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2016 Summer Assignments!

It was that moment I realized I hate drawing hair

Look! I finally got my crap together and posted these. A big thank you @saucyweasel and @sapphic-jean-grey for being my models! 

anonymous asked:

If Kara wasn't a kryptonian and was Kara-human-Danvers, what do you think she'd be like? In my head, Kara would be that artsy-emoish (but not really) kinda girl who loves to paint. I also think she would be a biromantic asexual (BECAUSE I NEED REPRESENTATION TOO GODDAMMIT). Thoughts?-leggy

Leggy! Leggo,

I love biromantic Kara with her somewhere on the ace spectrum. I lean toward demi, personally, because I might be demi? Let’s not get into that mess 

But I’ll totally concede her as asexual.

So I see a human, socially awkward artsy ass Kara, who also has an interest in science but only when it’s space-related. I’d say she should have lowkey Aspergers, because of her difficulties with social understanding, but she’s also highly empathetic. And both aspects are important to her character… Anyone with more knowledge in this regard know if having both qualities are possible in someone with Aspergers?

Kara stays on the journalist path, because she has to help people. In fact, she gets on that path much faster because she isn’t hiding her powers and she doesn’t have an alter ego to act through. 

And while she’s trying to help people through telling true stories, she also writes and illustrates a fictional children’s book called Krypton, set on a fictional planet that helps kids process and understand grief and change, drawn from her own experience of losing her parents in a fire when she was young.