awkward photo challenge

Yoga failure

Yesterday evening I brought my mat to the living room, declared Z that I was going to practice yoga and asked him to take a couple pics of me in poses so that I can check what I am doing right and what is wrong.

And what turned out is that he never came to understand when exactly I was in a pose because I kept falling around and from the pics I can say that whatever I was doing was all over the place!!

My yoga history is; I went to beginner’s yoga classes max 10 times 2 years ago and then I started practicing at home very rarely. I watch many yoga workouts but when it comes to practice, I am way behind. I practice simple poses, mostly after my weights training, to relax. But that’s it. 

Meanwhile, seeing all those people on my dash maintaining their balances calm and easy in difficult poses gave me the motivation and I decided to give it a shot. I thought that I could try some simplified stuff. So I opened up youtube, searched for Tara Stiles videos and thought that one would be ok:

This is inversions simplified, intermediate yoga. They are not simplified at all to start with. Leave the headstand aside, I am nowhere close to feeling ok with my head down. It hurt so much before even trying to lift my legs up. I struggled all through the video. But no success. So I decided that I am galaxies away from being intermediate so I chose a beginner’s video.

That is yoga routine for beginners. I finished it and felt quite comfortable so decided to try another one, half a level up maybe.

This one is Open hip routine, intermediate yoga.

This one was more of my level. I thought that I was feeling flexible with my legs and hips but apparently I wasn’t. But still I felt much better than the first video.

I got many photos taken but all are far too awkward to put on here. Plus note to self: practicing yoga in PJs does not look good.