imaginative as possible, but he still manages to give them constructive criticism. His science fiction class is always full.
  • Lenore, isn’t an English professor. Lenore teaches History of Fashion, among other things. But she’s helped Oscar with costuming on a few plays, and she’s currently working with Mary Ann Evans on a specialty class that focuses on the ways that clothing plays a part in literature. She hangs out in the English department a lot, because her office is in the history department, and history professors “are, like, totally boring.”

A co-taught chemistry class where Zuko is the super smart, kind of awkward first time professor and Sokka is the goofy and fun loving lab instructor. They plan lessons together and argue over literally everything, but they’re everyone’s favorite professor duo and can usually be found eating lunch together and arguing about the accuracy of science puns.

Imagine Having An Awkward Moment At Dinner With Your Dads, Charles and Erik, When You Bring Your Boyfriend Home

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(AN: Your boyfriend is whoever you want, I thought about Peter for a second but then I was like WAIT NO THAT’S INCEST so yeah literally anyone but Peter can go in here if you want)

Y/B/N=Your boyfriend’s name

You were relieved that things were going smoothly. Knowing your dads, anything could have gone wrong; Charles was prone to pulling out random facts from your boyfriends’ minds to let them know they couldn’t hide anything, and Erik was very, very protective of any family he had. So far, though, everything seemed to be going alright.

“Daddy, will you please pass the salt?” you asked absentmindedly as you cut off a bit of steak. A few moments passed, and Charles’ arms weren’t that short, so you looked up to see the delay.

You weren’t surprised to see that both Charles and Erik had a hand on the salt shaker. If you didn’t specify which one of them you were talking to, they often both responded or moved to accommodate you.

The third hands, however, was what mortified you.

You blushed as you looked over next to you at Y/B/N, who removed his hand from the salt shaker, like that would have changed what just happened.

“…Y/N?” Charles asked. You ducked your head back down at your food, completely mortified. “Just how serious are you and Y/B/N?”

“I don’t know why you’re so surprised,” Erik murmured thoughtfully. “They’ve always taken more after you, anyway, Charles.”

You weren’t sure how you were going to be able to speak to either of them the rest of the night.

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Stiles Stilinski, Boyfriend Extraordinaire by MereLoup

Rating: General

Word Count: 14430

“Beacon County Sheriff’s Department, this is deputy Mahealani speaking.”

“Oh thank god!”


“I, uh, I need some advice.”


“Yeah. So, hypothetically, say you met your boyfriend’s mother and sister for the first time ever. Completely by accident. In the grocery store. And they convinced you to help them make a dinner to surprise aforementioned boyfriend when he got home after work. What would you do?”

Danny paused, and then, “Stiles, you don’t have a boyfriend.”

“That’s not the point! And I said hypothetically.”

“Stiles…what are you doing right now?”


Stiles never imagined he’d be in Derek’s kitchen cooking a surprise dinner with Derek’s family while they waited for Derek to get home from work.

Partly because their visit was a complete surprise.

But mostly because Stiles didn’t have a boyfriend.

Or even know who Derek was.

But he’d already come this far and Papa didn’t raise no quitter!

My college Humanities class had to do a presentation at the end of the semester. I have anxiety and I don’t like all eyes being on me. When the day came for everyone to share with the class I kept waiting and waiting to go. My professor sat behind me and one by one my classmates went, until there was 5 minutes left of class.
My professor said “Okay who wants to be the next victim”, there were three of us left who hadn’t gone and none of us dared to move. After a solid 30 seconds of awkward silence my professor whispers from behind me “Be brave”, so I marched my ass to the front of the room.

List of actual good things the Cursed Child gave us

-professor McGonagall is still alive and kicking despite being old af
-and everyone still 100% fears and loves and respects her all at once. She can even reprimand the golden trio and they still hang their heads and mumble ‘yes McGonagall’ and it is GREAT
-madams pince, promfey, and hooch and are still serving the next generation. Honestly these women are the backbones of that school bless them
-hermione and rose look exactly alike ! Albus and Scorpius literally could not tell school age Hermione from current age rose ahhhh!!!
-nice cover art

My Professor Sam AU

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Master Post of my Professor Sam AU.

The Other Professor -  Professor Sam Campbell has been Dean’s best friend for years. Just when Dean’s life seems to be coming together, Sam’s seems to be falling apart.

Miscommunication -  The reader and Professor Campbell see each other after their “one night stand.”

First Dates Can Be Awkward -  Professor Campbell and the reader have their first real date.

My Crazy Ex-Boyfriend - Professor Campbell meets the reader’s ex-boyfriend, Michael.

Decisions -  Cara is having second thoughts about her break-up with Professor Campbell. Doesn’t matter that he’s been dating the reader.

Everything - Who will Professor Campbell end up with, Cara or the reader?

Drabbles/Time Stamps:
A Romantic Evening (100 Kink List)

Just awkward professor things:

One of my students noticed my Harry Potter tattoo and asked me if I read fanfiction and like for a moment I considered saying that no, in fact, I don’t, but then I blurted out: oh yeah, I read fanfics all the time. This prompted her to ask me if I shipped anyone, so I told her and now I’m just staring at a student who realized she knows way too much about one of her teachers lol

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"Ѡ” --minervashogwarts (bc why the heck not have some awkward?)

[text: McGonagall] Umm.. professor? I’m sure there must be some mistake…

[text: McGonagall] Though you keep up pretty well considering your…

[text: McGonagall] I’m sorry…?

@minervashogwarts omg why, the wolf boy won’t be able to look her in the eyes for months, it’s so great <3

Tension 101

Request: a castiel/reader oneshot where Castiel is the socially-awkward, gorgeous college professor and you are his student. (ust instead of smut please)

Word Count: 2326

Warnings: UST, AU

Author’s Note: Cas and Reader did not want me to stop writing this fic, which makes for some rather lovely ust, if I do say so myself.

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“Professor Novak is gorgeous, of course, but he’s weird,” the girl muttered, flipping idly through the textbook in front of her. The blonde sitting across from her leaned forward, resting her elbows on the library table and let a grin curl her lips.

“Weird and kinky,” she said in a false whisper. The first girl’s cheeks flushed pink and she shot her friend a dirty look. “What? You see how he acts with his TA.”

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Dear people starting college/university this fall,

HAVE RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOUR PROFESSORS. Be as close as you possibly can without crossing the line of student/professor relationship because they will save you from failing if you mess up and will be great references and actually write like good letters of recommendations that are personal because they know you and sometimes you’ll even get to hangout with them outside of school which seems awkward but professors outside of school are so much fun omg. But yeah get to know your professors more outside of the classroom.