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Awkward vampire in front of her crush , I’m turning her into a Oc probably since she’s tOO CUTE

I’m so original with the backgrounds (sarcasm) at least I did a background

The pic before I decided I wanted to spend the rest of the night on it <-wip

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mya-summers  asked:

Hey girl! Can I have a ship? If you do ships of course? I'm 5"9 I have black hair and brown eyes. I'm a super big geek with video games and books and movies and stuff. I don't do sports but I like dancing and rapping? I'm socially awkward and nervous around new people. Thanks babe 😘

Sure! I can start doing ships too, although I’ve never done them before XD alright, here goes:

I ship you with Chanyeol! 

To me, he seems like an adorable geek and he’ll definitely enjoy playing video games and watching movies with you. Whenever you come across a good book, he’ll always be down to listen to you gush about it and he’ll think to himself ‘Gosh, my girlfriend is such a huge geek and I love her so much’. 

The fact that you like rapping makes you even more compatible with him (because duh, he’s a rapper himself you lovin the size). As for dancing, he’ll always be eager to let you teach him some dope moves and you’ll giggle at his long and lanky limbs going in all directions as he dances (that was such a cute image in my head oml).

Personality wise, he’s the perfect match for you. Since you’re nervous around new people and he’s always the outgoing one, he’ll always be there to lead you out of your comfort zone and give you the opportunity to bloom into a more outspoken person. Vice versa, you’ll be the perfect girl to tone down his loud and cheeky nature at times. 

In a nutshell, you and Chanyeol will make the perfect ship! Hope you enjoyed this, and thank you for requesting! 😘

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OOC: Hello!!!! Okay I really did not wish to do this anytime soon, but I just feel rather bad >///< I have seen a bunch of my lovely followers a picture of themselves in RL, and some of my friends are requesting for me to show myself. I am not very photogenic, and I am quite awkward/shy. But I do not feel that it is right that you all are showing off your beauty with your lovely personalities, and I tend to avoid uploading something xD;;; This is probably the most recent photo I have a couple of weeks ago. I went to a wedding, and it was my first American wedding I had been too. It was so very much fun! Anyway, I hope this doesn’t bother anyone or upset….here goes nothing >//////< -runs away-


Science and Simpatico:  The Second Law of Thermodynamics

seems legit, Nautica.

I only mentioned the Clausius statement, so it’s obviously not all of the 2nd Law in here (and it’s more complex than i put it in here). you can read more about the 2nd Law in books and online.
(and don’t take this comic seriously, lol. it’s for fun XD, maybe corny too. forgive me. I had a rough semester)


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Love Contract >> Suga, You (The Epilogue!)

PART 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5  | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

First of all I would Like to thank kochchakon for all her effort she has done with me till now. The one who squeezed her mind so hard trying to figure things out! XD Well she helped me a lot too

Second I want to thank everyone here and those who continued to read this whatsoever. Thank you

The ride home was silent. Not an awkward. You weren’t sure what had happened back there. You couldn’t believe that Suga made a rap song for you.

Suga was driving the car and he was holding your hand. He didn’t let go of it, since you two got out of the place.

You cleared your throat and started talking. As much as you enjoyed the silence with him, you also wanted to talk with him, to know him more. To break the wall between the both of you.

“Do you have a copy of that song? It was cool and I would like to have it.”

He glanced at you and chuckled. “Sorry, I only have instrumental version only.”

“What do you mean?” You asked confused.

“I have this track for another song. It had different lyrics and it’s not recorded yet.” He explained, eyes glued to the road.  

“You mean that you did all the lyrics just now! I mean, did you think of it for a long time? Or have you planned all of this?”

He nodded, “I did plan it. But the lyrics just came out of my tongue.”  

And you gasped. Your eyes widened in surprised. “Wow! You are really talented. I’m so jealous of you.” He laughed shyly. “Stop laughing, I’m talking seriously… By the way, they seemed to know you, really well. Are they your friends?”

“I started as an underground rapper.” He said, his thumb was caressing the back of your hand. “I left home and came here to achieve my dream. That was the place that made me grow up to be a good man.”

“You aren’t a good man.” You rolled your eyes, he just chuckled.

He was smiling and laughing a lot since the both of you left, which was something you totally loved and whenever he smiled you just wanted to kiss him so hard because he was so cute.

Slowly, you started to recognize the street Suga was driving into and you started to get nervous.

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Hey everyone! I’m not sure if I’ve submitted here before, but I’ll give it a go either way xP
My name is Jamie, I’m 16, hella gay lesbian, single, looking for a relationship at the moment. LDR doesn’t bother me, and friends are great too! I’m into bands, (mainly screamo/ metal and rock) anime, cartoons, meme trash, I love piercings and tattoos and do plan on getting some when I can xD collarbones are my weakness <3
I don’t have snapchat or Kik, but shoot me a message on here! @be-gay-pls

Warning I’m awkward and shy at first but I’m hella weird and trash haha, hope to meet some cool people!