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Kyungsoo has been cast as the lead in the movie “Swing Kids”, which is based on the musical “Ro Gisoo” about a north korean soldier who falls in love with tap dance. Kang Hyeongcheol (”Scandal Makers”, “Sunny”, “Tazza”) will be directing. filming starts in september.


Favorite Wonwoo Outfits

Boys Be Diary Series. 

Okay but what if Dennis simply realized and understood that Mandy wasn’t looking for an emotional relationship with him, and she and Brian Jr stay in Philly anyway so Dennis can have a relationship with his son without having to uproot his entire life to North Dakota? What we’d end up with is Dennis and Mac partially raising Brian Jr together. They probably babysit while Mandy is at work, and maybe they get him every other weekend, that type of thing. Just imagine the ridiculous antics that would ensue as Mac and Dennis try to keep a toddler alive together.

But they’re definitely not in a relationship. Dennis makes this very clear. They are not together, despite the fact that they turned Mac’s old room into a kid’s room with a tiny bed for when Brian Jr spends the night. And they (mostly) share the bed that’s in Dennis’ room, but sometimes Dennis throws a hissy fit and makes Mac sleep on the couch because moments when Mac gets extra domestic suddenly get too real for him to handle.

Then one day they take Brian Jr to the pediatrician and the doctor is super hot and super into Mac. We all know Mac is into muscular scientists, a doctor is probably close enough, and Mac is just kind of wondering what that body looks like under the white lab coat. He’s making those eyes at him, you know? Meanwhile, Dennis is looking awkward as hell watching the pediatrician flirt with his not boyfriend, after Mac explains that they’re not together. And he’s practically steaming from the ears as they’re leaving, Mac with a new phone number in his pocket.

Dennis tells himself he doesn’t care. Mac is gay and out and he can date whoever he likes. But then Friday night rolls around, Mac is out on his date, and Dennis is left watching Brian Jr by himself. His son won’t stop asking where Mac is, saying he misses him, and Dennis is like, me too little dude, me too. And so he texts Mac 911 saying he has to come home, Brian Jr may or may not have a fever. Mac ditches his date. He’s home in ten minutes flat, arriving in a mad panic that something’s horribly wrong, and Mac’s frantic concern over his son makes it all the more clear to Dennis that he loves loves loves this man so damn much. And he can’t keep lying to himself anymore, and all the feelings spill out into the open in a mess of barely coherent sentences. At the end, Mac is like… so Brian Jr’s fine? Dennis kisses him right then and there, and says that yes, Brian Jr is fine. And then Mac realizes what Dennis just confessed, and he finally gets to raise a kid with the man he loves, but like, for real this time. 

NCT 127 reaction to you nursing them back to health


Anon: How would NCT Dream and NCT 127 react to their partner nursing them back to health?

Hi Anon! I hope you like this! Tbh I though that it was kinda shitty but oh well I’ll edit this late reply if need be :-)


Originally posted by taesyong

Taeil wouldn’t want to bother you at all about being sick and would probably leave it for a very long time. He’d basically be smiling through the pain, and you would be oblivious to the pain he was in. You finding out would come as a complete shock and surprise - to the pair of you. You’d accidentally walk in on him collapsed on his bed, soaked in sweat and groaning in pain. Rushing to his side, you’d grab his hand asking him what happened and, although he didn’t want to tell you because he’s stubborn like that, he’d just tell you. He’d want you to help him, since he’d be in a lot of pain and would just want to get better. And he’d promise you that he’d tell you sooner next time, but then, he probably wouldn’t.


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I don’t think Johnny would mind you looking after him if he was sick, but he’d make sure you were keeping clean and healthy yourself. He wouldn’t want you to get sick because of him and would feel incredibly guilty if it were you who was bundled up in bed the next week, because of it. He’d offer you tissues and give you hand gel whenever you came to check if he was alright. It sounds extreme and unnecessary but Johnny wouldn’t want to see you ill and would be concerned for you, more than you were for him. He’d refuse any cuddles and kisses, and would sleep alone in his bed with the cold sheets and without the warmth of your body next to his. By the time he’s better though, he’d be very clingy and affectionate, claiming that any long hugs or sudden kisses was just making up for lost time.


Originally posted by bhaek

At first Taeyong would try and refuse any help you tried to give him. What with being the leader of NCT, he probably feels like he has a responsibility to do things independently and look after others. But soon, he’d let you - enjoying having you fuss over him and look after him. Unlike some of the other members, he wouldn’t take advantage of you looking after him, just being extremely grateful and affectionate for your help. He’d cling onto you and attempt to coax you into coming and giving him a cuddle, a demand you refused first but soon let him have it.


Originally posted by taetohan

Yuta would be dramatic as hell whenever he was ill. Sighing loudly, having coughing fits, throwing his head back and complaining about having a headache. Of course, they would only get you slowly more and more agitated and annoyed at him - but your inner maternal instincts would stop you from giving up and not helping. He’d just love having you fuss over him and would make the most of it, asking you to get the most obscure things from the store or really specific meals. At night though, he’d be very cuddly and quieter, wrapping you tightly in his arms at night, and pressing light kisses over your neck. He’d make sure you knew he was sorry for making you do so much for him during the day too.


Originally posted by doyoukki

Unlike  his usual self, he’d be very quiet and calm whenever he was ill - thinking he was upset rather than ill. You’d be worried sick for him, and would try to show him some affection, thinking he was upset rather than ill. He’d always push you away, making you furrow your eyebrows at his actions and whine a bit. Very quickly, you’d get offended and storm off, making him sigh a bit. His heart would want to comfort you but his mind would tell him that it was better you being sad for a bit rather than ill for a period of time. He’d tell you eventually, and would apologise. This would make you feel guilty for acting the way you did and you’d spend the next week cooking and cleaning for him, trying to help him get better. Despite his protests, he’d secretly be grateful for you and your help and would try to make it up to you next time you were ill.


Originally posted by why-jaehyun

I see Jaehyun being very emotional, in a good way though, and his hormones would basically be running wild lmao it sounds like he’s on his period or something He’d watch you in awe as you ran about the dorms tidying his mess up for him and bringing him hot soup. Wondering about what he ever did to deserve you, he’d reach out and grab your hand every once in a while stopping you in your tracks. You’d look down confused to see him staring up at you, smiling softly and his eyes wide in admiration. It would definitely melt your heart to see him like this, and you couldn’t help but giggle; even when he was sick, he had some kind of hold of you.


Originally posted by y-ta

He’d find it very awkward to see you looking after him, and would just lie in his bed watching you quietly. He’ll try to insist on helping you tidy up, but you’d immediately scold him and tell him that rest is more important. It would be in times like this that he’d be very grateful for you and appreciate you even more. He’d love feeling protected and loved and although he wouldn’t express this to you physically, for him, the appreciation would always be there. Like Jaehyun he’d watch you quietly in awe and wouldn’t be able to help but let his mind wander and gush about how amazing you’d be as a wife/husband and mother/father to your future kids and spouse.


Originally posted by nakamotens

He’d like you helping him get better - but only to an extent. At first, he’d be very happy and grateful to have you, asking for small favours and not asking you to do much for him. But soon he’d feel guilty and like he was exploiting you or something, and would cut you off a bit. He’d wouldn’t respond to your texts or calls and would claim that he had just missed them by mistake. You’d worry a bit and try to go back to helping him but again he’d be very curt and try to stop you from doing so. You would have to take control though and basically force your help onto him - and he’d let you. He’d never tell you about his feelings in the end, but you’d figure it out pretty soon and talk to him about it.


Originally posted by donghyukslee

He’s very likely to turn into a literal child which he already is tbh lmao anyway and, like Yuta, would moan and complain and basically annoy the shit out of you. As soon as he was starting to feel ill, he’d call you up begging for you to bring his snacks and blankets. Of course, being the worried and loved up girlfriend you are, you’d immediately agree, and rush around the grocery store before practically running to his dorms. Expect to find him huddled in between his sheets, head poking out, and a mischievous grin on his face; and obviously, being tired as hell the next day by how much you’ve had to look after him.


“Why do you want to kiss me?”

“What’s wrong with kissing my girlfriend?”

A list of things I never thought I’d do

Pairing: Finn Balor/You

Summary: You just might be pregnant. How are you going to tell Finn ?

If there was ever a list of things you’d never thought you’d do, standing in Walmart arguing over pregnancy tests with AJ Styles would be pretty high up on it. Which incidentally is exactly what you’re doing right now, you’ve already said several prayers that no fans have recognised you. The last thing you need is for pictures of this little expedition posted on the internet to make it any weirder. Eventually you argue the stubborn idiot down to the $6 box so you can both just get the hell out of god-damn Walmart already.

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Socially Awkward

Pairing: Cas x Reader
Words:  941
Requested by @llamas16:  Idk how your requests work but I would like to request a Cas x reader fic where the reader is very socially awkward and so is Cas so dean and sam try to hook them up and it ends in either smut or fluff or both? You don’t have to but I would love it if you did :)

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, send an ask.

          You had been hunting for a while before you met Sam and Dean. When you met them, you made a great impression. You had just taken out a poltergeist. You were pumped full of adrenaline. But as soon as they started talking to you, you froze and couldn’t figure out to speak English.

           Dean had asked your name and you had spaced for a good thirty seconds before you actually said Y/N.

           Sam had asked how long you had been hunting and you said “Long time. Since kid,” you inwardly chastised yourself for not being able to people.

           You were sure, after that first encounter, that you wouldn’t see the Winchester’s again. But fate would have it that you would end up hunting with them.

           “Y/N, I think we have someone you should meet,” Dean said, smirking a little when the three of you walked out of the house after taking care of the witch.

           “Dean . . .” Sam had looked over at him, seeming to sense what his brother was getting at. You weren’t sure if Sam approved or not.

           “Dude, they’d be perfect for each other,” Dean said.

           Sam sighed, “Don’t force it.”

           “Guys, I’m right here,” you said, feeling like you were an invisible onlooker in this conversation.

           “We know,” Dean said, “Sorry.”

           “Wanna let me in on the secret?” you asked.

           “We will.”

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Cuddles and Snuggles




The Awkward Angel.

That’s what Dean called him.

But you found the awkwardness endearing, adorable. The confused looks Cas would get made your heart flutter. Watching him try to master human actions made you smile.

And when he approached you with a bouquet of roses, insisting that Dean had told him it was how one could show affection, you felt like your heart was going to explode.

“Thank you, Cas,” you said, lifting the flowers to your nose. “They’re lovely.”

“I…” Cas shifted on his feet. “I’m not sure what we do now.”

“Well…. Now we should plan a date.”

“A date?”

You nodded. “Dinner and a movie? Later this week?”

“That sounds… enjoyable.”

So a few days later, you and Cas went to dinner and a movie. He didn’t eat much and he seemed rather confused by the movie, but there was still a small smile plastered on his face throughout the evening.

During the movie, you took the initiative and slipped your hand into Cas’. He looked down in surprise, his fingers stiff in your grasp. But you held on, enjoying the feeling of his palm against yours.


It took nearly two months for Cas to kiss you.

You’d pressed kisses to his cheeks before, but he never initiated any sort of romantic physical gesture. His kiss was oddly stiff, as though he didn’t know exactly how to hold his lips. But you pressed yours against his, realizing that Cas’ lips were the softest you’d ever felt.

The two-month mark was also a large change in your relationship for another reason; it was the first night you’d asked Cas to stay with you.

“Very well,” he said, pulling your desk chair over and sitting near your bed.

“No, Cas,” you said with a small laugh. “I meant in the bed with me.”

“Oh.” Cas’ brow creased. “You… mean to have….”

“No,” you shook your head. Sex was far from your mind—it didn’t really appeal to you and you knew it made the angel uncomfortable. “No, Cas. I just… want to snuggle with you.”

“Snuggle,” the angel said slowly as if weighing the word in his mouth.

You suddenly felt very foolish. Cas obviously didn’t understand and you’d put him on the spot and now there was an awkward tension in the room and he would probably break up with you for being so awkward and—

Your thoughts were interrupted by Cas slipping into the bed next to you.


He gave you a small smile. “I… this snuggle concept is strange to me…. How does one…”

You immediately wrapped your arms around Cas’ torso, burying your nose in the soft fabric of his shirt. Castiel carefully wrapped an arm around your shoulders.

“Is this… enjoyable?”

“It’s lovely, Cas.” You looked up at him. “Do you like it?”

“It’s… pleasant.”

“Are you sure?” You pulled back slightly. “If you’re not comfortable, we can… I can…”

“No, no,” Cas assured you, pulling you back into his chest. “I rather like spending time with you like this. You… you are very warm and smell nice.”

You giggled. “You, too, Cas.”


two times i no joke, honest to god, 100% thought they were going to kiss

Faking it (Grayson) Part 1/?

Summary: Your bestfriend Grayson is attending a relative’s wedding and he needs you to act as his girlfriend. Cue lots of pining from both your sides, smug looks from Ethan and their family pressuring you into marriage and babies.
Word Count: 1,423
Warnings: None.
A/N: I felt like trying out something new, this is gonna be divided into parts, I don’t know how many just yet. And there will be lots of pining in this. But it’ll be fun! Feedback is appreciated, that way I know if you guys like it and want more xx


“It smells delicious in here,” Ethan said as he walked out of his room and towards the kitchen. He ran his fingers through his hair, still damp from the shower and sat down by the counter.

You glanced at him quickly, focusing back on cutting up the paprikas without getting too close to your fingers with the knife.

“That’s just me,” you joked and snorted out a laugh when you heard Ethan chuckle. “I’m making a new dish, I found the recipe online and decided that the both of you would be the ones to try it first.”

“So we’re gonna get poisoned tonight?” Ethan asked and you stopped chopping to look up at his grinning face. You picked up a piece of paprika and flung it at his stupid face.


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GD & TOP off the record

**updated with clear fancam

The Outsiders

Warnings- I mention Soda dying in Vietnam. I give Pony a little memory issue, though.

Note- Johnny and Dally had already died in this one. I know the title’s weird.


  The old house loomed in front of the old man. It was a lot more decrepit than the last time he had laid eyes on it. It’s once white sides were now grey and vines were traveling up them. The roof had light marks on it and reminded him of soft spots. That was probably what they were: leaks and soft spots. The fence that used to surround the place weren’t there anymore and the yard’s grass was around two feet tall. The man’s eyes got misty. Why did it look like that? It had so much love so many years ago.

   "Grandpa? What is that place?“ The man looked over at his great granddaughter. She was watching him carefully and holding his hand. She gave him a look that said very politely that she wanted to leave. It was early in the morning and he had woken her up for a road-trip. The man patted her hand and started to walk across the road with her. They had been standing across the street from the house. His family member helped him walk. He’d had shaky knees ever since he turned eighty about seven years previous.

  "I used to live here. This was my home.” His voice was shaky as he spoke. She looked like she was very interested now. She’d never even seen pictures of the house before. It was amazing to see it in the flesh and know where it was. It was a key to her grandpa’s past and she’d love to know everything.

  “We called it ‘The Curtis House’, because, well, it was.” He chuckled, but spoke softly and slowly. His worn silvery green eyes roamed around the outside. “I lived in there with my two older brothers, Soda and Darry. Our parents died when I was your age, fourteen, so I grew up with my brothers.”

   Ponyboy and his great granddaughter, Jodie, walked through the tall grass and maneuvered their way to the porch. The cane clutched in his right hand didn’t help very much, so Jodie was really what was holding him up. Still, they walked.

  Ponyboy dropped his cane in the tall grass as he reached toward the splintered steps’ banister. It felt rickety and a rush of dread washed through the old man. The house should never have looked like this. He’d always swore to take care of it. He vaguely remembered everything he and his brothers would do to make sure the house stayed neat and taken care of. How had he let it get this way? Why was it abandoned?

  “You’ve never said anything about having brothers! How come?” Jodie asked softly. Pony’s eyes softened and he felt a shudder come from inside. He struggled for the words to answer her. They walked up the steps slowly and tried to reach the porch’s flat surface. It didn’t look flat anymore, however. It was more sagging and warped than anything. They cautiously walked to the front door.

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The Only Proof

The name on his arm read Jack, which irritated Eric quite a bit, because how many Jacks had he met in his life? Why couldn’t he have a soulmate with a less common name, like Francisco or Axel or Bernard? And it didn’t help that his own name was ridiculously common, too. Jack and Eric. Eric had to admit, though, that he did like the sound of that.


A Zimbits soulmate AU.

Cross-posted to AO3 

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Highly speculative bust of that short-necked azhdarchid~