awkward man hug

‘Thank you for falling in love with me.’

In which the family is out, the servants are out/sleeping, Thomas is alone upstairs, Carson left the door open ‘cause this is England and somehow Jimmy knows and sneaks into the house hoping to see Thomas. Or maybe they were writing to each other and Thomas told Jimmy to come visit him that night, idk, something like that.


Summary: A dinner out with his son and new son-in-law introduces Burt to some of the…stranger people in his son’s past. 

Prompt: Would you please write Burt meeting walter, and then later after he and kurt broke up him seeing both kurt and blaine and congratulating them/being thrilled. Would love if he gave them a check, since he knows how hard it is to be newlyweds.

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THIS IS THE STORY ALL ABOUT HOW… I dressed up as Boozey at the Irish FrnkIero AndThe Cellabration shows.

So a while back I made this costume and fucked up the eyes and tweeted it to Frank Iero and he favourited it. When he did that I decided I actually had to take it to Ireland with me and into my suitcase it went.

Anyway in the first Belfast show the guys come on and play their first few songs and then Frank laughs into the mic and says “Someone came dressed as Boozey! Extra points!” And that was that..


After the show when Frank came out I walked up and he recognized me from the other shows I had been to and I say “Hey! I was Boozey!” And he high fives me and asks if I was hot in the costume. I told him it was so hot I thought I was going to die and, because I asked for a drawing, he drew me dead and sweating in the Boozey costume. Thanks Frank.

So finally we were allowed pictures and here’s how the conversation went:

Me: “Can I get a pic with you while I’m in costume?”

Frank: “Sure! I’d love that.”

Me: “I just need to put it on.” *pulls it over, can’t find eyeholes*

Frank: “Come here. I’ll help.”

*Cut to Frank and I bickering like a mom and her child as he sorts it out. Basically-

“Stop moving! Let go!”

“I’m trying to pull it down!” *Tugs it and Frank slaps my hands away*

“Just stay still dammit!”

“I’m not even moving now OH MY GOD!”

And eventually Frank takes me by suprise because he was really close to my face and as he pulled the costume into place his eyes were like right there. Then I got a picture, Cara got a picture for Frank, we had this awkward side man hug thing and I left. And that’s the end of my story.

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I don't know if you've seen the latest shots of Twelve and Clara. They have a bit of a moment, he's reassuring her he's the same man, they awkward hug and then they go for chips. Chips. And the actual line 'you're buying,' 'I have no money,' is used. I don't know what to feel. It feels like Moffat is trying to create an homage but really it's just copying and it bugs me.

See, here’s the thing. I’m not really bothered by those lines (if they’re true, and if they even end up in the episode), although yes, it’s mildly irritating that it seems like he’s trying to make another Rose reference. (I’m gonna stop myself from going on a rant about how tumblr has a mixed up definition of ‘parallels’ these days, and how a parallel is not, in fact, copying a line or rephrasing a line and reusing it.)

What bothers me more about that scene, and I was discussing this on twitter earlier, is what comes before the chips section. Supposedly, it starts with Clara unsure if he’s “really” the Doctor. (Sidenote: how this makes sense given that she’s just met Ten/John  Hurt, has previous met all his incarnations, and in the last episode told him he could regenerate, I don’t even know). Now I have nothing wrong on a basic level with “but you’re not my Doctor” at all. What I have an issue with is how, if this spoiled scene dialogue is what actually happens, is how it’s handled. 

Supposedly (SPOILER ALERT!!) what happens is that Clara gets a call on her phone from Eleven who reassures her that everything is okay. Then she walks up to “Twelve” and is all “it really is you” and then they have an awkward hug and head off for chips.

If this is in fact how this is going to happen? Than it is, to me, yet another perfect micro-example of the differences between RTD and Moffat and how they handle their characters. RTD takes an entire episode (The Christmas Invasion) and basically devotes it to Rose coming to terms with this new regeneration, growing to trust in this new!him and believing that he’s still her Doctor. A whole episode. Moffat? Well, Moffat clearly wants to do the whole “but you’re not my doctor!” thing, but instead of actually taking the time to devote to it, actually letting Clara develop and grow, he just (surprise surprise), timey-timey waves it all away, with a quick phone call from Eleven to reassure her and bam, bob’s your uncle, she’s fine with it. Now we’ve free to go ahead to the actual adventuring without any of that emotional development and trust and character nonsense, pssh, who needs that.

The thing is, if Moffat wanted to just jump right into that, he has a built in excuse. Clara has been in the Doctor’s timeline and knows all about him, and even if her memories are fuzzy, she just met Ten and War like two episodes ago. It’s tailor made for her to just go along with it and jump into adventure. (I mean, in that case it would be nice if she was still somewhat hesitant in a “I need to get to know new!you” kind of way, but still.)

But he doesn’t. He chooses to do this whole “but you’re not you!” thing, and then completely cheats Clara of any actual time and development and emotion and just magics the issue he created away with a quick phone call from the past.

And it just frustrates me so much, I can’t even fully express it.

I’d like to say that hopefully there’s more before and after that scene that allows for actual development, or maybe Clara says she accepts him but really doesn’t, and the episode allows for that acceptance over time… but to be honest, I have very little faith in Moffat’s character writing these days, so. Yeah. I can’t really get worked up over the chips thing because I’m more bothered by the rest of it. (Sorry, this got long.)