awkward looking of the watch


“Why do you want to kiss me?”

“What’s wrong with kissing my girlfriend?”


GD & TOP off the record

**updated with clear fancam


two times i no joke, honest to god, 100% thought they were going to kiss

Kaisoo and members

I want to talk about this video:

It is EXO'luXion in Singapore, january 9th 2016.

During last ment fans and members were celebrating Kaisoo birthdays.

That is when Kyungsoo and Kai hugged.

But I don’t want to talk about Kaisoo.

I want to talk about what happened around 12:18 to 12:24.

Now, you can clearly hear Baekhyun shouting “DiKa, DiKa!”

“DiKa” is of course name that Kai create for Kaisoo couple in “EXO’s second BOX”.

It is reversed “KaDi”.

I would like you to look at Chen’s reaction.

Look at his face when he turns to Baekhyun.

Look at how he wants to hit baekhyun with his mike.

He doesn’t look angry. Rather like he wants to say: “SHUTTHEFUCKUP! WHATTHEHELLAREYOUDOING!”

And at the end he smiles shyly.

And my question is: WHYYY!??!!

And actually they all look kind of awkward.

Now, if you watched fancams from the infamous Chanbaek hug you can see that all members are laughing at Chanbaek and teasing them.

But when it comes to Kaisoo they are just… embarrassed?

And Chen is known for his “You gay?!” moments:

And it is not only Chen.

This is Suho’s reaction when Kyungsoo touched Kai’s face during 2nd day of EXo'luXion in Singapore: (video)

My question is: if Kaisoo is only a fanservice, why the members reactions are like that?

My answer: because members know what is really going on between these two.

The Music and the Mirror, (17/?), Cat/Kara


A date? Well, a date. Cat, Kara, art and a Sunday afternoon. Siobhan decides to make herself a factor.

Big love to @kara-lesbihonest for the beta work. <3

Kara gets done with Hank’s session earlier than expected, and even after taking a little longer to get ready, she’s still out front and waiting by Cat’s car just before three. Kara knocks on the window and waves at the driver to let him know that she’s there, and gets a slight smile in response. There’s no indication that the doors have been opened, so Kara fiddles with her purse and tries not to look too awkward standing around.

She looks toward the grand building in watchful anticipation, but it isn’t Cat that she sees coming down the steps of the CatCo Center; it’s Siobhan. A stack of manuscripts gripped like a shield as always, she looks harried in a way she hadn’t during the rehearsal. Just when Kara is deciding whether to wave or not - it’s not like they’ve ever really spoken - Siobhan changes course and comes striding right over.

“Listen,” Siobhan sounds quite friendly, like she’s going to tell Kara some fun secret. “I was going to let you just make a fool of yourself, but some of us care too much about Cat’s reputation for that.”

“Uh, a fool of my what now?” Kara asks.

Read the rest on AO3.


Highly speculative bust of that short-necked azhdarchid~

"I bought a plant."

This is Parker thinking maybe, just maybe, she may have found a place. This is a girl who can get into anywhere but fits in nowhere thinking there might be something here worth staying for. She doesn’t really know these people, doesn’t trust them yet, but she can’t shake the feeling that with these almost-strangers with all their jagged edges she may have found the one thing she always wanted but could never steal: a place to belong.

She doesn’t want to jinx it. She spent an entire childhood being told that she doesn’t fit in, that she’s too strange and destructive and damaged to belong anywhere. But they called her, they asked her to come, and when she did she found that there was already a space prepared for her, just waiting for her claim, waiting for her to mark it as hers. Waiting for any indication that she might stay.

So she buys a plant. She doesn’t really know what it does, but she does know what it means. It means I’m here, it means I’m staying, it means I want this place to be mine.


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it’s weird being in your twenties and struggling with relationships. i feel like i’m just so far behind the learning curve because as a teenager i was kinda really awkward and funny looking and overweight and just spent all my time at home watching standup and reading up on the UN. now i just don’t know how to flirt or anything at all. i’m so used to being the funny friend? like i have to be best friends with the person before anything happens. i don’t know. i feel like everyone knows something i don’t and they learned it years ago :~)


Jiyong can’t resist the temptation to tease Kwanghee whenever he can