awkward moonwalk

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what about linny (ginny/luna)? you can honestly write it whichever way you want to but if you could write them as friends with sexual tension that would be fucking great. thank you xx

I always, always imagine Luna as ace and Ginny as demi, so I’m not sure I succeeded with the sexual tension (but I also failed at delivering this on time so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) [AO3 Link]

  • Ginny watched, entranced, as sunlight danced through the golden strands of Luna’s hair, how it tiptoed through the curls and onto her face, lights and shadows playing in the curves of her face. 
  • Luna looked celestial, godly, other-worldly and a host of other words that meant beautiful in a surreal, larger than life kind of way.
  • She watched as Luna threw her head back, bare feet jumping slightly on the wet grass of the quidditch field and body undulating to the beat of the music Ginny was playing for her. 
  • The suddenly and abruptly changing music pulled Ginny out of her reverie, eyes going wide as The Weird Sisters’ Party Chamber changed to something…a little too close to home. 
  • “Lord almighty, I feel my temperature rising…”
  • “Ooh,” Luna gasped, grinning as she shimmied closer to where Ginny was sitting cross-legged on the ground. “What song is that? I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before.”
  • “Uh, it’s muggle. By a bloke called Elvis Presley,” Ginny confessed, ears and cheeks burning up in humiliation as Presley sang about kisses lifting him higher. 
  • “It’s brilliant,” Luna said, hips swaying in a way that made Ginny’s throat and mouth feel parched. “Come on, then. Dance with me.”
  • “Uhhhhhhh-”
  • Not waiting for a response, Luna held out her hands to Ginny and pulled her up, wand still grasped in one hand as it played the song. Luna twirled closer till their was nothing but an inch of empty space between them, and Ginny felt lightheaded all of a sudden. 
  • It’s coming closer, the flames are now licking my body…”
  • Ginny gulped hard, trying to calm her rabbiting heart, and placed shaking hands on Luna’s hips in a show of Gryffindor courage. Luna grinned easily at that, throwing her arms around Ginny’s neck and pulling her closer still. 
  • Feeling the soft press of Luna’s body against her own was enough to send Ginny into overdrive. Her entire body felt like it was about to melt right off her bones and her stomach was a mess of muted excitement.
  • Ginny abruptly pushed away from her friend to prevent herself from doing something stupid like kissing Luna and did the world’s most awkward moonwalk away, combined with random peace signs and head bobbing. 
  • Instead of laughing at her like most would, Luna copied her moves, somehow managing to look ridiculous and adorable at the same time. 
  • Ginny was so done. 
  • “I wonder when I stopped envying beautiful girls and startednfalling in love with them instead,” Ginny said introspectively, watching Hermione correct her potions essay. 
  • “First year,” Hermione said without looking up from the parchment spread out in front of her. 
  • “Huh?” she asked in confusion. She was pretty sure her first year had been spent deep in infatuation with Harry.
  • “Amanda from Slytherin,” Hermione stated simply. 
  • “Ahh,” Ginny said with a fond smile, remembering the dimpled girl who looked way too beautiful in her school robes. 
  • “So, now that you’ve actually admitted that you swing for literally everyone,” Hermione said, giving Ginny her homework back, “what are you going to do about that little crush you have on Luna?”
  • Ginny sighed in frustration, starfishing out on her bed. “Nothing,” she said. “I proper courted Harry, and look how that turned out.”
  • “Luna’s not Harry, though,” Hermione pointed out. 
  • That had Ginny grinning at the ceiling. “No, she’s not.” 
  • The next day found Ginny sweating profusely as she checked out her reflection in a spoon before she marched to the Ravenclaw table in the Great Hall with purpose. 
  • Plopping down next to Luna, she gave her a grin that was probably a little too manic. “Hey, Luna,” she said. “How are you on this fine morning?”
  • “Not too good,” Luna replied with a smile. “I’m quite certain my dorm is invested with nargles because I can’t find half my books.” 
  • Ginny sat up straighter in excitement. For once, things were working her way! 
  • “Wow, that’s just perfect,” she said, pulling out a bottle of Nah-Nargles that had taken her a week to brew after diligently following every step in The Quibbler. “I made some Nah-Nargles for you.” 
  • Luna’s eyes widened in surprise and happiness as she grabbed the bottle from Ginny. “You did? Oh, that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me!” 
  • Ginny’s whole face was burning with a pleased blush when Luna leaned forward to press a soothingly cold kiss to her cheek. 
  • “Thank you so much,” Luna whispered, eyes on the tiny blue bottle in her hands and cheeks a beautiful rosy pink, completely oblivious to the fact that Ginny’s soul had just transcended her mortal body.
  • “Ginny,” Luna said in that quiet voice that made every muscle unclench in Ginny’s body. She raised a pale hand to Ginny’s face, brushing away the hair itching her face. “You have beautiful eyes.” 
  • Ginny swallowed hard, breath stuttering at how close Luna was. “Y-Your eyes are much prettier than mine, though,” she choked out. 
  • Luna rolled her eyes, something she had definitely learnt from Ginny. “It’s not a competition,” she said. “You know what else I find really beautiful? Your name. Ginevra,” she pronounced carefully as if it was spell. “It’s a name befitting such a beautiful person.” 
  • “Uh,” Ginny replied eloquently but Luna just smiled. 
  • “So do we kiss now?” Luna asked innocently. 
  • Ginny choked on air once again, eyes wide in surprise and confusion. “Wh-aaat?” she drawled, voice scarily high pitched. “Wh-I mean-what do you-can you read minds? What is going on?” 
  • “Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do now?” Luna continued, raising her small hands to cup Ginny’s face. “You’ve been courting me and I’ve been courting you. Aren’t we supposed to kiss now that we’ve made our intentions clear and complimented each other?” 
  • “Kissing isn’t something you’re supposed to do, Luna,” Ginny said, a little uncomfortable. No matter how much she longer to kiss Luna, she didn’t want to be kissed out of an obligation. “It’s something you feel like doing because you really lo-like someone.” 
  • Luna’s grin just widened. “Well, I definitely love you. Do you love me too?”
  • This part was easy. Ginny had never been afraid of her feelings. 
  • She smiled, placing her hands on top of Luna’s. “Of course I do,” she replied. “I’ve loved you for quite a long time.” 
  • “So you want to kiss me too?” 
  • Ginny grinned, leaning forward to rub their noses together. “I’ve been wanting to kiss you for quite a long time.” 

Yes, I know, Nah-Nargles is lame af but I have a shit sense of humour and no ability to name things. We gon roll this way. 

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Hey. Semi-new follower. Absolutely in love with your art and you seem pretty chill and kinda wanna talk more but I'm awkward. Meh. Ok bye! *Moonwalks away*

Yoo welcome to the party uh thank you n feel free to message me whenever

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So since you give different answers to different routes I always thought obviously MC has a different personality/taste in each one! I was wondering what dresses you think the respective MCs would wear to the party since everyone is dressing up!! Thank you!!! :)

Whoops it’s me again :D I also wanted to ask how the rfa dances at the party!! (because can you imagine Seven dancing swing, that shit is intense man)

I thought this was a super interesting and cute idea!! Thank you for suggesting it :3 

We also went ahead and put your asks together since they sort of went together and since they were both from you! I hope that’s okay.

~Admin MP

This is super cute and I love this so much <3 

Admin Rina ;3c


Yoosung: The dress that MC would wear for Yoosung’s route is long and elegant, representing the maturing that Yoosung went through in his route. However, with the addition of the rhinestones on top, it shows how he still has his playfulness and youthful attitude.

Dancing: Yoosung would be awkward when dancing– he never went on any dates or anything in high school, so he doesn’t know the whole slow dancing scenario. As long as he’s close to MC and can feel the warmth of their body and know that they’re okay, he’s good. At times he would stumble because of his eye, but for most of the time, the two of them dance close together, Yoosung holding them tightly and never wanting to let go. Swaying together on the dancefloor, they lose themselves in each other and for that song, there’s nobody but them.
When the music gets faster, Yoosung busts out his awkward moonwalk and MC cries with laughter at how terrible it looks. 

Seven: Although in Saeyoung’s route the two never go to the party, I imagine that MC would have worn something like this: 

The dress is short and fluffy, representing Saeyoung’s mischievous and fun loving side, but the top is reminiscent of the collared shirt Saeyoung wears whenever he goes to the party in a route. The top is fancy and elegant, showing that Saeyoung has many different angles to his personality.
Dancing: I think that Seven would know how to swing dance. He might have learned it for a mission, might have learned it during college, or he might have learned it from YouTube videos, but he knows how to do it. He would swing MC around, dipping and spinning them like there was no tomorrow, showing them the different sides of his dancing style like the different sides of his personality.
When the music gets faster, the two dance to Carmelldansen and Gangnam Style. Zen tries to kick them off the dance floor.

Jaehee: The dress that Jaehee’s MC would wear is very simple yet beautiful. It shows how mature and sensible she is, but it hints to her playful side by having the seethrough sleeves. The gorgeous pattern of the dress fits Jaehee’s sophisticated attitude while also representing her new found passion and freedom. 

Dancing: MC asks Jaehee for a dance with a smile, holding their hand out, and Jaehee takes it with a blush. the dance is slow and Jaehee tries to keep space between them but she can’t help but move closer and closer. The feelings she has for MC almost burst through to the top, but she barely manages to hold them back, even though they’re mere inches apart and MC’s eyes are glimmering.
When the music gets faster, MC manages to get Jaehee to open up a lot more and show off her dancing skills. When Jaehee dabs, MC CACKLES and hugs her. The two have a great time dancing the night away and Jaehee doesn’t think about work or the future once.



The dress would be be top of the line fashion. Zen would make sure that they were the center of attenion. The two of them would catch the eyes of everyone in the room no matter what was doing on with the party.

Dance: Honestly the two of them would waltz, Zen probolly knows how to waltz really well. He would have MC being drawing all night, and it would be really hard for them to stop dancing


Dress: The dress would be something simple but VERY expensive. It would catch the eye of everyone in the room “Wow they are so beautiful” “So elegant” “So perfect” are just a couple of things to describe MC in this dress

Dance: The two of them would dance very slow and in a very romantic way. With their arms wrapped each other, kissing and everything. They are honestly just all OVER each other


Dress: MC would try and match their dress to V’s hair honestly. They would think that it would be really funny and cute. It would also be shorter and but elegant looking. 

Dance: Honestly V doesn’t really like dancing that much, so the two of them would be kind of hanging out in the back of the room. But they would really just be enjoying each other company. Talking and laughing, drinking a little. and kissing each other every now and then