awkward life stories with lydia

ways in which i am Albert

-judgey judge mcjudgerson

-won’t stop talking about favorite artists

-obsessed with stuff that happened a long time ago


-bad at waltzing

-secret drama king 

-stares awkwardly at crush from a distance

-tries to be clever sounding. accidentally insults crush. 

-recklessly rips clothing

-super chill sibling 

-did i mention secret drama king? 

I don't think people realize how special it is to have friends on the Internet.

Because internet friends are different from other friends. Like the “We’re-live-in-close-proximity-to-each-other-and-are-obliged-to-spend-time-together-this-will-be-easier-if-we’re-friends” from school and work or the “We-share-similar-DNA-so-we-should-probably-like-each-other” family friends.

Here on the internet we don’t have the limitation of proximity. You had your pick of all the other billions and billions of people with blogs and profiles and URLs and out of all of them you choose me. Out of every single person who has tossed their thoughts out into the void of the internet you wanted to hear more of what I had to say. You choose me and I can never articulate how much of an honor it is for me to be your friend.

So my little brother texted me (well he borrowed my Mum’s phone to text me) to ask if I wanted to take him to a movie tonight, I said sure because, not living at home I never really see him. It turns out though, he wasn’t really that interested in Zootopia, HE JUST WANTED TO FANGIRL OVER AGENT CARTER WITH ME
The second I picked him up we started yelling at each other about how awesome it was and how excited we were about Peggy and Sousa getting together (he thinks the Peggysous ship name is hilarious) and how Wilkes is great too and we’re not sure why but we love Howard too and how bad he felt for Violet. Then he grabs my phone and is all “I want to show you this one picture of Sousa, but not while you’re driving because I know you love him and I don’t want you to swoon and crash us ” which I thought was adorable. I asked him how he found the picture and he was all “oh I googled him because it’s super cool how he fights with his crutch and I want to be able to do that.” then I got all emotional and said to him “Luke, if you grow up to be like Daniel Sousa I will be so so proud to call you my brother.” Then he nodded all solemnly and showed me that one picture of Daniel making his Here Comes The Smolder Face and we ended up seeing Kung Fu Panda 3 because Zootopia was sold out.

So in my one class we have these little tiny desks (we are grown adults in COLLEGE, whhhhhhyyyyy????) that are all pushed together and of course this really tall guy sits in front of me so I spent most of the first class going cross-eyed staring at the back of his blue and white plaid shirt.

It’s a nice shirt. Good job dude-who-sits-in-front-of-me.

I took my almost-9 year old little sister to see Cinderella this weekend and while she loved the dresses and sighed deeply during the oh-so-romantic dance scene she is (still) utterly stuck on: “I CAN’T BELIEVE AGENT CARTER IS CINDERELLA’S MOM!!!!!!!”

I’m pretty sure she thinks Peggy and Sousa got married, travelled to fairytaleland, and had a daughter so basically Cinderella is Agent Carter Season 2.