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Shit’s rough. And I don’t do stuff like this usually because, well, I’m used to dealing with crap and never asking for help and just sort of calcifying? (Traumatized Capricorn problems.) So, naturally, me doing this is mostly because I want to help someone else.

Basic rundown: I’ve been dealing with severe mental illness issues for a few years and couldn’t hold down a job for over a year. A dear friend and roommate has been keeping me safe while I struggled through therapy, medication, trauma, and the whole circus. But, one person supporting two people is hard enough, and on top of that, we just moved upstate to Portland— a much more welcoming place with more opportunities for a tired queer kid like me, but also more expensive, and things have been rough.

We’re currently trying to scrape together enough money for next week’s motel room reservation, which is in the $300 range. My friend is working two jobs, but she had some car issues earlier today that wiped our savings out, and she’s stressed as fuck, and I feel awful and want to help. I’ve already been applying for temp work and part time jobs out the ass, but my job history isn’t pretty, so callbacks are rare. I can’t help that. 

What I can help is to remember one of my few useful talents— I can do crappy doodles for money. Behold a few examples:

Now, I’m not asking for donations, because after being homeless for years and living through hell in my teens, it makes me super uncomfortable. But I’m offering this instead: cheap discount commissions to help me raise some money. I’ve been poor all my life, I’m not gonna judge if you can’t afford the standard commish rates for artists, but why not take advantage of my generally shit financial status and get a few awesome-ish pictures of your OC, or your rarepair, or your weird fetish, for very few dollars? I would. If I had dollars, that is.

Guidelines: I’d like to make somewhere between ten to fifty bucks ($10-50) per fully finished piece, but it’s flexible. Whatever you can do helps. I can also do little doodles and sketches for even cheaper. A full piece would be colors and shading and hours of work and a basic background. Sketches and doodles will be rougher, with less linework and either flat color or only color highlights.

Rules of Content: Pretty much anything but scat, rape or child abuse. NSFW/SFW is whatever, I don’t care about drawing nudity, and if you don’t mind some awkward posing I can draw canoodling, too. Or totally soft platonic tame things, whatever floats your boat. OC’s of all varieties (Mass Effect, Dragon Age, text-based game MC, DnD hero, fursona, etc) are welcome. Furry stuff doesn’t bother me as long as I can Google the anatomy. Live your dreams!

Payment: It’s just paypal, I’m not gonna ask for any weird stuff.

Full piece example (10 bucks and up):

Doodle (2 bucks and up):

This is all flexible, I just like to have a framework up. The long and short of it is: I need some help, and I can draw pictures, so I’m offering them for trade. 

Sound good? Mail me! Here or works fine, same deal if you’ve just got questions.

Sound boring? Fair! But maybe reblog this for me to get a little more traffic, if you’re feeling kind? Either way, thanks for reading this mess and see ya later, kids.



So yeah I’m alive and I have a few pictures that I’ve taken that I’m going to post soon, and I’m planning on doing this more regularly I just haven’t been taking nice pictures because I’m a failed fashion blogger. ALTHOUGH I HAVE SOME UPDATES WOWZA so my hair kinda is red now so thats pretty chill, I’ve also been feeling pretty inspired lately to put together some cute outfits so fingers crossed I can remember to post. 

ALSO, I never learned how to pose or stand or whatever so hello awkward normal human me. DOUble also heres where the stuff is frommmmm:

Jacket: Rue21

Bodysuit: Forever 21

Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: alliexpress 

anonymous asked:

misaki did you see the new miarren a hairdresser posted? what do you think of it? instagram*com/p/y5EA-DwcHA/?modal=true

I heard about it but didn’t bother looking as it didn’t interest me but thanks for linking because this pic is shady as hell. Link.

Initially it just looked unnatural to me, mainly due to the awkward pose and whatever Darren’s hand is doing behind Mia’s back(?) The background! Wtf is that meant to be??? And also the general low quality pic in comparison to all the high quality ones this person has posted on their insta- to make it harder to detect photoshop??? Ok.

Under ELA analysis

Original pics should have a similar brightness in the ELA analysis despite the contrasting edges whether they are high or low - they should basically be the same. Regardless if a filter is used, it should still be the same. In fact I’ve tried it with my own filtered pics and it still is uniform. Also in the original her chin placement looks weird and in the ELA it has a slightly brighter edge. Now I wanna point out the natural light on Mia and Darren’s body parts (circled in red) is playing off regularly but the bits circled in blue are coloured the same way which they shouldn’t be as they are shadows (note the harsh edges as again as well) which only adds to the shadniess of wtf this background even is.
I just wanna ask why the hell is this hairdresser posting a pic that is primarily meant to be of Mia’s hair but seems more like a Miarren coupley pic? She hasn’t done that with any of her other clients whose pics focus on the actual hair. She’s previously posted pics of Mia/Miarren x x x x x (newest first).

So we can conclude she’s Mia’s regular hair dresser who previously (back in June 2013) used to post solo Mia hair pics but as of recent just loves the happy couple? Read: pushing the Miarren narrative. I’m pretty sure Ricky/AB/FOX have clocked on to us noticing Mia obviously milking Darren so now they just send random people related to Mia or Darren Miarren pics in order to make their relationship more authentic? Ok, cool.


Okay, as promised here are the pictures of my Rose Quartz dress. I wanted to throw these up before I make any changes to it so that people who order from FM-anime know what they are getting. It is made out of a lovely thick satin material and the construction is amazingly well done. They added a functional corset with elastic smocking to the back to make it fit your body nicely, although the ribbons they used to lace it aren’t the best quality. The star that came with the dress was a joke. It was two layers of shiny gold fabric with a horrible thick plastic interfacing between them with a pink rhinestone hot-glued to the front. It was the wrong size for my body type, came with only a single safety pin to adhere it, and the fabric was already starting to peel away from the interfacing. If you order this dress, be prepared to make your own star or attempt the cutout on your own. I’m wearing the dress with a corset and petticoat underneath to give myself some shape, but they are not included in the purchase. I plan to swap out the ribbon on the corset and fix the busy area so it lays right with my corset, but other than that and the star I don’t have to make any adjustments to it. I ordered it on May 15th and they shipped it on June 19th, so it only took about 35 days to make, and it arrived at my house on June 26th, so shipping took about a week (to the United States). I debut this outfit (assuming I can get my wig and shield done) at Wizard World Pittsburgh next weekend and I am very excited to wear it. Please ignore my awkward poses and whatever it was that I was doing with my face in these photos, I’m posting them without any editing because I am lazy. So there you have it! Please be nice!

I’m watching Fifty Shades of Grey just so I can get angry but like oh my goodness the scripting is so bad like right from the start. Awkward poses. 

“I control everything Ms Steel” (or whatever the heck her name is)
*meaningful stare*

*ana’s mouth falls open*
*awkward silence supposed to create an air of sexual tension but fails so it’s really awkward*