awkward photos i know


I look awkward in both of these but Cam is a sweetheart! We talked for about 5 minutes about his love for Chicago and how he wants to move there, growing up surrounded by cornfields, and he hyped up his opening act a lot (who was worth the hype! Check out Omar Velasco!) He also offered to buy me a drink :O He was sick but you couldn’t tell by his performance! He was amazing and I’m dead rip. 3/29/17

A little something bc damn that episode ruined me and wanted to unwind after working on a pretty clean painting all day. I would work on this more if it wasn’t for all the other things I want to do and more I have to do lol

anonymous asked:

are any of the other awkward blogs around? the notable ones (jet, cream, chris, tails doll, silver) are all dead. the last one out of those to stop updating was jet, about a year ago i think. do you still talk to them, or is this blog a solo thing again?

I’m mostly back to being a solo blog again. Most still have our skype accounts but I haven’t talked to any of them in awhile. It was fun while it lasted and I’m glad I got the chance to get to know all of them. But they all had their reasons for leaving and I don’t want them to feel like they should come back if they don’t want to. 

But there are still other awkward photo blogs you can follow that are active. I know there is a spyro and a werehog one.


@ myself, look at this post next time you feel any attraction towards sidney crosby and take a deep breath. it’s going to be okay. you totally do not have a crush on him. look! he wore a puka shell necklace for what seems to be multiple years!! he put a life jacket on the stanley cup?? also, he wears crocs. JULIE HE WEARS CROCS ALL THE TIME.


many pictures I have not shared amongst my friends or on this blog. I am very insecure about the things that I enjoy doing and don’t always feel comfortable sharing. while I’m still not sure what exactly I’m supposed to say I’d like to mention things of when/why these were taken.

the first photo that seems like it may have been edited and has all the sunshine in the corner. I took that at a park near my house over the creek. I didn’t look at it until I had gotten home and I didn’t post it either. there were ducks and it was a beautiful day out. I was walking with my siblings and their friend and sat down by the water for a little bit. being the oldest sibling makes me feel odd amongst younger kids. I feel odd around everyone but something about being the awkward older kid walking with them makes me feel weird.

the remaining three were taken in my front yard by a garden that had been there since I was very young. and while it may not be very well taken care of, it is still very beautiful. I tried to do my best and capture something and turn a not so good day into something a little better.

every single time i see a ‘awkward(blank)photos’ blog show up on my dash i swell with pride knowing lauren started that trend……. thank u sis for changing society