awkward picture poses

Just came back from Comic Con! Although being lost and wandering aimlessly through the hallway half the day, it was just wonderful! I wish I could’ve been there for two days….


Here is princey! I guess a more feminine version of him. I’m not a very good cosplayer and awkward when posing for pictures but here he is! Apparently I can’t post videos from mobile so I’ll have to post a short video I filmed later. Sorry it’s not the best.


i got a free star wars poster today so the mood is a++ so naturally i want to remember this  forever and ever in form of selfies shh 


Ok so ignore the like deadpan look on my face because I’m so awkward taking posed pictures. I was gunna cover it up but i also dont care so i didnt. 😅 Lighting and shadows were off because we had to use a different camera and improvise with lighting 😞

But like… holy shit 🙈. I didnt notice much of a difference when I was on the program except that my clothes fit better. Actually being able to see the side by side comparison is unreal…🙊 There’s three months difference between these pictures

There’s maybe AT MAX a 10lb difference between these pictures. 4 inches off my waist, gained 2+ inches of muscle on my arms (and lost 2 inches of fat). Gained & maintained 2 inches of muscle on my hips and booty all during my cut. I gained about two inches of muscle on my thighs. And an inch on my chest.

And look at how much my posture has improved!!! AND MY CORE. My trainer was so so happy with my results. And I mean, so was I. Hard work pays off 💪

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