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Turnadette Tuesday

Reflection # 3

Angst and Hope

This week’s Reflection is based on another contrast I saw that I haven’t seen pointed out yet. I’ve actually seen a few parallels to 2x06 mentioned (and there are lots, I’ve noticed), but I haven’t seen anyone mention this one. Here are two scenes that struck me in both their similarity and their remarkable difference (and thanks again to @mg-bsl381 for the 6x03 screencap). More thoughts (with mention of the 6x04 SPOILERS) follow:

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Kisses On The Necks Of "Best Friends"

Prompt: Not requested. You and pre hiatus Patrick are best friends and you decide to use each other to lose your virginities not knowing you’re in love with each other

Word Count: 3,311

Pairing: Patrick x Reader

Reader: Female

A/N: omfg the ending is so weird but idk how to write endings lol

Everyone on TV loses their virginity at 16 and all your friends have done just about the same, thus making you feel like a total loser for being almost 18-a senior in high school-and still a virgin. Your best friend, Patrick, still is as well so you don’t feel completely lame because he’s gorgeous and kind and smart and yet he’s never even kissed anyone. So there isn’t anything wrong with you, it’s just hard to fuck someone when you’re in love without someone else. Patrick, you’re in love with Patrick, you just haven’t told him or anyone else.

Of course somehow you get it into your head that losing your virginity will help you move on from Patrick so you end up making out with some asshole at a party. He tastes like cheep beer and menthols, his hands feel unwelcome on your skin but you let him touch, waiting for him to take you upstairs. He doesn’t get the chance, someone pulls you away and you’re stumbling through the crowd of drunken idiots and out into the hot nearly summer air. It’s dark but the heat isn’t letting up, not even a breeze and you glare over at…Patrick?

“What did you do that for?” You ask, not sounding nearly as annoyed as you wanted to. You can’t remember what the guy you were with looked like, much less his name. You hope he doesn’t ask.

“You looked uncomfortable and I know that isn’t like you,” He explains. He looks nervous, he always does at parties, he doesn’t fit in and everyone knows it.

“You don’t get to pick who I kiss, Patrick.” You wish he did, maybe then he’d pick himself.

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i-ballart  asked:

Awkward teen AU: the bois crush is ahem...experienced if you know what I mean;);) and they keep flirting with the bois basically treating him like they were in a relationship. Rip boyos

You’re gonna kill him, his soul is ascending as we speak

he highkey happy doe, please flirt with him and treat him like he’s your boyfriend you’re making this awkward teen’s kokoro go doki doki big time

“Ouch, Tim!  I said left foot forward, not right!  You’ve just kicked me in the shin again!”

“Sorry!  I didn’t know if you meant my left or your left!”

“This isn’t that difficult, Tim.  Let’s try again.  Left foot forward…”

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