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Kyungsoo has been cast as the lead in the movie “Swing Kids”, which is based on the musical “Ro Gisoo” about a north korean soldier who falls in love with tap dance. Kang Hyeongcheol (”Scandal Makers”, “Sunny”, “Tazza”) will be directing. filming starts in september.

NHL!Bitty, Part IX - ‘Loose Lips Sink Ships’

(Alright, you guys voted for #2, so enjoy!)

Eric gets hit on in a hotel bar during All-Star weekend. For the first time in a long time, it’s not because he’s a famous hockey player.

It would be very flattering, except the man trying to seduce him works for Jack’s PR firm, and bro is playing fast and loose with some seriously confidential information. 

NHL!Bitty Masterpost!

It’s been a long, exhausting day. Between the flight, check-in, the press junket, the photo ops, all Eric wants is to get a little bit drunk with the guys, grab some dinner, and fool around in Jack’s hotel room. Hopefully in that order, but he’s open to fooling around whenever.

He must have a dopey smile on his face thinking about the debauchery he’s been looking forward to all week when he realizes someone is watching him from across the bar. 

Tall, nice hair, professional, and he’s looking at Eric, no, at the empty chair next to him. And he’s walking over. 

“Is this seat taken?”

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Jun was worried for Mingyu.


“Why do you want to kiss me?”

“What’s wrong with kissing my girlfriend?”

sugar ❖ sehun (3)

❝I’m not sure what the Boss does, probably nothing, but he’s always the first to come in here and the last to leave. He’s at the last floor and that’s where you’re going❞

admin : - velvet
genre : fluff, smut (in the next chap), pretty huge age gap, kinda daddyish, ceo!sehun, angst

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Epilogue

The next morning Mina was at your door, just like any other Saturdays and took with her some pastries and two cups of chocolate with cream. That was usual for the two of you, she always came to your home to spent the weekend, so you gained a little bit of bravery and asked what was pricking in your brain since last night.

Is Sehun really your father?

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NCT 127 reaction to you nursing them back to health


Anon: How would NCT Dream and NCT 127 react to their partner nursing them back to health?

Hi Anon! I hope you like this! Tbh I though that it was kinda shitty but oh well I’ll edit this late reply if need be :-)


Originally posted by taesyong

Taeil wouldn’t want to bother you at all about being sick and would probably leave it for a very long time. He’d basically be smiling through the pain, and you would be oblivious to the pain he was in. You finding out would come as a complete shock and surprise - to the pair of you. You’d accidentally walk in on him collapsed on his bed, soaked in sweat and groaning in pain. Rushing to his side, you’d grab his hand asking him what happened and, although he didn’t want to tell you because he’s stubborn like that, he’d just tell you. He’d want you to help him, since he’d be in a lot of pain and would just want to get better. And he’d promise you that he’d tell you sooner next time, but then, he probably wouldn’t.


Originally posted by nctinfo

I don’t think Johnny would mind you looking after him if he was sick, but he’d make sure you were keeping clean and healthy yourself. He wouldn’t want you to get sick because of him and would feel incredibly guilty if it were you who was bundled up in bed the next week, because of it. He’d offer you tissues and give you hand gel whenever you came to check if he was alright. It sounds extreme and unnecessary but Johnny wouldn’t want to see you ill and would be concerned for you, more than you were for him. He’d refuse any cuddles and kisses, and would sleep alone in his bed with the cold sheets and without the warmth of your body next to his. By the time he’s better though, he’d be very clingy and affectionate, claiming that any long hugs or sudden kisses was just making up for lost time.


Originally posted by bhaek

At first Taeyong would try and refuse any help you tried to give him. What with being the leader of NCT, he probably feels like he has a responsibility to do things independently and look after others. But soon, he’d let you - enjoying having you fuss over him and look after him. Unlike some of the other members, he wouldn’t take advantage of you looking after him, just being extremely grateful and affectionate for your help. He’d cling onto you and attempt to coax you into coming and giving him a cuddle, a demand you refused first but soon let him have it.


Originally posted by taetohan

Yuta would be dramatic as hell whenever he was ill. Sighing loudly, having coughing fits, throwing his head back and complaining about having a headache. Of course, they would only get you slowly more and more agitated and annoyed at him - but your inner maternal instincts would stop you from giving up and not helping. He’d just love having you fuss over him and would make the most of it, asking you to get the most obscure things from the store or really specific meals. At night though, he’d be very cuddly and quieter, wrapping you tightly in his arms at night, and pressing light kisses over your neck. He’d make sure you knew he was sorry for making you do so much for him during the day too.


Originally posted by doyoukki

Unlike  his usual self, he’d be very quiet and calm whenever he was ill - thinking he was upset rather than ill. You’d be worried sick for him, and would try to show him some affection, thinking he was upset rather than ill. He’d always push you away, making you furrow your eyebrows at his actions and whine a bit. Very quickly, you’d get offended and storm off, making him sigh a bit. His heart would want to comfort you but his mind would tell him that it was better you being sad for a bit rather than ill for a period of time. He’d tell you eventually, and would apologise. This would make you feel guilty for acting the way you did and you’d spend the next week cooking and cleaning for him, trying to help him get better. Despite his protests, he’d secretly be grateful for you and your help and would try to make it up to you next time you were ill.


Originally posted by why-jaehyun

I see Jaehyun being very emotional, in a good way though, and his hormones would basically be running wild lmao it sounds like he’s on his period or something He’d watch you in awe as you ran about the dorms tidying his mess up for him and bringing him hot soup. Wondering about what he ever did to deserve you, he’d reach out and grab your hand every once in a while stopping you in your tracks. You’d look down confused to see him staring up at you, smiling softly and his eyes wide in admiration. It would definitely melt your heart to see him like this, and you couldn’t help but giggle; even when he was sick, he had some kind of hold of you.


Originally posted by y-ta

He’d find it very awkward to see you looking after him, and would just lie in his bed watching you quietly. He’ll try to insist on helping you tidy up, but you’d immediately scold him and tell him that rest is more important. It would be in times like this that he’d be very grateful for you and appreciate you even more. He’d love feeling protected and loved and although he wouldn’t express this to you physically, for him, the appreciation would always be there. Like Jaehyun he’d watch you quietly in awe and wouldn’t be able to help but let his mind wander and gush about how amazing you’d be as a wife/husband and mother/father to your future kids and spouse.


Originally posted by nakamotens

He’d like you helping him get better - but only to an extent. At first, he’d be very happy and grateful to have you, asking for small favours and not asking you to do much for him. But soon he’d feel guilty and like he was exploiting you or something, and would cut you off a bit. He’d wouldn’t respond to your texts or calls and would claim that he had just missed them by mistake. You’d worry a bit and try to go back to helping him but again he’d be very curt and try to stop you from doing so. You would have to take control though and basically force your help onto him - and he’d let you. He’d never tell you about his feelings in the end, but you’d figure it out pretty soon and talk to him about it.


Originally posted by donghyukslee

He’s very likely to turn into a literal child which he already is tbh lmao anyway and, like Yuta, would moan and complain and basically annoy the shit out of you. As soon as he was starting to feel ill, he’d call you up begging for you to bring his snacks and blankets. Of course, being the worried and loved up girlfriend you are, you’d immediately agree, and rush around the grocery store before practically running to his dorms. Expect to find him huddled in between his sheets, head poking out, and a mischievous grin on his face; and obviously, being tired as hell the next day by how much you’ve had to look after him.

Okay but what if Dennis simply realized and understood that Mandy wasn’t looking for an emotional relationship with him, and she and Brian Jr stay in Philly anyway so Dennis can have a relationship with his son without having to uproot his entire life to North Dakota? What we’d end up with is Dennis and Mac partially raising Brian Jr together. They probably babysit while Mandy is at work, and maybe they get him every other weekend, that type of thing. Just imagine the ridiculous antics that would ensue as Mac and Dennis try to keep a toddler alive together.

But they’re definitely not in a relationship. Dennis makes this very clear. They are not together, despite the fact that they turned Mac’s old room into a kid’s room with a tiny bed for when Brian Jr spends the night. And they (mostly) share the bed that’s in Dennis’ room, but sometimes Dennis throws a hissy fit and makes Mac sleep on the couch because moments when Mac gets extra domestic suddenly get too real for him to handle.

Then one day they take Brian Jr to the pediatrician and the doctor is super hot and super into Mac. We all know Mac is into muscular scientists, a doctor is probably close enough, and Mac is just kind of wondering what that body looks like under the white lab coat. He’s making those eyes at him, you know? Meanwhile, Dennis is looking awkward as hell watching the pediatrician flirt with his not boyfriend, after Mac explains that they’re not together. And he’s practically steaming from the ears as they’re leaving, Mac with a new phone number in his pocket.

Dennis tells himself he doesn’t care. Mac is gay and out and he can date whoever he likes. But then Friday night rolls around, Mac is out on his date, and Dennis is left watching Brian Jr by himself. His son won’t stop asking where Mac is, saying he misses him, and Dennis is like, me too little dude, me too. And so he texts Mac 911 saying he has to come home, Brian Jr may or may not have a fever. Mac ditches his date. He’s home in ten minutes flat, arriving in a mad panic that something’s horribly wrong, and Mac’s frantic concern over his son makes it all the more clear to Dennis that he loves loves loves this man so damn much. And he can’t keep lying to himself anymore, and all the feelings spill out into the open in a mess of barely coherent sentences. At the end, Mac is like… so Brian Jr’s fine? Dennis kisses him right then and there, and says that yes, Brian Jr is fine. And then Mac realizes what Dennis just confessed, and he finally gets to raise a kid with the man he loves, but like, for real this time. 

lexanator101  asked:

Can u do an Imagine where you get your wisdom teeth removed. You can do whatever I just thought that was a funny idea. I LOVE YOUR BLOG 💜💜

WISDOM TEETH // Ethan Dolan Imagine 

Oh my gosh I am so sorry this is up late! I went on vacation and didn’t have the best wifi :/ 

Thank you so much that means a lot to me (: 

Hope you like it!


Warnings: None (: 

Today was the day you were getting all four of your wisdom teeth removed. You were beyond anxious for the procedure as it was the first time you would ever be sedated.

Ethan and Grayson would tell you that it wasn’t as bad as you thought. They kept trying to calm your nerves down. Ethan came up with the idea to film your whole procedure and upload it on their channel.

The twins and you have been friends for years, so the fans already knew who you were. You made a regular appearance on their videos and would assist them on holding up the camera or the microphone.

Currently you were in the car with the twins and your mom driving to the oral surgeon. Grayson was up in the front holding the camera with your mom while Ethan and you sat in the back.

“Hey what’s up guys, we’re back! Today we are taking our amazing friend to get her wisdom teeth removed. We are really excited for her while she on the other hand is scared out of her mind,” Grayson laughed.

“Hey it’s not funny!” You chuckled while lightly hitting him on the head.

Final thoughts before you go into the procedure?“ Ethan asked you while focusing the camera on your face.

“Gosh I hope I don’t turn into a savage and gets listed on the top five worst patients list. Oh and that I don’t expose myself,” you laughed while running your hands through your hair.

“Hey I was drugged up and my extra savage mode was activated. Not my fault,” Ethan defenses himself.

Soon you all pulled up into the office and your mom parked near the entrance. All four of you walked out the car and into the office building. Your name was called up and you nervously walked in and waved at the boys who were giggling.

“Gosh we can’t wait to see what Y/N says!” The boys excitedly exclaimed into the camera before shutting it off.

You were out of the procedure and were now resting. The boys and your mom were soon called back into your room but you were so out of it you didn’t even see them come in.

“Hey Y/N,” Ethan spoke while now standing in front of you.

“Hey babe,” you winked.

“Oh my gosh,” Grayson laughed as he turned the camera to a blushing Ethan.

“Whoa,” you mumbled in shock. Staring at the twins you held out your hand and moved it in front of them thinking you were seeing double.

“There’s two of you!” You exclaimed.

“Yeah I mean we are twins. You should now this by now,” Ethan laughed.

“Gosh you both are hot as fuck. How’d I get so lucky to have two cute ass guys in my life,” you sighed. Scrunching up your eyebrows you put a finger in your mouth feeling the cotton ball.

“Hey no don’t do that,” your mom scolded while gently taking your hand out of your mouth.

“I can do what I want,” you sasses while spitting out the bloody cotton balls.

“Y/N!” Grayson yelled while trying to hold back a laugh.

“Y/N, you have to keep them in your mouth or it will get infected,” The nurse spoke as she walked in to check on you. Nodding your head you let the nurse clean your mouth and change your gauze. Once you were cleaned up the nurse asked your mom to fill out some paper work out front leaving you with the boys.  

“Guys I’m hungry,” you mumbled while leaning your had back onto the chair.

“You can’t eat for a while,” Grayson informed you.

“I want pizza,” you mumbled while messing with your sweater sleeve.

“You can’t eat that for a while Y/N,” Ethan spoke this time. Looking at the two boys you rolled your eyes and scoffed.

“I don’t care.”

“Wow you are starting to sound a lot like Ethan when he was in here,” Grayson laughed while keeping the camera on you as you tried getting up.

“Nope stay in your chair Y/N. You are going to hurt yourself,” Ethan instructed while trying to pull you back down.

“No! I do what I want. I-I’m in independent woman! I can do whatever the heck I want.” Getting up from your seat you weakly pushed Ethan away. Loosing your balance you started falling down onto the floor. Ethan quickly wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you up.

“Whoa I thought I was going to die,’ you mumbled while gripping onto Ethan’s arms. Standing up straighter you wrapped your hand around Ethan’s bicep amazing at how big and bulky it felt.

“Damn you have some huuuuugge muscles,” you said in awe while feeling his arm around.

Ethan’s face again turned a deep red while he laughed in embarrassment. He wasn’t used to you feeling him around and you being drugged up didn’t help the situation because you forgot about boundaries. Soon your arms found its way to his face, neck, and the chest. In your mind you were trying to find more muscles but instead you were making Ethan more awkward than he already was.

“Umm I think we need to sit you down,” Ethan mumbled with a chuckle as he sat you back down much to your dismay.

“Oh my gosh I love Y/N!” Grayson laughed.

You were now in the car on your way home. The seating positions were the same and you were currently leaning your head on the window. You felt tired and closed your eyes trying to shield out the light.

“Guys I think she’s falling asleep. She got really quiet when she got in the car,” Ethan mumbled as he spoke to the camera. Picking your head up you looked over at Ethan and said, “Boy I’m wide awake. What chu mean.”

That earned a laugh from all three of the people in the car with you. Shaking your head you pulled your hair up into a messy bun and fixed your hoodie.

“Oh my gosh do you guys wanna hear a secret! Wait, no I just wanna tell Grayson!” You exclaimed while trying to take your seatbelt off and leaning forward towards Grayson.

“Hey, put your seatbelt back on Y/N,” your mom instructed you making you huff and roll your eyes.

“Fine ma,” you huffed while rolling your eyes before continuing, “Oh Grayson guess what!”

“What?” Grayson asked wondering what you could possibly tell him.

“I have a little cruuuuussshhh. No a biiiiiiiiiig one,” you laughed while leaning your body back in your seat.

“Ummm are you sure you want to tell me this now?” He asked not wanting you to expose yourself in front of Ethan, the camera and your mom.

“Yeah why wouldn’t I! He’s sooooo cute and he has this adorable laugh. Gosh is he the most handsomest person ever.” You mumbled while wiping your mouth with the tissue Ethan handed you to wipe off the blood.

“Y/N, I don’t think this is a good idea,” He mumbled knowing you were going to regret this later on when you have the drug out of your system. Shaking your head you leaned forward and whispered (or at least what you thought was a whisper), “Ethan is so hot.”

That was it. That was the moment you exposed your true feelings to both the twins and your mother. Your foggy mind of course didn’t really think this through at all and just sat back down as if nothing happened.

Ethan on the other hand almost dropped the camera from shock. He looked at Grayson who had an equally shocked expression. Grayson was not expecting for it to be Ethan she had a crush on. I mean yeah he noticed you would tend to hang out with Ethan more than him, but he always thought it was because you two had more in common.

Your mom raised an eyebrow and softly laughed to herself knowing you were going to hate yourself for this later. She already knew you liked Ethan because she over-heard you asking your older sister for help about it a few weeks ago.

“E give me the camera,” Grayson spoke while reaching over to it. Ethan did as told and gave him the camera while keeping his eyes on you.

You were messing with your nails trying to figure out why they were blue. Oblivious to the whole situation you continued to ask your mom as to why your nails were blue and if they were falling off.

It has been about three days since your procedure and your face was slightly less swollen. The boys had only visited you once out of the week which you found a bit odd. Normally they would be at your house every day or you would be at theirs. You didn’t give much thought into it because you knew they probably got busy with work.

“Y/N, Ethan is here.” Your older sister informed you as she walked through the living room.

“Okay,” you mumbled while putting an ice pack on your face hoping to reduce the swelling. Letting out a sigh you sat up on the couch while switching through the channels are you waited for Ethan to appear in the room.

“Hey,” he awkwardly said as he sat down next to you.

“Hey Ethan, what brings you to casa de Y/L/N?” You asked him while rearranging the ice.

“I umm wanted to ask you something. I know you probably won’t remember this but I need to have something confirmed.” He quickly spoke.

Looking at him with confusion etched on your face you slowly nodded her head and waited for him to proceed.

“Okay so when we were on our way back to your house you kind of said something about liking me.” He mumbled almost making it hard for you to hear.

Almost, because you heard everything clearly. Awkwardly clearing your throat you set the ice pack down on your lap and kept your eyes on it.

“Look I know this is awkward for both of us. If you want the truth yes I have a crush on you. I’ve liked you for almost two years but I didn’t want to say anything. I didn’t want to ruin the friendship we have; or had at least because I’m sure I just made our friendship awkward too,” you mumbled scared to look up at Ethan.

Ethan was watching you and how you were nervously messing with the ice pack that now becoming liquid.  He had this smile on his face that you didn’t see because you were too scared to look him in the eyes.

“I like you too. I’ve liked you for a while now. I guess I was also worried about ruining our friendship,” he admitted. Looking up at him with pure shock you studied his face to find any signs of lying.

“So I guess what I’m trying to say is: Will you be my girlfriend?” He nervously asked making you smile.

“Yes,” you smiled while wrapping your arms around him pulling him into a hug.

“If I could kiss you I would,” you whispered while laughing. Gosh did you hate that you got your wisdom teeth. Yet loved it because if you weren’t drugged up you wouldn’t be in the position you were now.

“We don’t want you getting any dry sockets,” he teased before pressing a kiss to your puffy cheeks.

“So how does a movie and ice cream sound?” He asked you while sitting closer to you.

“It sounds perfect,” you smiled to your boyfriend.

Everything you could have dreamed of finally came true and you finally got the boy of your dreams.

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two times i no joke, honest to god, 100% thought they were going to kiss

A list of things I never thought I’d do

Pairing: Finn Balor/You

Summary: You just might be pregnant. How are you going to tell Finn ?

If there was ever a list of things you’d never thought you’d do, standing in Walmart arguing over pregnancy tests with AJ Styles would be pretty high up on it. Which incidentally is exactly what you’re doing right now, you’ve already said several prayers that no fans have recognised you. The last thing you need is for pictures of this little expedition posted on the internet to make it any weirder. Eventually you argue the stubborn idiot down to the $6 box so you can both just get the hell out of god-damn Walmart already.

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Jeff Atkins Imagine-

“Can I have this dance?”

Originally posted by demon-of-deathlyrose

You and Hannahhadjust shown up to the Winter Ball with the group of girls you went stag with. You were promised a fun night, but honestly you weren’t that big into dances. However, Hanna wanted to go and you knew that it was because of Clay, so you decided to support your friend in this small encounter. You walked in, the music seeming too loud accompanied with all these dancing kids all over each other. You looked around and saw your crush, Jeff Atkins, and couldn’t help but blush a bit at how cute he looked in his white tux. Hanna smiled as she saw your sudden change in mood. “Go talk to him” she says and you look at her and smile gently. “You first” you say, referring to Clay. She rolls her eyes and bites her lip. “Maybe next time” she smiles and you chuckle as you guys continue in. Hanna went to go talk to some people, leaving you alone to wander by yourself. You head over to the punch table and get yourself a cup of juice before going to sit on the bleachers. You look out at the kids and find it interesting with who is dancing with who. You feel someone sit next to you and you look over to see Hanna. You smile, “Hey” you say. She smiles. “Of all the places to be at a dance, you chose here?” She looks at you. You smile. “What can I say? I’m not much of a dancer” I say and look over to see Clay Jensen sitting by himself. I look at Hanna. “Go talk to him, he’s alone and I already know he would love your company” I tell her. She bites her lip and shakes her head. “No can do, I don’t want to leave you here by yourself” she says and you chuckle. “Oh please, you came for him, go dance with him” you smile. She shakes her head and you just leave it be.

Only minutes later you watch Jeff go over and sit next to Clay. You watch them glance over to you and Hannah. Jeff starts talking to Clay and you can’t help but smile at how flustered Clay seems to get. You always admire Jeff for how kind he always was to Clay, and really anyone. You watch as Clay makes eye contact with Hannah and stands up to make his way over. “Go meet him” you slightly bump your shoulder into Hannah’s gently. She smiles gently and nods. “I’m going to do it” she lets out a breath and stands up and meets him on the dance floor. You watch the awkward, but cute encounter before looking up to see Jeff looking at you. You blush a bit and smile gently, deciding it was time to go talk to Jeff. You get up and make your way across the gym before you see Jeff and go sit next to him.

“Hey Atkins” you smile gently and look at him. He smiles and looks at you. “Hey Y/L/N” he says. You smile. “I’m surprised you actually got Clay to ask Hannah to dance, she was really happy about it” you smile gently and see the two on the dance floor. “Oh trust me, he was not going to leave this dance without dancing or at least talking with her” he chuckles softly. You smile and nod. “Glad to hear that,” you say and look at him. “You look handsome by the way.” You compliment and blush a bit. He smiles, “Thank you, you look very beautiful” He compliments. You blush and smile. “Why thank you” you say and look out at the people again. 

A slow song comes out, one of your favorite songs in fact. You watch the couples get close and start to dance. You hear Jeff sigh gently next to you, in a more encouraging way. “Can, um, can I have this dance?” Jeff says quietly. You look over and smile. “I would love that” you say as you guys stand up. He takes your hand and leads you down the bleachers and you two go out to the dance floor. He holds your hand and rests one hand on your waist in just the right spot, not too high and not too low. You smile gently and hold his hand and rest one hand on his shoulder. You two waltz and you smile gently. “You know, i’m really glad you came tonight” Jeff says softly and you look up at him. “Really? Why?” You ask softly. He smiles and looks at you. “I’ve always wanted an excuse to dance with you. You are really sweet and beautiful, and you just are someone I want to get to know” he smiles. You blush and smile. “I’ve always wanted to get to know you too” you smile gently. He smiles and spins you around, causing you to giggle softly. He smiles gently. “Well in that case, would you like to go on a date next Friday?” he asks. You smile. “I would love that” you say as the song ends. He smiles and gives you a hug. “Awesome, next Friday it is” he kisses your head gently. You blush and look over at Hannah and Clay, they aren’t together anymore. Jeff sighs gently. “I’m gonna go get Jensen, i’ll see you later” Jeff smiles gently. You smile. “See you later, thank you for the dance” you say and he kisses your hand gently before going.

You watched him go and couldn’t stop the smile that seemed to stay on your face. You had a date with Jeff Atkins, and suddenly a new love for school dances.

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Is it bad I find cop Buttons attractive?

I think he’s cute too, and I never even understood the fascination with men in uniforms (cops especially).
I looked up Hungarian police uniforms and lol they are poofy! I like the little hat they wear though I admit I haven’t seen a male officer in person that could rock it. They usually just look like bowling balls wearing sad blue tacos. <_< 

So here’s Buttons rocking it:

The hat anyway. The rest of the outfit makes him look like an awkward blue caterpillar.

[Ruby walks into her room to see Weiss training with Myrtenaster]

Weiss-  [spots Ruby]  Oh no ! [drops Myrtenaster on the floor] I dropped Myrtenaster under the bed 

Ruby - It’s on the floor =0

[Weiss kicks Myrtenaster under her bed]

Weiss- Could you lift our beds so I can get it 

Ruby - Whatever you say Weiss. [Ruby squats down and begins lifting the bed]

[Weiss stands to the side, gaping at Ruby as she stares at her muscles]

Ruby - Weiss ?

Weiss- Y…yeah ? [drools slightly]

Ruby - Myrtenaster ?

Weiss- [shocked back into reality] RIGHT ! [rushes forward and bonks her head on the bed] Ow  ! [throws self to floor and picks grabs her sword from underneath the bed, popping to her feet immediately afterwards] Got it [chuckles awkwardly]

Ruby - Weiss [slowly puts the beds back on the ground]

Weiss- Yes Ruby ?

Ruby - You have to be more careful with your weapon [walks over to Weiss, bringing her arms closer to her body so she can examine he rapier] 

Weiss - [sweats slightly as she looks at Ruby’s hands on her arm] Uh…uh huh [nervous smile] 

Ruby - It’s too important to drop

[Weiss hands Myrtenaster to Ruby]

Weiss-  I…if you’re not busy…m…maybe you could show me how ?

Ruby - How ? [puts Myrtenaster on Weiss’s bed]

Weiss- Well…….I’d like to……

[Ruby blinks innocently]

Weiss- [awkward face] Watch you…..train ? [looks at Ruby hopefully]

Ruby - Ok !  =D

[Weiss smiles wider than she’s ever smiled before, and faints from overexertion] 

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