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Home Run (M)

Anonymous said to oppamansae:

“I still cannot get baseball jungkook damn that was amazingly HOT ! God damn ! Baseball jungkook X Cheerleader Reader ?! <3 Smutttttttttt~~~~~ with a fluff ? XD - ok im still imagining baseball player jungkook *heart eyes*”

Yeah as shitty as the title is, I can’t think of anything else. BUT YES HERE YOU GO BEAUTIFUL ANON. BASEBALL PLAYER ROOKIE JUNGKOOKIE. 2,036 Words

Pairing: Baseball player! Jeon Jungkook x Cheerleader! Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Baseballer au!

Warnings: (slight)fingering, riding, JEON JUNGKOOK

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“And Jeon Jungkook is getting ready to take the next ball. One more home run, and this came is over. All the plates are empty – will he be able to make it?”

The entire arena cheered his name along with the cheerleading squad which belonged to the team containing the star baseball players of Korea, BTS. Not only were their visuals amazing, but they were all-stars, especially the main batsmen, Jeon Jungkook. 

“Takada Naoki is getting ready to bowl, and–” There was a thunderous ‘bang’ which irrupted from the bat of the brunet. “Amazing hit!!”

The crowd went wild as the player immediately dashed off the home plate. You cheered from your stage along with your group of girls – maybe you weren’t the main cheerleader, but you tried your best, kicking and waving your white and blue pom-poms from your position on the side.

“Jungkook! Jungkook!” 

The entire stadium chanted as he made it to third base, the Japanese team finally getting the ball, ready to pass it to the keeper. All the cheering stopped for a moment as soon as the ball was in the air, breaths being held in anticipation. The male soon slipped into home base as the ball was caught, the referee bringing the whistle to his lips.

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Request before “When Worlds Collide” airs:

Could this not be a repeat of Spring 2016? Can everyone just be nice?

What I mean is this: Despite how many fans begged harassed the writers to include Mona Lisa and do the whole RaphxMona thing, the fandom broke apart! People were so mean just because if Raph had an in-show girlfriend that meant he couldn’t love their OC. That, or they just didn’t like how the writers handled Raph and Mona’s relationship. People even stopped watching the show and left the fandom over it. Some sent hateful asks to Raph blogs. Remember the Raph of mirth-and-muscle? Gosh I miss him.

You can hate RaphxMona all you want, but might I make a suggestion in how you handle your hate?

Could you maybe not find an already-made post that depicts Raph and Mona neutrally or favorably and then reblog it adding hate?

Imagine throughout your childhood and young adult life, people insulted or made fun of the things you liked… even made fun of you for liking them.

Imagine feeling unable to talk about anything you liked with any of your friends.

Imagine you finally find the solution to that problem: join Tumblr, talk about what you like, and geek out with other fans.

Now imagine that the very thing you tried to avoid by joining Tumblr still happens: people talk about how stupid the stuff you like is - which they’re allowed to do, sure - but they do it by reblogging your post and spewing hate so not only do you see it, but you wonder if the likes and reblogs you get afterwards are really for your original post, or if they’re from people agreeing with the hater.

The people who post the gifs of Raph and Mona moments aren’t doing so because they hate those moments. They’re posting them because they like them. 

When you see those posts and think, “This is why I hate RaphxMona,” and you reblog it and say what you think, the person who loves Raph and Mona sees the hate you spewed in their activity feed… and since you insulted what they like, you’re insulting them by saying they have terrible taste.

I mean does this sound like good social conduct? 

Imagine you’re in a small group of people. 
Person 1: “I really like country!”
You: “Country is stupid.”
Person 1: *feels beaten down* “………”
Person 2: “I like hip-hop.”
You: “Hip-hop sucks.”
Person 2: *wonders why they let you in the group* “………”

Let’s not relive middle school, shall we? Please be respectful. 

When you see a post of something you don’t like, scroll past it. Maybe let it inspire your very own post! You can make your own post about how much you dislike the ship. Making your own post will get you more notes than reblogging someone else’s, you won’t be hurting someone’s feelings by ruining their post and telling them that what they like stinks, and generally the people who will give you notes will be like-minded people. You can find out who shares your opinions.

Now for those who love RaphxMona and see posts about people hating on them, again, keep scrolling, and maybe make your own post as a rebuttal (without tagging the blogger that inspired your rebuttal)

Let’s be respectful of each other when “When Worlds Collide” airs. Let’s not start stupid fights. It doesn’t do any good telling someone that they like stupid things or that they’re wrong for hating ships.

Blackpink: reaction to their first time with you

A/N: This is a bit nsfw so if you’re not comfortable with reading these types of things you have been warned!


Jisoo would probably try to act smug, but inside shed be internally freaking out and questioning everything she was doing. After you guys did the wink wonk for the first time, Jisoo would probably laugh awkwardly, not really knowing what to do at first. She’d probably make some kind of weird suggestive joke, but after she gets over her awkwardness she’d scoot next to and hold you in her arms, peacefully falling asleep.

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Jennie would be confident during the act, similar to the way that she acts on stage, but afterwards she’d probably be a shy bean. She’d have a huge grin on her face and she’d be extra cuddly.

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Like Jennie, she’d probably be extra cuddly afterwards but wouldn’t be as shy. She’d be super flirtatious and touchy but playful. Expect a round 2 later or the day after.

Originally posted by chaerining


She’d be a nervous wreck to be honest. You’d probably have to calm her down and reassure her the entire time, and afterwards shed probably be even more shy than Jennie would be. She’d probably hide her head under the covers or something but after a while she’d get over it and would just want to cuddle you for the rest of the day until you both fell asleep.

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Insecure as F**k: Season 1, Episode 1 Full Episode (HBO)
In the wake of her 29th birthday, Issa Dee and her best friend Molly reconsider their life choices. Watch the half-hour comedy series Insecure, starring Issa...

Don’t have HBO?? NO WORRIES!! Watch the first episode of Insecure RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW !! Happy Monday y'all 😀


I saw Thalia and immediately had to do the quest on Baby. Then, after meeting her, Trixie would’ve been a better idea but I don’t have a horse based on Trixie yet. Click for commentary. The poster looks sorta like Sabine, like a past version of her, so that might mean something or it might just be a coincidence. Also Mel is totally in love with Thalia and it’s adorable.

If Louisa was in any way smooth, she’d use the masks for fiendish purposes (pretending to be a superhero to sweep a girl off her feet etc), but she’s too awkward. Lisa, on the other hand…

Now to decide what to write the update fic about- Sabine being an actress in one cycle, Mel crushing hard on Thalia and Louisa trying to help her, or Lisa being silly with masks. Hmm, decisions…

That feeling you get when you wish you were 19 and got to meet her around this time or before her fame…! the thing that attracts me most about her…was that she was different and surprisingly didn’t have much of a social life…!

I dedicate this song to you queen

So Much Better

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So Much Better

Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

I thought of an idea but if you don’t like it, I understand! Remember the episode where Dean says he likes women with experience? Well could it be about that but the reader is there and she doesn’t have any experience but her and dean have this flirty relationship? She feels unsecure about it? Kind of a fluffy smutty fic? Thank you! And I love to read your stories!!!

Authors Note: Sorry Sweet, but I don’t do smut. I do suggestive but I won’t go into details. As a Mum whose kids read her work, that would be kinda awkward. Plus, I have followers who are underage and they don’t need to be exposed to that. :D Everything else though. I did. Love Bec xx


‘Are you sure, he might not be happy being left out of this?’ Y/N questioned.

Sam may have only just woken up, soul intact and all that. But she knew he wasn’t going to be happy being left behind.

‘He’ll be fine. Besides gives us some bonding time,’ Dean winked.

‘Bonding or bondage?’ she grinned.

‘Didn’t know kink was your thing, Sweetheart, but I’m willing to try anything at least once.’

‘Like you haven’t tried it.’

Dean flashed her a grin and put his bags in the car. Y/N watched as he gently took her bags from her hands. Y/F felt her fingers spark as his brushed up against hers. Damn, this hold he had on her.

‘Do I need extra handcuffs?’ he whispered, into her ear causing her to shiver.

‘Honey, even cuffed you couldn’t handle me,’ she smiled, sweetly.

Dean bit his lip and looked her over, watching as her breath hitched under his gaze.

‘I’m happy to test that theory,’ he smirked, placing her bags in the car.

He looked up to see her grinning. He smiled, he loved that happy, wide smile she got. The one with the silent laughter behind it. It went right up to her eyes and beyond.

‘You sure about Sam?’

‘Yeah, let him rest. We’ll call him later.’

‘Call me from where?’ Sam asked coming up.

The two explained the missing person’s and Sam nodded telling them he was coming.

They headed out to Oregon. Y/N watching the two brothers from the back seat. She had missed this, them. All of it.

‘See something you like Sweetheart?’ Dean grinned.

Y/N pursed her lips at him and smiled.

‘I see something I appreciate.’

‘That will do. I’m happy to allow you appreciate some more.’

Y/N bit her lip and smiled shyly, ‘Sammy doesn’t need the show.’

‘He can always close his eyes.’

Y/N laughed.

‘So how long have you two been seeing each other?’ Sam asked.

‘We’re not.’

‘You didn’t finally hook up while I was gone?’

Sam caught Y/N’s sad eyes in the mirror and he had his answer.

‘We went separate ways for a while,’ Y/N explained.

‘Did you two even try and live a normal life, like you promised?’ Sam sighed.

‘Dean did,’ Y/N said quietly.

‘Really? Cos it looks like he didn’t.’

‘I did.’

There was silence for a while and Sam saw the pain in Y/N’s eyes.

‘I spent a year with Lisa and Ben.’

Sam watched as the knife just got twisted in Y/N’s heart a bit more.

‘That’s…great Dean,’ Sam said quietly. ‘What about you Y/N?’

‘We don’t discuss Y/N’s time off, isn’t that right Sweetheart?’ Dean commented slightly annoyed. The venom and anger obvious.

He had asked her so many times what she did but she refused to answer. He knew she was hiding something and that got to him.

‘I spent the first eight months absolutely wasted struggling to deal with everything, hunting drunk and all that, and the last four months pulling myself together,’ she said quietly. ‘I don’t talk about it because I really wasn’t in a good place. I lost everything and realised more about myself than I wanted to know.’

Both boys looked at her in the mirror. She refused to meet their eyes. Although, she caught Dean’s shocked and upset look from the corner of her eye.

‘I don’t remember a whole lot, bar waking up in hospital after a drunk hunt gone wrong. I thank God for Bobby deciding to take on the same hunt or I wouldn’t be here. It was my wake up call.’

They stopped for fuel and Sam went to the bathroom and to get a snack. Dean grabbed Y/N’s arm and pulled her to one side.

‘Why didn’t you tell me? Better yet, why the hell didn’t you come to me for help?’

Y/N gave him a smile.

‘Because the conversations a huge downer, it ruins the spark in your eyes that makes me weak at the knees,’ she smiled.

She watched as a smile played on Deans lips.

‘And given our relationship I didn’t want to make things awkward with Lisa,’ she smiled sadly. ‘Besides I was way too drunk to call anyone,’ she laughed. ‘I couldn’t see the screen let alone dial.’

She hugged him and let her hand rest on his hip as she kissed his cheek, letting her lips linger a second longer than they needed.

‘That wouldn’t have mattered Y/N,’ Dean told her seriously. ‘You’re my main girl and I want to, no need to be there when you’re in trouble.’

‘Is that to bail me out, comfort me or celebrate with me after?’

‘All of the above,’ he grinned.

He pulled her into a hug and kissed her neck, feeling her breath hitch, he smiled.

Sam walked back to the car as Dean finished filling up and left to go pay and get something to eat.

‘You ok?’ he asked Y/N.


‘You never told him?’

‘I’m not what he wants.’

‘Doesn’t look that way to me,’ Sam commented.

‘If he wanted me, why did he choose Lisa?’

‘So the flirting? The sexual tension that’s just increased ten fold since I’ve been gone?’

‘For him fun and games.’

‘For you?’ Sam asked quietly.


Sam smiled at her and gave her a hug.

By the time they reached the motel they had rung around and discovered there was three girls missing in total. Y/N stayed and did some research while the boys went off to interview. They came back and Dean went out for food.

By the time he come back, Sam and Y/N had discovered two of the girls were Christians and active church members.

Dean placed the food on the table. Rifling through the bag he pulled out Subway sub and handed it to Y/N.

‘Dude, you went to Subway and still got me a burger,’ Sam groaned.

‘Um, well I didn’t know what you wanted. And Y/N mentioned the other day she would kill for a steak sub so I spotted a place and figured I’d get it.’

‘That was a week ago,’ she chuckled.

‘Yeah and that was the first Subway I’ve seen,’ Dean grumbled. ‘I can take it back if you want.’

‘No. Thank you,’ she smiled at him.

‘Anytime,’ Dean grinned, kissing her head, letting his fingers run across her shoulder blades as he sat down. ‘You can make it up to me later,’ he wriggled his eyebrows.

Y/N opened her sub and started eating. Dean, as usual, had got everything right. No matter what he got her or from where he always seemed to know how she had it.

Dean watched as she pulled her jacket off, the sleeve on her shirt falling down slightly revealing her bra strap. He smiled cheekily and raised an eyebrow.

‘What?’ she laughed.

‘And the rest?’

‘I only go that far to music,’ she winked.

Dean grabbed his phone, searched through his song list and pressed play when he found Warrant’s Cherry Pie. He watched as her face lit up with silent laughter.

‘Wrong song?’ he asked.

Y/N ran a hand through her hair and smiled seductively at him.

‘No darlin’, I just prefer private shows.’

‘Sammy. Leave,’ Dean grinned.

Sam rolled his eyes and told Dean what they found.

‘Penny wasn’t a Christian though so I doubt that was the connection. Unless she was a closest Christian,’ Y/N pointed out, licking ranch dressing off her finger.

Dean mumbled something about her not sharing, before he cleared his throat.

‘I think I know the connection. Virgins.’

Y/N stopped and put down her sandwich and looked at him.


‘Yup, you know purity.’

‘She was 22-,’ Sam started to say and stopped.

‘With a pink room and teddies.’

Y/N went to talk and stopped. She had a pink room at home.

Dean read from the diary he stole, ‘I’ve decided to give Stan my most precious gift.’

‘That sounded really creepy coming out your mouth,’ Sam commented.

Y/N felt Sam glancing at her. She hadn’t said much.

‘Who would want virgins?’ Sam asked, clearly trying to brush it off.

‘Got me. I prefer ladies with experience,’ Dean grinned.

Y/N forced a smile and turned her attention to her phone, pretending to check her emails. Sam watched her sympathy in his eyes. Unless things had changed over the past year and a half Dean’s comment just destroyed and hope she had.

Y/N sat there for a while longer listening to the conversation, before getting up.

‘I’m going to go…nap, shower and that. Call if you need anything.’

‘You ok?’ Dean asked frowning.

He looked at her. Her usual shining, happy eyes were sad and quiet.


‘The strip show tire you out?’ he joked half heartedly, trying to get a smile.


She walked out leaving the two alone.

Sam shook his head at his brother.


‘Seriously? You have no idea?’


‘Y/N’s in love with you. Has been since forever?’

Dean went to talk and stopped himself.

‘Are you sure?’ he asked after a while.

Sam nodded.

Dean got up and left the room. He didn’t even realise, he thought she wasn’t interested in him. He had been in love wither her for years. Walking away after Sam went into the cage was the hardest thing he did, he thought she wasn’t interested in him and he needed out of this life. He also knew that with her, he’d still end up hunting. He had to keep her safe at all costs, so he would hunt anything that came within a 1000 mile radius of her. So he left and tried to settle into normal with Lisa. Instead, he spent the whole time fantasizing about Y/N, wishing it was her. When he saw her again after Sam got him, he had never felt more whole and complete. He had tried to tell her so many times but failed. So all he could do was flirt and hope she got the message.

He knocked on her door, but there was no answer. He knocked again and ended up letting himself in.


Her room was empty. He tried calling her over and over again. Nothing. He walked out towards the road, and kept calling. She couldn’t be too far, he had the car. He could faintly hear her ringtone coming from the park, he headed over there and found her phone on the ground.

Dean ran back to the room in a state of panic.

‘She’s gone,’ he breathed, stressing out.

Sam watched as his brother ran his hand through his hair.

‘Who? I’ll kill them, I swear to God, Sammy. They’re dead,’ he yelled, anger laced his voice. Even Sam was uncertain about Dean’s stability right now. He knew how much Y/N meant to Dean, whether Dean or Y/N knew it or not.

‘Calm down. How do you know she’s gone?’

Dean explained what he found.

‘We drop the virgin case, and work on finding her,’ Dean ordered.

‘Ah Dean…’

‘No. She’s the priority.’

‘That’s fine, but they are probably the same case. Unless things have changed since I went south.’


‘Virgins. Y/N. Same case.’

‘What. No. Don’t be stupid. She’s not a virgin,’ Dean scolded him.

‘Yeah, she is.’

Dean’s jaw dropped. He couldn’t believe it. There was no way she was. Was there?

Dean was gobsmacked. He was an idiot.

‘Find her,’ he ordered. ‘Now.’

Y/N woke in the cage and looked around her.


‘You ok?’ a voice asked quietly.



‘I’m good. You?’

Penny nodded.

‘Ok. Well, I’m glad that’s sorted. Now funny thing, is I’m here to bring you home.’


‘Working on it. I wasn’t counting on being grabbed.’

‘Do you know what they want?’

‘Ah yeah, apparently life choices are a safety hazard,’ Y/N mumbled.

She tried picking the lock but it didn’t work, she looked for a way out, shifting bolts. She was getting really agitated.

Then she heard a noise.

‘Sammy! It’s Y/N’s,’ Dean called, his voice sounded worried.

‘Dean!’ she called.

She had never seen him move as fast as when he appeared over the cage.

‘Thank God. Sweetheart, are you ok?’

‘Been better.’

‘I’ll get you out.’

‘Dean! Dean, he’s coming,’ Y/N cried, watching the dragon approach from behind. Dean and Sam got into a fight with the two dragons. One died and the other escaped. The broke open the cage and got the girls out. Dean grabbing Y/N’s hand and pulling her out and into his arms, kissing her head and then her lips.

‘You’re ok? You’re sure? He didn’t hurt you in any way?’

His hands checked over her head while his eyes roamed her body for signs of cuts and bumps.

‘I’m fine, a bit sore but otherwise good.’

Dean nodded and gave her another once over. Sam got the other girls out and to safety while Dean Y/N gathered the book and the piles of stolen gold. Dean refusing to let her out of his sight.

Sam went back to his and Dean’s room, while Dean followed Y/N into hers, waiting on her bed while she showered. Dean frowned at the bruise that covered her collar bone. He handed her the gold and opal ring he had bought her for her 21st. He had found it in the sewer.


Dean stood and ran his fingers over the bruising.

‘You said he didn’t hurt you,’ he frowned.

‘No, I said I was fine.’

Dean hand ran through her hair and he pulled her in close. He was so scared they weren’t going to get there in time. That he had lost her. Demons are predictable. Dragons, he had no idea how long till they killed.

Y/N pulled back and looked to the floor. This, this was all new. Dean had kissed her at the cage. He’d never done that before and it wasn’t like it was the first time she was taken. And if all of a sudden he was wanting something, he was going to be so disappointed. She was far from experienced.

Dean looked at her, his heart dropping. He had left things too late.

‘So are you taking the book to Bobby’s?’

Dean sighed, ‘Yeah. We’ll leave later today.’

Dean looked at Y/N, trying to see what she was thinking, how she was feeling. But he got nothing.

Y/N had no idea what to do. She needed to clear her head and get some rest.

‘Y/N,’ Dean tried.

‘You should probably go pack.’

‘Can we talk?’

Y/N shook her head slightly. Some things were best avoided.

Dean sighed and walked up to her, his face crumbling as she stepped back.

‘It’s not a good idea.’

‘Like hell it’s not.’

‘Dean,’ she pleaded.

Her first real kiss was from Dean as he pulled her out of the cage, everything else. Well, let’s not go there.

Dean watched her. She was nervous, upset, emotional. He nodded and decided to give her the space she needed. He’d go pack and then come back. He reached over and squeezed her hand. Before walking out.

Y/N waited a while, before making her decision. She knocked on the boy’s motel door, before entering.

‘Where’s the car?’ she asked Dean.

‘Sammy’s doing a quick supply run. Why?’

‘I had stuff I wanted to get out.’

‘We’re supposed to be putting stuff in the car Y/N. Heading to Bobby’s remember?’

She gave him a small smile and left for her room.

Dean stood there for a minute, the conversation replaying itself through his mind. His eyes growing wide as he realised what had happened. He raced out the door and into Y/N’s room.

‘You’re not staying here,’ he growled.


‘Don’t Dean me. I’m not leaving without you, Y/N. It’s not happening. Start packing.’

She shook her head, ‘It’s better if I go out on my own for a while.’

‘No. It’s not,’ Dean argued, trying to keep the tears out of his eyes and pain out of his voice.

‘I need to work on some things and I can’t do that hunting.’

‘Hunting or with me?’


‘Why didn’t you tell me?’

‘What exactly?’

‘How you feel?’

‘Because you were never interested. I couldn’t handle the rejection. And I was living in a fantasy world that you might wake up and realise you felt the same way.’

‘It’s not a fantasy Y/N.’

‘Yeah, it is. You’ve made that clear so many times.’

Dean frowned at her.

‘Don’t make me list them,’ she said quietly.

Dean moved up closer and pushed his hand through her hair, kissing her softly.

‘It’s not a fantasy,’ he repeated more forcefully. ‘You’ve been my girl forever. I just didn’t think you were interested.’

‘You went to settle down for a normal life and you chose Lisa. You didn’t even consider me.’

‘I considered you, every day I considered you. I’ve done nothing but dream of a life with you. Even while I was with her. I never wanted to leave Y/N, I wanted that life with you. But I needed out of hunting.’

Y/N raised an eyebrow.

‘I would have continued hunting anything that came close enough to hurt you. I would never have had normal. If I had of known, I wouldn’t have left. The final deciding point was that you weren’t interested.’

Y/N looked at him.

‘You would not believe how many times I have wanted to tell you how I feel but chickened out. I kept hoping that one day you took my flirting seriously and realise,’ Dean admitted.

He rubbed his thumb along the base of her skull, his other hand sliding under her shirt and resting on her hip.

‘So many times,’ he whispered, kissing her again. ‘When we went for that drive and parked by the lake and we got stuck there until Sam could come get us? Lying on her bonnet, watching the stars. You were wearing those skinny jeans and oversized aqua sweater that you love so much? That was the first time I tried to tell you.’

He kissed her again. She was hesitant, which broke his heart. She didn’t believe him.

‘Then when we went to the movies and watched that really horrible Woody Allen film because you won tickets on the radio.’

He watched as a small laugh appeared on her lips. He lent down and kissed her again, but she was still not that responsive. Dean put everything he had into the next kiss, trying to show her how he felt. But it only seemed to make things worse.

‘Do you have those feelings for me?’ he asked quietly.


‘Then what’s wrong?’

‘I’m not your type.’

‘What? How are you not my type?’

‘Or preference,’ she said quietly.

‘That’s crap,’ he argued.

Y/N went to step back out of Dean’s grip but he stopped her. He was not letting her go. Not unless she asked him to.

‘I believe your preference is experienced.’

Dean froze. None of that had even registered. None of that mattered.

‘Y/N,’ he said sadly.

She stepped out of his arms.

‘I didn’t-.’

Y/N raised her hand and shook her head.

‘I definitely don’t fit in that category,’ she admitted, her face going red with embarrassment. ‘It’s probably a good thing you went to Lisa. Because the fact that I had never even been kissed until you pulled me out that cage would have been a huge disappointment.’

Dean felt like a jerk.

‘Why wait? I know for a fact it wasn’t from lack of offers. I’ve seen how many men throw themselves at you, how many have tried to sleep with you,’ his tone become jealous and possessive by the end of it.

Y/N frowned at him.

‘You would not believe how many times I struggled to keep from sending them packing,’ he admitted. ‘How many times I fought off every instinct to claim you as mine.’

‘Because I stupidly promised myself I’d wait for you, and well that took longer than I planned.’

Dean tried to hide a smile but couldn’t.

‘You waited? For me?’

Y/N nodded.

‘I was your first kiss?’ he asked grinning like he had just won the lottery. ‘And hopefully your first?’

Y/N frowned, ‘I’m not sure how to take that.’

‘Sweetheart, that is so much better than no experience.’


‘So,’ he kissed her, ‘so,’ kissing her again, ‘so much better. I get you all to myself. Every part of you. And that is just amazing, so much better than experienced,’ he deepened the kiss.

Y/N went to go put her hands on Deans sides and froze, pulling back.

‘What’s wrong?’

Y/N sat on the edge of her bed.

‘Maybe you should go.’

Dean’s face crumbled, the smile he was wearing leaving. Tears starting to work their way into his eyes.


‘Leave. Let us go our separate ways. See how things go, maybe catch up later.’

Dean looked at her confused, ‘No.’

Y/N sat on the bed looking at the floor. She didn’t even know if she was kissing him right, or what she should do with her hands. She had seen movies sure. But movies weren’t always right. She’d read stories and well how truthful are those?

Dean squatted down, cupping her chin and lifting her face up so she looked at him.


‘I don’t even know what I’m doing? How is that better? If I go, then maybe I can…’

He watched as she screwed up her face slightly. Dean’s eyes darkened and a jealous anger took over him.

‘Like hell I’m letting you leave for that. I’m not going separate ways so some other guy can run his hands over you,’ he growled.



Dean watched the tears run down her cheeks, he kissed them away and kissed her.

‘It was a dumb arse comment Y/N. I shot my mouth off, as per normal, without thinking. When it comes to you, it doesn’t count. I couldn’t care if you haven’t had anyone or you’ve had plenty. I just want you, and to be the only one you have in the future.’

‘I don’t even know if I’m kissing right,’ she mumbled.

Dean smiled at her and pulled her in for another kiss.

‘Oh, you are definitely doing it right. I’m struggling to stop. And we don’t have to do anything else that you don’t want or aren’t ready to do. But please, don’t go anywhere. Stay with me.’

Y/N nodded and Dean let out a sigh of relief, crashing his lips into her and pushing her back onto the bed, so he was over the top of her.

‘You know what the best part is?’

Y/N shook her head.

‘Aside from finally getting what I’ve wanted for so long. It’s the fact that no one has ruined anything for you. You won’t have had bad experiences from some jerk who didn’t take the time to take care of you,’ he mumbled into her neck.

The soft sharp intake of air only cheering him on.

‘If you want me to stop at any point you tell me,’ he stopped and looked Y/N in the eyes, making sure she understood. ‘Not just today, at any point.’

Y/N nodded. Dean kissed her and ran his tongue gently along her lips. Before kissing her jaw.

‘Let yourself go Y/N, your instincts will take over. It will all come naturally,’ he whispered in her ear, nibbling her ear lobe.
He left his hand run up her body and explore her upper torso. Moaning at how well her breast fit in his hand. At finally touching the skin and parts of her he had craved for so long. He moaned softly as her hand ran along his back, and gasped with pleasure as her hand found his waistband. She yanked her hand back, embarrassed and terrified she had done the wrong thing.

‘It’s fine, it’s great even. Don’t stop,’ he breathed into her mouth. ‘I want you to touch me too.’

Y/N moaned gently and that almost sent Dean over the edge. He struggled to hold back, to take his time. But he made himself, fighting every instinct, every desire, every sense of his being. She deserved better.

By the time they were finished, Dean pulled Y/N into the shower to clean up and get dressed. Sam would be back soon, if he wasn’t already. The two lay in bed afterwards, Y/N drifting off to sleep in Dean’s arms. She was completely wiped out. Dean had exhausted her in every sense of the word.

Dean kissed her head, and still couldn’t wipe the smile from his face. She was his. Something he had dreamed of for years. She was safe, which was even better. And she felt the same way he did. He thought back to their conversation and his smile grew, he couldn’t believe she waited for him. His heart swelled at the thought, it made him love her all the more. She was his in every sense of the word.


(A&C: Teddy & Seo Won Jin | L: Teddy)

[ROSE] So easily, with harsh words
You put scars in my heart
Without even saying sorry
Again, I’m comforting myself
Always nervous if you’re gonna leave me
I just want you to stay
[JEN] In your expressionless face that’s getting more and more dull
I whisper to the mirror, let’s slowly let this go
You take me for granted
But that’s you
But still, stay stay stay with me

[JI] This sad melody resembles you
It makes me cry eh eh
Your scent is a sweet felony
I hate you so much but i love you

[ROSE] Before the dark night traps me in
Don’t leave me
[JI] Do you still love me?
If you feel the same, don’t leave today
[JEN] Don’t ask why it has to be you
Just stay with me
([LISA] It goes a little something like)

[ALL] Lalalala..

[ROSE] I don’t expect a lot right now
Just stay with me

[JEN] There’s nothing more I want now
I can’t even tell if my heart is beating
Rather than forceful conversations with others
I’d rather be in awkward silence with you
[LISA] So stay, wherever that may be
Sometimes, when darkness comes, I’ll be your fire
In this world that is a lie
The only truth, it’s you
This a letter from me to you

[ROSE] This sad melody resembles you
It makes me cry eh eh
Your scent is a sweet felony
I hate you so much but i love you

[JI] Before the dark night traps me in
Don’t leave me
[LISA] Do you still love me?
If you feel the same, don’t leave today
[JEN] Don’t ask why it has to be you
Just stay with me
([LISA] It goes a little something like)

[ALL] Lalalala..

[JI] I don’t expect a lot right now
Just stay with me
([LISA] It goes a little something like)

[ALL] Lalalala..

[ROSE] I don’t expect a lot right now
Just stay with me

Translated by:

@crimsondomingo said: Barry and Cisco go to see the new Star Wars film, Len and Lisa are there

Oooooh. First let me say I like to imagine Earth-2’s cinema is different so they don’t have Star Wars or Jurassic Park series. So Team Flash actually did massive movie marathons leading up to Episode VII’s release. Team Flash as a group is going to see it later, it’s just Cisco and Barry the first time.

They are not expecting to run into Lisa and Len, certainly not with the Snarts dressed up. (Both are dressed like Han Solo from the original trilogy because they’re Rogues afterall. They don’t need the Force to be awesome). It’s awkward at first but Lisa really starts sweet-talking Cisco and Barry pulls Len aside before he get too big brother on them. Next thing Barry knows he and Cisco are sitting between the Snart siblings.

They all enjoy the movie and get into heated discussion afterwards about it. Maybe even grabbing food together to keep talking and Barry has no idea when this turned into a double-date but, it’s good. He would not mind another date with just Len.